4 Gifts Your Man Will Love This Holiday Season

Gift-giving is a wonderful thing that allows people to both receive and give joy. The older you get, the old adage of ‘It’s the thought that counts’ really begins to take on more and more meaning.

‘Tis the season for giving gifts and expressing to those in your life that you do care about them in a tangible, and beautiful way. Gift-giving is a wonderful thing that allows people to both receive and give joy. The older you get, the old adage of ‘It’s the thought that counts’ really begins to take on more and more meaning. This is mostly due to the fact, that as you get older you realize how intentional a gift actually is. 

The more time progresses the more your plate begins to fill. Life can come in with so many different obligations on your time, attention, and resources, that a gift begins to really develop a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. When you receive a gift, you are aware of the fact that your friend or loved one had to set aside special time, interest, and resources to make that happen. What’s more, is that as you give gifts the act becomes more meaningful as well. While this is all true, and the thought really does matter so much - the truth is, if you are going through the trouble of purchasing a gift, you want to make sure you get a good one. 

There are few feelings that can compare to getting someone you love a gift that they get excited about. What’s funny, is that the older people get, this too seems to change. While there may always be some fun gifts that bring a twinkle to your friend and family’s eye, in general - adults want gifts that are practical, useful, thoughtful, and will actually impact their lives. Over the years clothing and apparel begin to take on more impact than a new lego set, and a new appliance for the kitchen can bring tears of joy. 

If you are searching for the perfect holiday gift for your man this holiday season, then don’t worry - here are some awesome gift ideas he is sure to love! 

1. Let's Work on That Wardrobe

So, first things first, not all men struggle with it comes to style and fashion. This is a stereotype for a reason, true, but a lot of men have a pretty good grip on what they like to wear and what they find fashionable. That being said, if your man is the kind of guy who loves to look good but maybe doesn't enjoy the process of clothes shopping, you can’t go wrong with sprucing up his closet. 

Not only will a gift like a warm, long sleeve henley, or a new jacket, pair of pants, or blazer be something he loves to wear - but it will represent a lack of hassle he will appreciate deeply. On the other hand, if he loves to shop - think about getting him a gift card and certificate for a shopping date that comes with an exclusive dinner and drink after! 

2. The DIY Man

Sometimes that special man in your life can be hard to buy for. There are a plethora of reasons why this might be the case. Maybe he’s someone who always supplies his needs well and it’s hard to find something that he actually doesn’t have. Or maybe, he doesn’t talk about his wish list often or just simply doesn’t think about it. For men who are incredibly resourceful and love to accomplish projects like DIY home improvements, sometimes their resourcefulness can make gift-giving a little hard.

Thankfully - there is always one thing you can never go wrong with, and that’s tools and equipment. For any resourceful man, a new top-end drill gun, a set of tools, or a gift card to their favorite hardware store won’t be lost on them. These kinds of guys understand the value of a tool and even if you get them something they won’t use immediately, they will be happy they have it waiting in the reserves for that future project. 

3. Cologne

This one is a little tricky because you have to be sure you are getting the guy in your life the right kind of cologne, but this is a gift that is sure to make an impact. Cologne is something that men care deeply about and usually have fine taste in. Getting him a bottle of their favorite brand is a thoughtful gesture that he will appreciate in a big way. 

4. New Footwear

Lastly, one gift that any guy will love is a new pair of shoes. Yes, men may not be as classically well-known for their love of footwear as women, however, every guy loves to have a great pair of shoes. If you know the brand he loves to wear, surprise him this holiday season with a fresh set of kicks that will put a huge smile on his face. 


With these tips, you are sure to get the special man in your life a gift this holiday season he won’t soon forget! 

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