4 Easy-to-Make Gifts for Family and Friends When You Want a Personal Touch

There's no limit to what you can give. But aside from practicality, you must be reminded that sometimes too much might harm your loved one. So check out some facts first.

Giving a gift is a great thing to do, but sometimes we want to make sure it’s extra special, rather than feeling generic and impersonal.

That’s where custom-created items come into play, and there are lots of different projects you can take up yourself if you’ve got the time and the inclination. Here are just a few examples of homemade gifts that don’t take much skill or patience to put together, but will impress any friend or family member you give them to.

Give A Gift That’s Appreciated All Year Long: Photo Calendars

A personalized photo calendar is the perfect way to show you care, as it features memories from past moments shared together. You can make one for someone else, and perhaps create a copy to enjoy yourself as well!

Start by gathering favorite photos of everyone in your circle and pick out some unique backgrounds. Then use an online design program or app to lay them out on each month page of the calendar.

Finally, print off at home or take advantage of printing services available online - whatever works best for you! Using Mixbook’s home photo calendars service is a good move at this point, as it takes a lot of the work out of the process, and delivers stunning results every time.

Make sure you sign and date your finished product so the recipient knows how much thought went into their gift this year.

Share the Music You Love with Custom Playlists

You can bring a smile to someone special’s face by creating an original playlist of songs that have meaning and memories for them. It could be your favorite tunes, music from their younger days or even just melodies that remind you both of good times spent together.

To begin, compile a list of meaningful tracks, then use streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music to craft the perfect mix. Don’t forget to add in some hidden gems – those unexpected bops they love but can never remember!

Once it's complete, why not make it extra special with a custom sleeve design? Print out at home to accompany a CD copy of the playlist, or get creative online - either way, your loved one will appreciate this unique present specifically crafted for them.

Surprise Someone Special with Homemade Treats

Show your friends and family that you care about them by baking them something special. Baked goods make for an easy-to-make gift to give at any time of year, so why not take the opportunity to whip up a batch of delicious homemade treats?

Get creative in the kitchen - think cakes, cupcakes, cookies or even brownies. Get inspiration from top bakeries if you’re stuck. Your loved one will surely appreciate it – plus they’ll get to enjoy some freshly made snacks while they open their other gifts too!

If you’re feeling extra generous, why not wrap each item individually with personalized packaging? It'll be sure to put a smile on their face when they receive such thoughtful presents from you.

Put Your Crafty Skills to Use: DIY Home Decor

Finally, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in crafting, there are plenty of ways to show your creative side when giving gifts. Why not make something unique for your friends and family that they can use as home decor?

Think about the person’s style and interests – do they love plants? Are their walls filled with photographs? Or are they into a certain type of art? Get creative by making them something special like wall hangings, pottery or even terrariums!

All it takes is some simple materials, some of your time, plus a bit of imagination. This applies to all of the gifts we’ve mentioned, so what are you waiting for?

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