“30 Days till 30” Gift Ideas for Him

Want to do something special for the big “three-o?” We’ve got the ultimate guide just for you!

Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone, you start to feel less stressed, a bit more organized, and optimistic about what life has in store. A lot of people feel that your thirties are when you truly flourish and will hype up the date of when you officially start your journey- aka your 30th birthday. 

Because 30th birthdays are a big deal to many, you may be trying to do something a little more special for your partner this year than you have done in the past. If you’re someone who's online a lot you might have heard of the “30 gifts leading up to 30” trend where someone will get thirty gifts, big or small, thirty days leading up to the actual birthday date. It’s a super cute idea and it properly celebrates the big day. 

Of course coming up with thirty ideas isn’t the easiest- but that’s why you’re here! We’ve got a list of 30 days till 30 gift ideas for him that he will absolutely adore. Wrap them all up and number them according to when you want him to open them, or go random and don’t number them so he can pick a package he thinks looks the most intriguing each day. Whatever you decide it’s bound to be a really fun month!

On day one you could do something different and instead of opening up a physical gift from the table, you can surprise him with a phone notification saying that he’s received a gift card to his favorite place! And you can do that all thanks to GiftYa. GiftYa is a website and mobile app that sells thousands of digital gift cards to restaurants, famous retailers, local favorites, spas, hotels, online stores, and more. It’s all online meaning you can pick an amount to pick on the card, up to $250, then choose a picture, video, gift wrapping, and message to add to the card. Once that’s all done you pick the delivery date and time it’s sent to his phone or email. It takes only a few minutes to do!

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In fact, a GiftYa gift card sounds like a great day one gift…

1. A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Pick from thousands of books from all kinds of genres all at one store!

Buy A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

If your partner is a book-worm then they will definitely love a Barnes & Noble gift card as their first gift of the month. Barnes & Noble is the retail chain for all book lovers as they have thousands of books of all different kinds of genres like fantasy, sci-fi, non-fiction, historical, drama, romance, and more. You can find old classics that you haven’t read yet or haven’t read in a long time or guilty pleasure YA books that everyone’s been talking about online. Stroll their aisles and pick out something that speaks to you or go in with a list and leave with a stack. And if it isn’t books, then they can also check out their stock of board games, toys, collectibles, and writing materials. Spend a whole day at Barnes & Noble and enjoy spending your new gift card.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

2. Seeds to Plant

A fun gift for the second day or maybe the last- depending on the vibe you want to go for would be a seed, or seeds, for him to plant. Since turning 30 is a big milestone, having a plant to bloom as you enter that new era of your life is a pretty cool symbolic gift. It can be a flower like a Daffodil which means “new beginnings” or you can get him a veggie or fruit he loves so he can grow one of his favorite foods!

3. Hot Sauce Kit

We’re sticking with food related things for the next few gifts and starting off our list is a hot sauce kit. Hot sauce brings certain foods to live, leaving a little, or a lot, of spice can lead to some pretty amazing tasting food. If he has a favorite hot sauce brand that you know he loves then obviously go with that and get different spice levels/variations of that brand or go with a popular choice: the Hot Ones | Trio Pack (Season 21) for $44.95 on Amazon. Hot Ones is a popular Youtube show where Sean Evans, the host, interviews celebrities while eating increasingly spicy wings with these hot sauces. He will definitely love this gift if he’s a fan of the show and spice.

4. Spice Rubs

Smokehouse by Thoughtfully, Gourmet Grilling Spice Set in Mini Glass Bottles for $24.99 on Amazon is a vegan and vegetarian diet friendly spice rub set with ten different flavors to choose from. They’ve got Mexican, Memphis, Cajun, Southwest, Caribbean, Chili Onion, Jalapeño, Jamaican Jerk, Black Cajun, and Montreal. 

5. Favorite Snacks

Now this one may be the easiest to get on the list as it’s all about getting him a little basket of his favorite snacks and candies. Showing you know what he loves and it gives him a change to indulge in some of his favorite treats!

Free Men's White Button-up Dress Shirt Stock Photo
Celebrate your 30th with some of your favorite people!

6. Custom Apron

If your partner is a chef or is learning how to cook and wants to practice more and more in the kitchen then he’ll need an apron. But not just any old apron, get him a Customized Apron from the Cargo Crew. They have a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, plus you can add some text which will give it that extra special touch.

7. Oven Mitts

Safety first! Having a good set of oven mitts is important for anyone in the kitchen and these Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts, Set of 2 from Food52 for $40 are a great choice and you get to choose between a few colors too!

8. Grill Set

With the weather finally getting warmer, the grill season is upon us and that means a new grill set is in order. The Cuisinart 13-Piece Wooden Handle Grilling Set 13-Pack Stainless Steel Tool Set for $28.92 at Lowe’s is a great choice.

Drink Break!

9. Coffee and/or Tea Variety Pack

Coffee and tea drinkers unite, get a variety pack of coffee from Bones Coffee called the 5 Bag Sample Pack for $33.00. Or the tea pack Odin’s Blessing | 12 Sample Bags from Valhalla Tea Co for $38.50.

10. A YETI Tumbler

Gotta be able to put your new coffee and tea sampler packs into a good cup, that’s why we recommend the YETI Rambler 30 oz Stackable Cup with MagsliderTM Lid for $35.00 on YETI.

11. Coffee Maker

You gotta have a good coffee maker to properly brew your coffee- especially if you get the sampler back we recommended- and what better than the K-ExpressTM Single Serve Coffee Maker on sale for $69.99.

12. A New Cookbook

Rounding out our improvised “food and drink” section is a cookbook or a baking book if your partner prefers to bake. Now there are many cooking and baking books out there of course, but here’s a couple we think y’all would like:

13. A Vintage Tee

Vintage T-Shirts are all the rage recently and Thrifted has a great array of Men’s Vintage T-Shirts ranging in prices and styles:

X-Men Marvel 1994 Signal Artwear Graphic T-Shirt - Small Purple Cotton

X-Men Marvel 1994 Signal Artwear Graphic T-Shirt - Small Purple Cotton on sale for $142.00.

Richmond Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt - XL Black Cotton Blend

Richmond Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt - XL Black Cotton Blend on sale for $61.00.

14. Sunglasses

Sunny weather means sun glasses are a must and while sunglasses vary in style, you’ll have a much better time surprising your partner with a gift card to a sunglasses place- (you can get a Ray-Ban GiftYa Gift Card here) and go shopping together on a date to find his perfect pair.

15. Hair Care

Hair is important to many and if your partner is looking for some new products to add to his routine check out the Almond & Shea Butter Hair Strengthening Trio from Native for $25 has shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

16. More Hair Care (for the face)

If your partner has facial hair then he might really enjoy the Bourbon Pre-Shave Oil 2 oz on sale for $16.00 from The Art of Shaving. 

17. Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are the GOAT and this Satin Pillowcase from kit●sch for $19.00 is a great present for those who love silk pillowcases or have yet to experience them.

18. Bathtub Tray

Baths are great, but what’s even better is this Bath Caddy Tray for Tub from monsuri for $59.95 can hold soaps, drinks, your tablet or book, phone, candles, and towels. It’s a perfect gift for a bath lover.

19. Massage Gun

Whether you do a lot of movement throughout the day or you’re stuck in an office chair for hours on end, your muscles can get tense, but having a massage gun can really help those extra-stiff days. This TOLOCO Massage Gun on sale for $39.99 on Amazon is a great budget-friendly option.

20. Car Cleaning Kit

Having a clean car is a good feeling, no, a great feeling, and keeping the Viewsun 21PCS Car Cleaning Kit (on sale for $36.99 on Amazon) can help keep and remind those to keep that good feeling going with a clean car.

21. Bluetooth Speaker

Music is meant to be played loud, especially when you’re home alone and ready to dance! The JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $69.99 at Best Buy is a clip-on speaker you can take with you or set up at home.

22. Headphones

Just like having a speaker is good, headphones are great for when you’re on the go and these Sony Wireless Headphones with Microphone for $59.99 are a great choice, especially to save some $$$.

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30 gifts leading up to the big birthday makes for a great start to the day!

23. Portable Phone Charger

If your partner is always on the go, then they will definitely appreciate an Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 12W, 2-Port) for $29.99 at Best Buy can give your phone the boost it needs as you get on with your day.

24. New Phone Case

Before you know if the phone case you just bought is the one you’ve had on for too long and it needs an upgrade. CADETiFY has phone cases for Apple products and Casely has phone cases for both Apple and Android. 

25. AirTag

Keep track of your things and never lose your keys again with an Apple AirTag, the “tag” that clips onto your fob is $29.99 for the 1 pack on Apple.

26. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are back in fashion baby and it can make for a pretty cool gift. From polaroid they have the Polaroid Go Generation 2 Instant Camera for $79.99 is the world’s smallest instant camera and makes for a perfect traveling companion. 

27. A Funko Pop! Figurine

Nerds and not nerds alike all love Funko Pop! Figurines, featuring many characters from books, TV shows, and movies. Whatever his favorite character(s) are from his favorite piece of media, get him a Funko Pop! Figurine for a shelf in the house to add a bit of…funk.

28. A Board Game

Board games are not boring, in fact with the right people they can inspire weekly game nights. There are so many board games out there but here’s a couple we find intriguing:

  • Exploding Kittens Card Game for $19.99 online at Target is the “hit party game for family and friends who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.”
  • HUES and CUES on sale for $20.99 at Amazon is a fun guessing game involving colors.

29. A Lego Set

Legos aren’t just for kids, in fact more adults buy legos now more than ever. They’ve got lego flowers like the Tiny Plants for $49.99 and the LEGO Icons Bonsai Tree Home Décor Set for $39.99 online at Target. Or go more nerdy and get the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant for $58.86- there are so many more lego sets out there to choose from so have fun with it!

30. A Bottle of Champagne 

And finally to celebrate the big day, a big bottle of champagne to pop on the day of! As soon as midnight hits you can open the gift and cheers to an incredible year ahead.

There you have it! Those are some “30 days till 30” gift ideas for him- we hope you take some of our inspiration and use it for the upcoming celebration!

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