3 Just Because Gifts Your Man Will Love

If you are putting in the effort, you might as well get something that’s nothing short of a win.

Gifts are an awesome way to show people that you really do love them and care about them. There’s something so magical about not only getting a gift but giving one. It taps into some kind of childlike wonder that sticks with you your whole life, and the older you get the more you appreciate it. 

When you are a child, gifts just seem like this mysterious, awesome thing that happens annually on birthdays and of course on Christmas. As you grow, you begin to understand the work that goes into making a gift happen, and the thought really does start to count more and more. 

One of the most meaningful things you can do for those special people in your life is get them a ‘just because’ gift. These gifts have no formal reason, no anniversary, no annual occurrence, they just exist as random opportunities to show love and affection. When you give your man a ‘just because’ gift, he will appreciate the love, respect, and effort that goes into it and it’s sure to make his day. 

But here’s the thing, even though the thought does count - you still want the gift to be awesome! Yes, there is no pressure on you, a ‘just because’ gift is something that will be appreciated and loved no matter what it is. But if you are putting in the effort, you might as well get something that’s nothing short of a win. 

So, if you have been looking for some perfect ‘just because’ gifts for your man, here are five ideas you have to try out. 

1. For the Whiskey Drinker

If your man enjoys bourbon then you can not go wrong getting him a fifth of his favorite brand. Whiskey drinkers are passionate about their drink and this is definitely going to speak his love language. One of the best things about getting him some kind of whikey-related drink is the fact that there are so many great options.

For example, if your man already has enough of his favorite bourbon, invest in some high-quality whiskey stones, or bourbon glasses. Whiskey stones are stones that are kept in the freezer and used as an ice substitute. Not only do they stay nice and cold in the whiskey, but they also don’t add extra dilution that ice does when it melts. Whiskey stones also look insanely cool and your man will be using them at every dinner party. 

If you don’t want to do whisky stones, or his favorite bottle, get him a piece of cocktail-making equipment that he may be yet missing. If your man is a whisky lover, anything from this world will put a huge smile on his face. 

2. A Clean Shave

For the man who cares about grooming, this is something that he is passionate about. Taking care of a beard, a mustache, or a goatee is more than just a normal rhythm or routine, it’s a sacred ritual. If this describes your man, you absolutely cannot go wrong getting him a fresh straight razor

Straight razors are one of the most classic shaving tools and still to this day provide the cleanest shave possible. Getting your man a high-quality straight razor means that he can say goodbye to annoying things like razor burn, and uneven lines, and say hello to consistent, smooth shaves. If your man has never used a straight razor, it may take a bit of a learning curve to overcome, but it will be well worth his time and effort. 

Not only will straight razor shaves boost his confidence, but they are also going to give you an even better-looking man! If your man already uses a straight razor, get him high-quality shaving cream, or a nice aftershave that he will love. 

3. For the Gamer

Men who game are a special kind of breed. If your man is a hard-working, providing, loving man that deserves a ‘just because’ gift, and he happens to be a gamer - this is a no-brainer. It can feel a little intimating getting a gift for a gamer if you don’t quite understand that world or share the passion, but don’t let this hold you back. 

Maybe you talk to his best friend to see if there’s a new set of headphones or a pro gaming controller he’s been wanting. If he builds PCs, get him a gift card to a tech supplier he regularly uses.


When it comes down to it if you go through the effort of getting your man a ‘just because’ gift, he will absolutely love whatever you choose. You can never go wrong getting him a thoughtful gift that reflects his passions thought. If your man falls into either of these three categories, your ‘just because’ gift will not only make him smile but blow him away.

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