25th Anniversary Gifts Your Parents Will Love

This anniversary, get your parents something they can have fun with.

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A 25th anniversary is a big one. Your parents have been together for a quarter of a century, and it feels just a little more significant than the anniversary before, so get them something great this year that they can really enjoy. If you’re having a hard time deciding, we have set up a list full of gifts that provide use and experiences. Any one of them is likely to make your parents’ day on their 25th anniversary, so read on and get to choosing from one of the great options below!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Let your parents pick out their own gift. 

Send your parents a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to your parents’ phone. 

If you are stuck on what to get for your parents, try a gift card from GiftYa. With a gift card from GiftYa, you can get your parents a gift card that works for one of hundreds of venues. There are GiftYa cards for movie theaters, restaurants, gyms, and department stores, and your parents even have the option to switch out the location if they don’t like the store you chose. GiftYa keeps everything digital and fast, and will let you send the finished product via text or email right away. 

GiftYa offers many great options that are both local and national. Just type a name into the search bar to see if a place you have in mind is available. You can get a gift card for Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and many more locations, many that are fitting to enjoy on an important anniversary date. 

Send your parents a GiftYa gift card

2. Dinner At A Restaurant

A cover to keep a passport safe. 

Dinner At A Restaurant
Dinner can always be used to celebrate a special occasion. Image courtesy of Dine Out

Something that always works as an anniversary gift is a trip to a nice restaurant. And for your parents’ 25th anniversary, you can send them off to one of their favorite restaurants on your dime. You know what restaurants your parents’ like after all these years, so send them off to the one they’ve chosen to visit most often or the one they’ve raved about the most. 

GiftYa has options for hundreds of restaurants you can choose from, both local and national. Send your parents to their favorite chain for their anniversary or send them to a nice, local restaurant. GiftYa has plenty of options for both. National options include Longhorn Steakhouse, Applebee’s, the Cheesecake Factory, and more. Local restaurants can include some of the places you can find near your home, so if your parent’s like a local spot, look it up on GiftYa and you just might find it!

3. Couple’s Massage

A massage your parents can enjoy together. 

Couple doing Massage
This is a peaceful place to be in. Image courtesy of Pknpk

When a couple has been through a lot together through the years, something they can really enjoy together is a massage. A couple’s massage will help your parents relax together in an idyllic setting, something they likely don’t do too often. After 25 years, your parents deserve at least an hour of deep relaxation that can rub their sores away. 

Want to send your parents to a spa that has just about everything? Try Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa offers high quality massage and facial services that will have them wanting to come back for more. They offer Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, Himalayan salt massages and more. The happy couple could also get a facial together if they choose. 

4. Cooking Class

A class that can teach and give new experiences. 

A couple doing dance at the kitchen
Learning recipes together can be fun. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A cooking class is a great way for a couple to enjoy their time together and also a great way for them to learn new fun recipes they can enjoy. Whether they like to cook together on the regular or not, a one off cooking class will be a fun novelty gift that they can remember for years, and maybe they’ll even choose to add a new recipe or two to their weekly dinner rotation. 

If your parents would like to cook at home, there are great online options for cooking classes, and some of those are Gordon Ramsay MasterClass and Sur La Table Online Cooking Classes. They each provide valuable cooking lessons that your parents can learn straight from their living room. There are also plenty of local cooking classes to choose from for parents who either don’t mind the drive to get there or even prefer it. 

5. Wine Tasting

A night of drinking and learning. 

old couple drinking
Drinking wine can be fun and therapeutic. Image courtesy of New York Post

A virtual wine tasting is a gift that your parents will likely enjoy together for their 25th anniversary. A wine tasting can introduce them to some great new after dinner drinks and simply give them a good evening. They can even attend a wine tasting in person or online, so homebody parents can enjoy it just as much as parents who love to go out. 

Wine tastings can be found all over the country, and if your parents don’t like to leave the house, you can find them a wine tasting online. Your parents will get to try bottle after bottle of delicious wines from a gorgeous venue or from the comfort of their living room. There are many places they can visit in person as well, and it all depends on your location. 

6. Movie Tickets

A trip to the movies is always a fun event. 

couple wathing movie at cinema theater
The movie theater is a setting that can be fun and romantic. Image courtesy of Marriage

One way for your parents to enjoy their 25th anniversary together is to head to the movie theater, and you can help them do that with some pre-purchased movie tickets or with a gift card. A movie night out is often a good time, but not something that most people do on the regular, so give them an opportunity to enjoy a fun night at the movie theater watching something exciting. 

One good movie theater option is Cinemark Theaters. It’s a theater that can be found all over the country, and features all the latest movies capturing the culture. Movies showing right now are Despicable Me 4, A Quiet Place Day One, Fly Me to the Moon, and many more. Another great theater chain that you can find everywhere is AMC theaters. It offers about everything that Cinemark does, including all the snacks and drinks. 

7. A New Home Decoration

A new piece of furniture for a new year.

couple sit on couch
Upgrade their home style. Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

After 25 years of being together, a couple could appreciate a slight change to their decor. They’ve been living in the same space for decades now, so shake it up for them for their 25th anniversary. Get them something stylish and cool that fits their preferences, and they will appreciate seeing and using it every day. Get one piece of indoor furniture or outdoor furniture that will elevate their space for their future years together. 

You can get furniture from many different places, and Crate & Barrel is one of them. They show off their furniture the way it would appear inside someone’s home, so your parents will know just what they are getting into. The store can even give them some pretty great ideas.  And if there is a furniture set your parents have wanted for a while, contribute to their purchase with a gift card!

8. Tea Gift Set

A gift set that can last a while. 

This tea set offers a variety that will keep mornings interesting. Image courtesy of Two Leaves Tea

If your parents are big tea drinkers, a tea gift set can make a great 25th anniversary gift. A tea gift set will let them enjoy tea from a beautiful package for days, weeks, or months. When it comes to tea gift sets, you have many options available to choose from, and you can go with whatever works based on what you already know about your parents’ preference. 

A Herbal and Green Tea Sampler gift box from Amazon can make a great gift for parents who love green and herbal tea. It contains 45 unbleached tea bags in flavors like turmeric, chamomile, and lemon. 

Or try out aA Classic Bamboo Tea Chest from Two Leaves Tea. They offer 8 satchels of their best selling tea, and that includes black teas, green teas, and herbal teas. It all comes packed in a beautiful bamboo box that could even be used for more once the tea is out. 

9. Picnic Basket

A basket to fill up with food for some outdoor fun. 

A picnic basket with cool features. Image courtesy of Amazon

Your parents likely haven’t had too many picnics in their 25 years of marriage, but you can tempt them to have a few more with a picnic basket. Picnic baskets have been revolutionized in recent years, and you can find picnic baskets with different helpful features. They can give your parents food and drink storage space, and sometimes, a way to keep their food and drinks cold or hot. They can even have compartments for everything, and the baskets can come in all kinds of styles. Help them enjoy some meals out in the park!  

A collapsible picnic basket from Target will make sure that your parents can carry everything they need from the house to the park. It is a picnic basket fit for four, so your parents can always load it up for themselves or take their grandchildren with them! It can carry anything from food containers to bottles, and since it is collapsible, once the food is gone, it will be even easier to carry back home. 

Old fashioned meets modern day picnic basket styles with this wicker picnic basket from Amazon. It looks like a traditional picnic basket, but when you open it up, you’ll find the features of a modern gift basket. It is wicker on the outside and waterproof with a cooler on the inside. Give your parents the best of both worlds with this picnic basket. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a special anniversary. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A personalized gift card would make a great gift for your parents on this momentous occasion, and with Gift Card Granny, you can make one for them. Gift Card Granny will let you make a gift card that your parents will get to use at any store they choose, so it is both personal and allows for even more options than the average gift card! 

Gift Card Granny is a custom gift card building website that you can use with ease. Taking only a few minutes of your time, it allows you to create a custom gift card for your parents right when you need it. You can choose between a Visa or a Mastercard, and then add in all the personal information you want to. And as soon as you’re done with the process, you’ll be ready to text or email it tight over to them for their big day. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A 25th anniversary is a big one, and you can show your parents just how happy you are for them with one of the gifts on this list. Choose something that you think they might enjoy, and make their anniversary go just a little better than before. 

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