Our 10 Top 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning 21 Is a Big Deal! And From Homwares to Midnight Snacks, Birthday Getaways to Tech Upgrades, We’ve Got the Best Gifts

Turning 21 is a huge milestone! It’s more than just being able to take your first legal drink. It’s a time for celebration, for kicking off new adventures. Which means finding the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion can be harder than it sounds!

But fear not! We've curated a list of fantastic gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on any 21-year-old’s face. From memorable experiences to little indulgences, there's something for everyone on this list. So whether you're shopping for a friend, sibling, or another loved one, get ready to make their 21st birthday unforgettable with fantastic gift ideas like:

  • Memorable experiences with gift cards
  • Practical indulgences for everyday enjoyment
  • Thoughtful personalized gifts
  • Exciting adventure opportunities
  • Luxurious treats for a touch of indulgence

So let's get started!

Get to Know GiftYa, a Cool Brand in the eGift Market

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GiftYa is an innovative digital gifting solution that you can send by text or email in just a few clicks. Customize your gift with a photo or video clip and a message before sending it instantly or scheduling it in advance. The 21-year-old-to-be in your  life is guaranteed to get something they really love because there are so many ways to redeem -- exchange for another merchant, transfer to a physical Visa gift card, cash out using Zelle...

GiftYa can also be used like any other digital gift card, from their phone, where it keeps track of the balance so they don’t have to. Or it can be linked to one of the credit cards they have in their wallet every day anyway, which lets them rack up rewards points as they cash in your doubly thoughtful gift.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s not spend any more time chatting. We’ve got a lot of great 21st birthday GiftYa ideas to get through!

1. Target

For Fun Barware and Glasses… and Anything Else They Might Need

Text a Target gift card

Target gift card

Target is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your needs  – the fun ones and boring – making it the perfect destination for a 21st birthday gift card. With a Target gift card, they'll have access to a vast array of products, including trendy fashion finds, the latest electronics, stylish home decor, and even groceries. Whether they're looking to upgrade their wardrobe, deck out their dorm room, or stock up on essentials for their new apartment, Target has it all. 

Plus, with exclusive collaborations and affordable prices, they can stretch their gift card even further to get more bang for their buck. From top brands to Target's own exclusive lines, there's something for everyone at Target. Give them the gift of choice and convenience with a Target gift card, and let them celebrate their 21st birthday in style!

Text a digital Target gift card

2. Taco Bell

For When Those Evening Adventures Run Late

Text a Taco Bell gift card

Taco Bell gift card

Taco Bell isn't just a fast-food chain – it's a cultural phenomenon beloved by many, especially those celebrating their 21st birthday! A Taco Bell gift card is the perfect way to treat them to their favorite tacos, burritos, and nachos supreme. Plus, it will still be open when the birthday revelry wraps up.

Whether they're craving a late-night snack after hitting the clubs or need some fuel for a day of adventure, Taco Bell has them covered. And with their customizable menu options, they can create their own unique combinations to satisfy any craving. Give them the gift of deliciousness and convenience with a Taco Bell gift card, and let them celebrate their 21st birthday with a fiesta of flavor!

Text a Taco Bell gift card

3. Paramount+

So They Can Complete Their Streaming Services Collection

Get a Paramount+ gift card

Paramount+ gift card

Paramount+ is the ultimate streaming destination for entertainment enthusiasts, making it a fantastic gift option for someone celebrating their 21st birthday. With a Paramount+ gift card, they can unlock a world of on-demand content, including hit TV shows, blockbuster movies, and exclusive original series. 

Whether they're into binge-watching classic sitcoms, catching up on the latest reality shows, or diving into epic sci-fi adventures, Paramount+ has something for everyone. From timeless classics to cutting-edge originals, they'll have endless entertainment options right at their fingertips. Give them the gift of unlimited streaming with a Paramount+ gift card, and let them explore a universe of entertainment on their terms. It's the perfect way to celebrate their 21st birthday and beyond!

Get a Paramount+ gift card

4. Airbnb

Fund Their  Birthday Getaway

By an Airbnb gift card

Airbnb gift card

Give the gift of adventure and exploration with an Airbnb gift card for their 21st birthday. With an Airbnb gift card, they can embark on a birthday getaway to any destination of their choosing, whether it's a cozy cabin retreat in the mountains, a beachfront villa for a weekend of sun and surf, or a bustling city apartment for a taste of urban life. 

From romantic escapes to group getaways with friends, Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Whether they're craving relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, an Airbnb gift card allows them to create unforgettable memories on their special day. It's the perfect way to celebrate their milestone birthday and give them the freedom to explore new destinations and experiences.

By an Airbnb gift card

5. Uber Eats

For Food Delivery Any Hour of the Day or Night

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Uber Eats gift card

Treat them to a delicious birthday feast with an UberEats gift card for their 21st birthday. With Uber Eats, they can explore a world of culinary delights right from the comfort of their own home. Whether they're craving sushi, pizza, burgers, or Thai cuisine, UberEats offers a diverse selection of restaurants to choose from. 

They can order their favorite dishes with just a few taps on their phone and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. It's the perfect way to indulge in their favorite foods and celebrate their special day in style. Plus, with the convenience of delivery, they can spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time worrying about cooking or going out to eat. Give them the gift of delicious dining experiences with an UberEats gift card—they're sure to appreciate the tasty treat!

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

6. Apple

Update Their Gizmos, Gadgets, and Entertainment All in One Gift

Buy an Apple gift card

Apple gift card

For their 21st birthday, surprise them with the endless possibilities of an Apple gift card. With Apple, they can explore everything from the latest iPhones and iPads to cutting-edge MacBooks and Apple Watches. Whether they're into photography, music production, or gaming, Apple offers a wide range of products and services to suit their interests and lifestyle. 

With an Apple gift card, they can choose exactly what they want from the Apple Store, App Store, iTunes Store, or even Apple Music and Apple TV+. It's the perfect gift for tech enthusiasts and creative minds alike, allowing them to unlock new experiences and opportunities as they continue on their journey into adulthood. 

Buy an Apple gift card

7. Lyft

Designated Driver When Ever They Need It

Buy a Lyft gift card

Lyft gift card

Turning 21 is exciting, but it’s always important to stay safe when getting to and from parties while imbibing. Lyft is a designated driver at the tip of their fingers whenever they need them. So it won’t matter if their friend who wasn’t drinking bails, or they want to split up and go somewhere else. Lyft will get them where they need to go safely.

A Lyft gift card allows them to request a ride whenever they need it, eliminating the hassle of driving and parking. Plus, with Lyft's commitment to safety and reliability, you can feel confident knowing they'll arrive at their destination safely and on time. It's the perfect gift for anyone looking to make the most of their 21st birthday celebrations without having to worry about transportation. Give them the gift of mobility and let them ride in style with Lyft!

Buy a digital Lyft gift card

8. Spotify

Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks Whenever They Want Them

Grab a Spotify gift card

Spotify gift card

Endless jams on all of their devices? That’s a no brainer!

With Spotify, they can access millions of songs, albums, and podcasts, allowing them to discover new music, rediscover old favorites, and create personalized playlists for every occasion. Whether they're hosting a party, hitting the gym, or simply relaxing at home, Spotify has the perfect soundtrack for every moment. 

A Spotify gift card gives them unlimited access to their favorite artists and genres, without any ads or interruptions. Plus, with offline listening capabilities, they can take their music with them wherever they go, even when they're not on a wifi connection. It's the gift that keeps on giving, providing them with hours of entertainment and inspiration as they celebrate this milestone birthday. Give them the gift of music and let them dance the night away with Spotify!

Grab a digital Spotify gift card

9. PlayStation

Give the gift of gaming

Text a Playstation gift card

Playstation gift card

For their 21st birthday, take the celebration beyond this universe with a PlayStation Store gift card! With PlayStation Store, they can access a vast library of games, add-ons, and exclusive content for their PlayStation console. Whether they're into action-packed adventures, immersive role-playing games, or thrilling multiplayer battles, PlayStation Store has something for every gamer. 

They can download the latest releases, pre-order upcoming titles, and explore a world of virtual entertainment right from the comfort of their own home. A PlayStation Store gift card gives them the freedom to choose their own gaming adventures. It's the perfect gift for any gamer looking to level up their gaming experience on their 21st birthday. 

Text a Playstation gift card

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

Build a Visa gift card 

Visa gift card

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, but it looks a lot nicer. That means your favorite 21 year old can use it for pretty much anything they want — from an app on their phone to dinner for the whole squad. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a gift anyone will be super happy with on their 21st birthday. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message.

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate 21st birthday gift in hand before you know it. 

Build a Visa gift card 

That’s a wrap on our most unique gift ideas for men.

At 21, the world opens up with so many new possibilities – there are friends to make, adventures to have, and new things to explore. No matter which direction the 21 year old in your life is headed, we think we’ve covered a variety of options that anyone would love to digitally unwrap on their birthday.

Whether they're into gaming, music, dining out, or simply treating themselves to something special, there's a perfect gift card to suit their interests and preferences. From PlayStation Store for the avid gamer to Uber Eats for the foodie, each gift card here offers something that will make their 21st birthday a little more amazing. 

And let's not forget the convenience and flexibility of GiftYa! With easy ways to unwrap and redeem, it allows the 21 year old in your life to choose exactly what they want, when they want it.. Cheers to turning 21!

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