14 Last-Minute Valentine Ideas for Your Wife [2023 Survival Guide]

February 3, 2023
Gift Ideas
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It’s that time of year again – the Christmas decorations have come down, snow is still falling, and love is in the air. In a world where Valentine’s Day decorations start showing up on drugstore shelves in November, it can be easy to lose track of time. After all, you’ve got plenty of it! Until, of course, you don’t. Now everyone’s favorite romantic holiday is right around the corner, and you find yourself empty-handed 😬

Don’t worry. Even when you’re looking for Valentine ideas so last-minute that even 2-day shipping won’t save you, you can still find the perfect gift for your wife. Last minute doesn’t have to mean lame!

What’s that, you say it can’t be done? Well hold tight because we’re about to take you through last-minute Valentine ideas that any lady would love. 

GiftYa is Your Last-Minute Gifting Secret Weapon 🎁

To get started, let’s take a minute to talk about what a GiftYa is. On the surface, it’s a digital gift card, but it’s way more convenient than that.

Yes, a GiftYa to any of these spots will let your wife pick out something she actually wants for Valentine’s Day. But you can also customize your gift with a heartfelt message, cute selfie, or even the boomerang video of you two smooching she directed a few months back. 

GiftYa can be used like any other digital gift card, from your phone, where it keeps track of the balance so she doesn’t have to. Or it can be linked to one of the credit cards she has in her purse every day anyway, which lets her rack up rewards points as she cashes in your doubly thoughtful gift.

Pro tip: You can even schedule GiftYas in advance. Which means if there’s more than one vendor on this list you think your better half would adore, you can schedule your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift to her today to save a little stress in the future 👍

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s not spend any more time chatting. We’ve got a lot of last-minute Valentine gift ideas to go over.

1 - Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Treat Her to a Romantic Evening Out, Whenever She Wants It

Text a last-minute Eddie V’s Prime Seafood gift card

Think of this as one of those cute, DIY coupon books – no markers or glitter required. Giving her a gift card to a high-end steakhouse like Eddie V’s Prime Seafood puts the reins in her hands. Tell her she can cash it in for a romantic dinner date any night she wants, and all of a sudden your last-minute gift is an incredibly thoughtful gesture instead. 

You’ve already picked the restaurant and picked up the tab – all she has to do now is relax and enjoy a delicious dinner. Plus, no fighting the Valentine’s Day crowd. It’s a win-win.

Text a last-minute Eddie V’s Prime Seafood gift card

2 - The Body Bar

Upgrade Her Usual Self-Care Routine

Text a Body Bar gift card

Does your wife have time to do her entire ✨self care✨ routine as much as she’d like to? If she does, she’s one of the lucky few. If she usually opts for a $5 sheet mask or occasionally makes the time to melt her worries away in a warm bath, she’ll appreciate a day at the spa.

The Body Bar offers a variety of treatments, ranging from facials and massages to tanning (including the spray-on kind) and waxing, so she’s sure to find one that will brighten her day.

Text a Body Bar gift card

3 - Painting with a Twist

Give the Gift of a GNO

Send a Painting with a Twist gift card

Or Girl’s Night Out, for those not in the know. If she and her besties have outgrown the bar scene, sipping some wine and doing crafts at Painting with a Twist will be a relaxing change of pace. Painting with a Twist also hosts date night events for couples – so bonus points if you offer to go with her sometime, instead.

Send a Painting with a Twist gift card

4 - Lululemon

Luxury Leggings Any Lady Would Be Happy to Have in Her Closet

Send a last-minute Lululemon gift card

In the world of athleisure, Lululemon reigns supreme. With a whole range of flattering, buttery soft leggings and cozy quarter-zips, it’s no wonder the brand is so popular – but the price tag can be a bit prohibitive when shopping for everyday duds. Whether she wears it to hot yoga or just to lounge after work, your wife will appreciate the chance to upgrade her wardrobe with these cozy but functional clothes.

Send a last-minute Lululemon gift card

5 - White House Black Market

Support Your Wife’s Boss Status with a Professional Wardrobe Upgrade

Buy a White House Black Market gift card

Is your wife a boss babe? Then you should know the name White House Black Market. Built around the sleek, iconic color combo of black and white, WHBM is the place to find trendy workwear for the modern woman. 

Each season’s limited color palette matches seamlessly with other items in their collections, making it easy for her to build a look that looks as polished and professional as it does effortless. Plus they’re dedicated to improving sustainability and promoting workplace diversity. What’s not to love?

Buy a White House Black Market gift card

6 - TJ Maxx

Off-Price Apparel for When Your Wife Wants a Good Deal

Grab a TJ Maxx card by following the link!

For some people, shopping is about going to the store and bringing a specific item home. For others, it’s more of an event, and nothing is more thrilling than finding a great deal. If your wife falls into the latter category, she might be what we’d call a Maxxinista – someone who shops at T.J. Maxx for off-price apparel and home goods from some of the best brands out there. 

Not sure if this thrifty store sounds like a fitting gift? Bring it all together when you make it a piece of a bigger date night. Send her shopping with a general idea of the attire for the evening – outdoorsy, formal, fun – and while she’s away, you can put the finishing touches on the rest of your date, whether it’s planning a sunset hike, transforming your dining room into a white tablecloth restaurant for the meal you’ve prepared her, or grabbing tickets to open mike night at the local comedy club.

Text a last-minute TJ Maxx gift card

7 - ULTA Beauty

All of Her Favorite Products, All in One Place

Send a last-minute ULTA Beauty gift card

When it comes to makeup stores, there are really only two names in the biz – Sephora and ULTA Beauty. The Sephora brand is a little more glamorous, but ULTA is the ulta-mate one-stop shop for makeup and beauty. Whether she likes drugstore skincare or designer fragrances, she’ll find what she’s looking for at ULTA.

ULTA also offers makeup and makeover services, including a Formal Makeup Application option (it costs $60). So if your wife is more interested in makeup than fashion, booking her an appointment to go with the gift card is another great option. You can treat her to something special while buying you some time to put together the rest of your romantic evening out (or in).

Send a last-minute ULTA Beauty gift card

8 - Barnes & Noble

Let Her Pick Out Something New for Her TBR

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Does your wife finish books faster than you can keep track of them? Don’t worry, there’s no need to scour her Goodreads or Storygraph account to figure out what she wants to read next. With a gift card to Barnes and Noble, she can not only pick her next read herself but have an excuse to stop by her favorite store.

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

9 - Target

This One’s Right on the Money for Homebodies

Text a last-minute Target gift card

Does your wife prefer an evening in, snuggled up on the couch, to going out on the town? Consider a gift card to the fanciest of the everyday errand stores – Tarjay… I mean Target. With a gift card in hand, she can shop the candles and throw blankets they put at the end of every aisle all she wants, guilt-free. 

Text a last-minute Target gift card

10 - Airbnb

Help Her Plan a Vacation or Staycation

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

Sometimes it’s nice to get away, whether it’s to the other side of the world or just the next town over. Let your wife choose your next adventure when you treat her to an Airbnb gift card.

Buy a last-minute Airbnb gift card

12 - Class Pass

Keep Fitness Fresh with Access to the Best Classes in Town

Shop Class Pass gift cards on Class Pass

Sticking to those new year's resolutions can be hard, even if you’re already a pretty active person. If your wife likes hitting the gym or taking fitness classes with her friends, Class Pass is a great option. Each month, subscribers get a certain number of credits they can use on classes at any participating gym around town.

Class Pass features everything from yoga and pilates, to spin classes and fitness centers, to rock climbing and kickboxing. If she’s been talking about wanting to try out a barre class or even trampoline fitness, a Class Pass gift card will let her give it a shot without the risk of buying a full membership to one specific studio.

Shop Class Pass gift cards on Class Pass

13 - Book of the Month

The Gift That Keeps Giving for the Reader in Your Life

Shop Book of the Month gift cards on Book of the Month

Book of the Month is pretty much what it sounds like: every month the editors choose five books, and subscribers get to pick one to be delivered to their home. They’re nice hardbacks too, so a Book of the Month gift card can help your wife explore new books as well as contribute to her Pinterest-worthy book collection.

Shop Book of the Month gift cards on Book of the Month

14 - Nintendo eShop

Help Your Favorite Gamer Level Up Her Library

Text a last-minute Nintendo gift card

Video games are a great way to unwind and have some fun – for girls as well as guys. If your wife is a gamer, she probably already has a list of titles she’d be happy to have in her collection, so a Nintendo gift card is sure to be a hit.

Even if she has a more casual approach to gaming, there are plenty of great titles out there she might enjoy. Switch owners should check out:

To complete the gift, throw some options you think she might like in your Wish List, and then turn it over to her to make the final call.

Text a last-minute Nintendo gift card

Last-minute doesn’t have to mean lame.

We hope that these last-minute Valentine ideas have helped you figure out something sweet to get for your wife this year. And don’t forget – if you want to stay out of sticky situations like this in the future, you can always schedule a GiftYa in advance so that the next time a birthday, anniversary, or another gift-giving occasion rolls around, you’ve already got the hardest part covered. Good luck out there, and happy Valentine’s Day!


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