14 Last-Minute Valentine Ideas for Husband [2023 Survival Guide]

From Steakhouses to Sports and Everything in Between, Find the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Husband in No Time Flat

Guys are easy to shop for. Or are they? There’s a reason we find ourselves on Valentine’s Day Eve (or close to it) scouring the internet for last-minute gift ideas for husbands. Cards and flowers are easy gifts for the ladies, but a gentleman will probably prefer something a little, well - manlier.

Don’t worry. Even when you’re looking for Valentine ideas so last-minute that even 2-day shipping won’t save you, we can still help you find the perfect gift for your husband. Last minute doesn’t have to mean lame!

What’s that, you say it can’t be done? Well hold tight because we’re about to take you through last-minute Valentine ideas that any man would love. 

GiftYa is Your Last-Minute Gifting Secret Weapon 🎁

To get started, let’s take a minute to talk about what a GiftYa is. On the surface, it’s a digital gift card, but it’s way more convenient than that.

Yes, a GiftYa to any of these spots will let your husband pick out something he actually wants for Valentine’s Day. But you can also customize your gift with a heartfelt message, cute selfie, or even that boomerang of you two smooching that got you a record number of likes on Instagram. 

GiftYa can be used like any other digital gift card, from your phone, where it keeps track of the balance so he doesn’t have to. Or it can be linked to one of the credit cards your husband has in his wallet every day anyway, which lets him rack up rewards points as he cashes in your gift.

Pro tip: You can even schedule GiftYas in advance. Which means if there’s more than one vendor on this list you think your better half would adore, you can schedule your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift to him today to save a little stress in the future 👍

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s not spend any more time chatting. We’ve got a lot of last-minute Valentine gift ideas to go over.

1 - Fogo de Chao

Keep the Steak Coming at This Brazilian Steakhouse Experience

Text a last-minute Fogo de Chao gift card

Dinner at a steakhouse is the quintessential Valentine’s Day date – but it’s been done before. Well-done, even. Keep your plans a little more mid-rare when you switch from your usual white tablecloth steak restaurant to a Brazilian steakhouse like Fogo de Chao. You pay by the seat for a meal at this high-end, all-you-can-eat dinner experience. 

Waitstaff makes the rounds with fresh, perfectly cooked meat options, which means your husband won’t have to make the impossible choice between pork chops, bacon-wrapped chicken, and filet mignon. Plus, you have access to plenty of seafood, salad, and side dishes as well. 

Sure, you can fight the crowd for a reservation on Valentine's Day weekend – but you can also use a gift card to pick up the tab on a future evening out, so that the next time he’s craving red meat, he can get as much as he wants.

Text a last-minute Fogo de Chao gift card

2 - REI

Outfit Your Husband’s Next Outdoor Adventure

Text an REI gift card

Is your husband’s idea of relaxing spending some time in the great outdoors? If he’s a hiker, biker, rock climber, or any other kind of adventurer, REI has everything he needs for his next excursion. 

Plus if he takes advantage of the REI Co-Op option, he can save big with great offers on gear, special access to discounts and sales, and even an annual reward – for life. Lifetime membership is just $30, so if you round out your gift by signing him up, he can stretch his Valentine’s gift even farther.

Text an REI gift card

3 - Topgolf

Play Around with 12+ Golf Games You Can Do Together

Send a Topgolf gift card

Golfing is the best part of the week for many guys. For a few hours, they can step away from their workweek worries and relax. Now thanks to Topgolf, golfing can also be a great guy’s night out option or a fun date night with you.

Topgolf is a sports entertainment complex that puts golf on a pretty similar level to bowling. When you arrive, your party will head to its own private bay. Choose your game, set up your profiles, and away you go. The high-tech balls will autoscore, so all your husband has to do is show off his swing and chow down wings, donut holes, and other goodies from the Topgolf kitchen.

Send a Topgolf gift card

4 - Barnes & Noble

Let Him Pick Out Something New for His TBR

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

Does your husband fly through WWII histories, or power through NY Times Best Sellers at the speed of light? Don’t worry about searching his Goodreads or Storygraph account to piece together what your avid reader wants to get his hands on next. A gift card to Barnes and Noble lets him choose whatever he wants – plus, it gives him an excuse to grab a treat from the cafe and peruse the new release tables for a while.

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

5 - Fanatics

Gear Up for Any Game in Any League

Buy a Fanatics gift card

Shopping for fan gear can be tricky – everyone has their own personal preference. Is your husband more of an official jersey kind of a guy, or would he rather show his support with a black and white logo beanie? With a Fanatics gift card, you can let him decide. 

Fanatics is an official partner of several professional sports leagues – from the NHL to WWE to golf – which means he can swoop in to score some discount NFL gear during those post-playoff sales or find his new lucky MLB shirt before the season gets started.

Buy a Fanatics gift card

6 - Mens Wearhouse

Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

Find a Mens Wearhouse gift card on our partner site Gift Card Granny

Classic ZZ Top songs aside, this one is a fun gift because it’s as much for you as it is for your husband. Whether he’s in a suit every day for work or only gets cleaned up for special occasions, a trip to Men’s Wearhouse will quickly have your husband looking and feeling his best.

Not sure what his shirt size is? Not to worry. The men’s fashion experts at Men’s Wearhouse can get help him zero in on his perfect fit with complementary measurements, and then guide him through their impressive collection of button-down shirts, pants, suits and sportcoats, ties and pocket squares, and even shoes. With so many options, he’s sure to find something that gives him a confidence boost… and also has him looking as sharp as you’ve ever seen him for your next evening out.

Shop for a Mens Wearhouse gift card on Gift Card Granny

7 - Untuckit

Refresh His Style in Time for Spring

Send a last-minute Untuckit gift card

Most men’s shirts are made to be tucked in, but not the shirts from UntuckIt. From button-down shirts to polos, these shirts are made to look polished even with the bottom hem hanging out. Plus with their wrinkle-free collection, looking put together has never been easier.

If your husband’s good on shirts, he can also shop UntuckIt’s other everyday men’s essentials. With everything from tees and henleys, to sport coats and outerwear, to pants, shorts, and swim, it’s his one stop shop for effortlessly looking put together.

Send a last-minute Untuckit gift card

8 - Omaha Steaks

Bring the Steakhouse Date Home

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

Forget going out tonight – what about a romantic evening in? Chances are your husband knows how he likes his steak, and given the opportunity, prefers to prepare it himself. Omaha Steaks delivers everything you need for a five-star meal right to your door, from butcher’s cut filet mignon to mouthwatering jumbo shrimp to mashed potatoes, dessert, and even wine. 

Your husband will love having a date night that takes some of the pressure off – no deciphering which fancy fork is which, no squeezing into a monkey suit and tie. Just a plate full of perfectly cooked steak and a night with his best gal. What more could you want?

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

9 - Under Armour

He’ll Be Over the Moon for Under Armour Athleticwear

Text a last-minute Under Armour gift card

If your husband is a self-proclaimed gym guy, you’re probably well aware of his favorite athletic wear brands. We love Under Armour because it’s versatile. Not only do they make gym gear comfy enough to make him want to stick to that new year’s resolution to work out more, they also have clothes perfect for other occasions, too.

Under Armour base layers will keep your husband cozy while he’s tending to winter yard work or seated on a freezing metal stadium seat to watch a playoff football game. Plus with plenty of functional accessories to choose from – beanies and backpacks and belts, oh my – he’s sure to find something he loves.

Text a last-minute Under Armour gift card

10 - Guitar Center

A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea That Truly Rocks

Buy a last-minute Guitar Center gift card

This one’s for the noise-makers – the musicians, the music-lovers. If your man always has his headphones on or an instrument in his hand, Guitar Center is a great place to grab a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your husband. 

For experienced players, GC offers a variety of used and vintage gear. But if your guy is just getting started, there are plenty of beginner-friendly instruments, lessons, and resources available too.

Buy a last-minute Guitar Center gift card

12 - PlayStation

Play Games with His Console, Not with His Heart

Text a PlayStation gift card

When the PS5 came out, it basically broke the internet, and the hype hasn’t really died down. Gamers everywhere are still having a great time playing titles on the latest PlayStation console. Video games are a great way to relax after work, hang out with your friends, or even spend some quality time with your wife (seriously, do you want to play?)

Treat him to the next title on his wishlist, or have him pick out a co-op game you both can enjoy. Either way, a PlayStation gift card is a great way to level up his next evening in.

Text a PlayStation gift card

(Don’t worry, you can send an Xbox gift card or even buy a last-minute Nintendo eShop gift card if he’s got a different console – the same idea applies)

13 - Stubhub

Swap Stuff for Experience with an Event Gift Card

Text a Stubhub gift card

One of the reasons picking out a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your husband is so hard is that the holiday comes hot on the heels of other big gift-giving holidays. If you’ve already checked a bunch of items off his list – video games, clothes, golf clubs, what have you – gifting him an experience could be a refreshing change of pace.

That’s where StubHub comes in. Whether he wants to experience his favorite comedy special irl, cheer on the home team from the stands instead of the couch, or get his steps in from the circle pit at a rock show, he can find tickets to the event on StubHub.

Text a Stubhub gift card

14 - McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks

A Classic Valentine Idea for a Classy Guy

Text a McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks gift card

Some things get better with each year – steak, scotch, and your relationship with your beau. McCormick & Schmick’s definitely fits into that category, too. It all started in 1974 when they purchased Jake’s Famous Crawfish Restaurant in Portland, OR – after revitalizing the more than 100 year old landmark, the company quickly grew to its current status as one of the nation’s favorite seafood restaurants.

Order online or visit a McCormick & Schmick’s location for world-class private dining. With chef-inspired food, focus on local-freshness, and hand-crafted cocktails, it’s sure to be a classic Valentine’s Day gift that any guy would be happy to have.

Text a McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks gift card

Last-minute doesn’t have to mean lame.

We hope that these last-minute Valentine ideas have helped you figure out something sweet to get for your husband this year. And don’t forget – if you want to stay out of sticky situations like this in the future, you can always schedule a GiftYa in advance so that the next time a birthday, anniversary, or another gift-giving occasion rolls around, you’ve already got the hardest part covered. Good luck out there, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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