11 Last Minute First Holy Communion Gifts

A special day in a young person’s life made even better with a few gifts celebrating the occasion.

A child’s First Holy Communion is special, it’s a day where all of their closest family members come together to witness them getting the Eucharist for the first time. This religious ceremony is most common in many aspects of the Latin Church tradition of the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion. 

This normally happens when a child is around 7-8 years old, so it can be a lot for them to experience especially when all eyes are on them. If you are a parent, grandparents, or family-friend who wants to be a part of the last minute Communion gifts then you’ve come to the right place. 

A fast last minute gift idea that’s perfect is a GiftYa gift card. GiftYa is an online retailer that has thousands of gift cards to places all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, online shops & subscription services, local venues, and more! It’s all over the internet so all you need to get one is a computer or phone. Search up the desired location, select an amount up to $100, pick a custom picture and gift message, then send it to the special recipient via text or email in just a few minutes. 

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1. A GameStop Gift Card

Let them pick any game they want and watch them have fun as they dive into a new story!

Buy A GameStop Gift Card

GameStop Gift Card

Normally when you’re about to receive your First Holy Communion you’re around 8-9 years old which at that time getting something fun along with getting something that’s directly relating to this special event is a great idea, that’s why we’re recommending a GameStop gift card first. If the kid is a video game fan then they’ll definitely love to spend a gift card at GameStop because it’s the one stop for all gamers.

They’ve got classic games, new releases, consoles, headphones, action figures, memorabilia from your favorite TV shows, movies, and games, and more! You can take them to your closest GameStop where they can pick out a game for themselves to enjoy. A fun gift to celebrate a special time.

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2. Some Tokens That Reflect The Special Occasion

The next few gifts are all keepsakes to have as things to look back on as they grow.

Free A Boy Praying and Kneeling Inside a Church Stock Photo
Keep something to have with you as you pray at home or in church.

Having gifts that reflect the First Holy Communion and ones that they can keep, collect, use, and/or look back on as they grow up is important. Whether they continue to follow the faith or find a different path, having these tokens of this noteworthy day can be a really great thing.

Cross Jewellery

Cross Necklaces are super popular among a lot of people in the world and now that you know someone who is about to have their First Holy Communion, this will make for a perfect gift- (especially if it’s their first one).

A Rosary

The Rosary is a set of prayers- mainly seen in the Catholic Church. A string with knots and/or beads to signify and count the prayers. This is a classic gift to get someone for their First Holy Communion.

A Little Pocket Bible

It’s a staple to get someone a bible when they’ve completed their First Holy Communion and having a “Pocket Bible” that you can take with you or have somewhere kept in your room/home makes for a great first bible.

You can get Pocket Bibles on a lot of online retailers, there’s a selection on Amazon, some with unique covers, and others with a more classic look.

Christian Book Distributors also has a selection of Pocket Bibles, all with different covers, this way you can browse through them and see which one the person might like the best. 

Brooches And Pins

If you’re looking to give a more traditional gift but don’t want to get a double of something or are looking for something a bit different then you can look into getting them a brooch or pins. 

A Valet Box

So you might be wondering what a valet box is, and if you are then we’re here to tell you. A valet box is essentially a “keepsake” box, a place where they can keep things important to them that they might normally have on their person or for a specific occasion/event.

A Photo From The Special Day

Special days call for photos…and a lot of them. There’s going to be a ton of photos taken on this day that’ll be saved to look back on the years to come and there might be one or two that the child feels most connected with or likes the best, a simple gift you can get them is a frame of that picture. That way they can keep it displayed somewhere in their room or throughout the house. It’s a small gift that’s really meaningful, a lot of the time we have photos saved on our phones, but ones we can have to look at as we enter the room are even better.

3. Something Fun That’s Good for Any Occasion

As great as a symbolic gift of the special day is, getting them a gift that’s just plain fun is also great.

Free Happy barefoot African American brothers in casual wear riding toy car while playing together in light room with blanket fort Stock Photo
It’s always great to see a kid enjoying their new gift, especially one that makes their smile big!

Pairing a symbolic gift along with a gift that they will enjoy playing with is definitely a good last minute Communion gift idea. That’s why we’re recommending these great picks:

Lego And Science Sets

4. An Old Navy Gift Card

Let them go in store and pick out whatever catches their eye, there’s plenty of options to get!

Buy An Old Navy Gift Card

 Old Navy Gift Card

Clothes shopping at ages 7-9 can be a hit or miss, some kids really like buying new clothes and wearing them to school or out with their friends and others just…don’t really care. But we think that if you let them pick whatever they want from a store that has so many options, every child will have their interest piqued. 

At Old Navy they specialize in comfy trendy clothing that both looks good and feels good. They have big selections of clothes for kids at any age and they’re always adding new products to their shelves- (you can go in one weekend and by the next, it’ll feel like a whole new store)!

They’ve got shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, socks, shorts, accessories, and more! Plenty for the child to run around and pick from, a great way to get new clothes for their closet and to have their own personality shine throughout the world.

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5. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Give them a gift they can spend at almost any store in the country!

Make A Custom Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

Similarly to the Old Navy gift card, a Visa gift card can be a really great gift because it’s essentially money in the form of a gift card. They can spend it on what they want, where they want. And a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny is the way to go because not only can you put up to $500 on the card, but you can also add a custom image and message on the card so it makes it that extra bit of special when you give it to them on their day. They can spend the card at any participating store in the country, and most stores accept a Visa gift card, so they can buy whatever they’d like!

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First Holy Communions are a momentous occasion for a lot of people out there and finding the best last minute Communion gifts can be tricky, so make sure to ask the parent(s) and/or guardians what might be a good fit for the child before you decide on what to get.

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