10 Purr-Fect Gifts for the Cat Owner in Your Life

Gizmos, Gadgets, Toys, and Gift Cards Any Paw Parent Would Be Thrilled to Receive!

National pet week is coming up. It’s a time to celebrate both pets and their owners. So if there is a cat parent in your life that you need to get a gift for then you should strongly consider getting them something that makes their life as a pet owner a little bit easier. Cats can be kind of strange creatures to care for so getting them something that makes their job a bit easier can be greatly appreciated by any cat owner. But if you aren’t sure what to get them, be sure to check out the article below to find 10 great options on what to get the cat owner in your life!

1 - Cat Water Fountain

It Will Help Keep Their Cat Happy and Healthy

Keep their furry friend hydrated with fresh water whenever they want it. Shop now on Amazon.

A lot of cat owners might find that their cat seems to have no interest in drinking the water that is in their water bowl. But they will come running to lap up some water from the faucet everytime they use the sink. And they might find this to be confusing or frustrating. It can also make the cat misbehave because they get dehydrated and grumpy that they aren’t getting a healthy amount of water to drink. 

One easy way to fix this is to get them an automatic cat water fountain. These are basically just large closed containers of water that have a filter and pump in them to create a fountain of flowing water that comes out of the top of the bowl. And this will really help solve the problem of their cat not drinking enough water. Cats in general prefer to drink running water. This is why they will avoid drinking out of their cat bowl, but will drink directly out of the faucet. 

Cat’s have a natural aversion to drinking still water because they evolved to. In nature, a cat would be far more likely to get sick from drinking water from a stagnant puddle than they would from drinking from a running stream. Still water is far more likely to have bacteria and diseases in it than running water. 

So if there is a cat owner in your life who doesn’t have a water fountain for their furry friend this can be a great gift option.

2 - Automatic Food Bowl

Takes Some of the Monotony Out of Being A Pet Owner And Gives the Cat A Healthier Eating Schedule 

An automatic food bowl is a must for busy cat parents who aren’t always around at meal time. Shop now on Chewy.

Another great gift for cat owners can be an automatic food bowl. These are basically just canisters that you fill up with kibble and you can set a schedule for it to dispense food. And this is nice for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is really important to keep a cat on a schedule. They like predictability in their day. So having a machine that automatically dispenses the food at a set time everyday helps establish an eating schedule for them. And it takes a lot of the pain out of the process for the cat owner themselves. 

This way they don’t have to worry about filling up the food bowl several times a day. Which brings me to another reason why this is a great option. Cat’s need to be eating several small meals throughout the day. Not just one big dish of stinky wet food at dinner time. With an automatic bowl they can have a much healthier food schedule because they will have several small meals at the same time each day.

3 - Automatic Litter Box

Save the Cat Owner From Doing A Chore Everyday and Give the Cat A Clean Bathroom Everytime They Need to Go!

Self scooping litter boxes are good for everyone involved. Shop now on Litter Robot.

Every cat owner hates scooping the litter box. I mean there’s just nothing gratifying about shoveling around sand to scoop up cat poop. So in order to save other cat owners from this demeaning chore, you can always get them a litter box that automatically scoops itself. This will not only save them from having to do a distasteful chore everyday, but it also has the added benefit of always keeping the box clean. 

If they forget about it for a couple of days then there’s a chance the cat will go to the bathroom somewhere else. Cat’s are really picky about where they do their business and will actively avoid going in their box if it gets too dirty. Which is something that no cat owner wants to happen. So by getting them an automatic cat box, not only do you make their day to day chores as a cat owner easier, but you also help make sure that the rest of their house stays free of kitty cat accidents.

4 - Laser Pointers & Toys

A Great Option to Bring Joy to A Cat’s Life

Cat toys don’t have to be fancy. Whether you opt for a fancy robotic fish, some crinkled up paper or a gift set like this, it’s sure to be hours of fun. Shop now on Amazon.

Another great option for a gift for cat owners is to get them a set of cat toys. Now not every cat is the same and likes the same kind of toys. My cat is much more of a mouser and will chase anytype of toy that looks like a tail. It can be a ribbon, a string, a toy with a tail on it, or even my phone charger everytime I go to move it. Whereas my sister’s cat is much more of a bird cat and will destroy any toy that has feathers on it. So it might be worth asking them what kind of toys their cat prefers.

But if you just want to surprise them with a toy that their cat will love, get them a laser pointer or set of laser pointers in different colors. I personally haven’t encountered a cat that doesn’t love to chase a laser around. No matter what color it is, I am sure their cat will enjoy playing with it. And as a cat owner I can tell you that it is really great to have a toy that I can get him to run around and chase and tire himself out with, and all I have to do is move my hand around. No more running up and down the hallway and feeling bad about how quickly I get out of breath.

5 - Cat Tower 

A Great Option That A Cat Will Love and A Cat Owner WIll Appreciate

Cat towers can be sleek and sophisticated or simple like this one. Shop now on Chewy.

A cat tower can be another great gift for a cat owner even if it is a little more expensive than some of the other options on the list. The nice thing about these towers is that they give the cat the option of a high up place that they can get up on. Many cat owners are frustrated by their cats constantly hopping up on places they aren’t supposed to be. And the reason for that is that cats feel safe when they are up high

A cat tower fixes that problem and gives them a high up place that they are allowed to get up on. So these can save a lot of headache for cat owners. And in addition to that, most cat towers come with little toys attached to them for the cat to play with or have scratching posts built into them. Which brings me to my next great gift for cat owners.

6 - Scratching Post

Improve the Cat’s Life and Save the Owner’s Furniture At the Same Time!

Keep them healthy and save your furniture. Shop now on PetSmart.

A lot of pet owners will get very frustrated with their cat when the cat seems to go out of their way to scratch up their favorite pieces of furniture. But the fact of the matter is, you are never going to get a cat to completely quit scratching at things. It’s a natural instinct for them that is hardwired in. So instead of yelling at the cat everytime they go to scratch at something the best solution is to get them something that is intended for them to scratch on. 

You can’t teach a cat to stop scratching, but you can teach them where to scratch. My cat used to scratch the couch sometimes, and even with his nail caps on this was still a problem. So what we did was get him some cat towers with built in scratching posts as well as a couple of toys that have horizontal scratching pads built into them, and these days he never scratches at our furniture because he has plenty of other great places he is allowed to scratch.

7 - Petco

Largest Pet Retailer In the Country

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If nothing further up the list stuck out to you, then you can always get them a Petco gift card. Petco is one of the largest pet retailers in the country and these cards can be used at any of Petco’s locations or online on their website. And cat owners can get everything they need for their furry friend from Petco. They can get them everything from wet food and litter to plastic jingle balls and nail caps. Really the perfect gift for a pet owner when you don’t know what else to get them!

Anybody can grab a digital Petco gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - Target

Massive Retail Chain WIth Plenty of Cat Owner Essentials

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Target can be another great place to get them a gift card too. Target has plenty of cat owner essentials like cat toys and food. So if you know they have a Target nearby that they frequent, then this can make a great option for a cat owner!

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9 - Amazon

World’s Largest Online Retailer

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A digital Amazon gift card can also make a great gift for a cat owner. With over 12 million items for sale, you can be sure that Amazon has plenty of great options for cat owners. They can get everything from the automatic food and water bowls on Amazon to laser pointers and toys so I’m sure they’ll be able to find something their cat will love on here!

If you need a gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - A Custom Visa Gift Card 

Send Them A Visa Gift Card With A Picture of Their Pet

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

These customizable Visa gift cards can make a nice option for a cat owner when you don’t know what else to get them. Since they are Visa, they can be used at pretty much every retailer in the country. But the nice thing about them is that you can pick a custom photo to use as the background on the front of the card. 

So you can pick out your favorite picture of their cat (and don’t worry, I’m sure they’ve posted some real gems on social media) and make it the picture that is on the card. That way they have a cute picture of their cat that they can carry around in their wallet with them, that they can also use to buy some cat food or kibble at the Dollar General down the street.

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have 10 Great Gifts for Cat Owners!

Hopefully something on the list today seemed like the perfect gift for you to give to the cat owner in your life in honor of National Pet Week. And if you are looking for other great gifts for the pet owners in your life be sure to check out my other great article on the Best Gifts to Give Pet Owners!

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