10 Last Minute Tooth Fairy Gifts That’ll Put a Smile on Their Face

Ideas for When You Need a Little Magic to Pull Off a Tooth Fairy Gift Before Your Favorite Kiddo Wakes Up

For modern kids, even magic is going high tech. While you may have had to wait up by the fireplace trying to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus, today little ones can track Santa’s position around the globe or even chat on the phone with the man in red. And Christmas isn’t the only occasion getting a high-tech upgrade – today you can get texts from the Easter bunny and even digital gift cards from the tooth fairy.

Now, why would everyone’s favorite periodontal pixie go the digital route instead of tucking a dollar under each kid’s pillow?

The tooth fairy is a busy lady, and even she has to deal with a time crunch every now and then. Luckily, GiftYa digital gift cards can be customized and sent via text or email in just a few clicks. So whether the kiddo missing some teeth is super tech savvy or it’s simply a special occasion tooth like the first or the last, an eGift card from GiftYa makes for a great gift.

The GiftYa catalog has thousands of local and national brands, but here are just a few of our favorite ideas for last minute tooth fairy gifts!

1 - Barnes & Noble

Inspire a Love of Reading By Giving Them a Trip to the Book Store

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

Books open up a whole world of possibility for young readers. With just a turn of a page, they can be soaring high over the world with a flock of birds (or dragons), solving mysteries around the neighborhood with their favorite super sleuths, or traveling to exotic locations they’ve never even heard of before. Whether your kid prefers picking out picture books before bed or they’ve graduated on to their own chapter books, a Barnes & Noble gift card is something they can get excited about.

One of the world’s biggest booksellers, B&N is obviously known for its impressive selection. But stop into any location and steer toward the kids’ section, and you’re in for a book-buying experience that’s fittingly magical. With toys, reading spots, and storytime stages, going to pick out a book at Barnes & Noble feels like an event.

Send a Barnes & Noble gift card

2 - Build a Bear

Let Little Ones Design Their Own Furry Friend to Take Home

Buy a Build-a-Bear gift card

Your kid may have stuffed animals, but how many of those stuffed animals have they gotten to build from scratch? A trip to Build-a-Bear Workshop is the ultimate gift for kids who love snuggling up with their toys at the end of the day. Your child can choose from a variety of stuffed animals to create – from comic heroes to movie characters to creatures from across the land and under the sea.

From filling their new friend with the perfect amount of fluff for maximum huggability to putting a little bit of love right into their red satin heart, your kid will get to build, dress, and then formally adopt their new playmate.

Buy a Build-a-Bear gift card

3 - Chuck E. Cheese

Games, Prizes, and Pizza – Everything a Kid Could Want!

Buy a Chuck E. Cheese gift card 

Saying Cheese! might feel (and sound) funny for a while – especially if your kid just knocked out their front teeth. But you can still celebrate the occasion with a gift card to the place where a kid can be a kid – Chuck E. Cheese

Getting your kid up and active is a breeze with Chuck E. Cheese’s SkyTube playground and ball pit area, recently modernized for easy disinfecting to keep the environment clean. Once they’re all tired out, they can refuel with some pizza and hit the arcade to win tickets – and possibly go home with a big prize from the prize counter.

Buy a Chuck E. Cheese gift card 

4 - Cinemark

Catch the Latest Release on the Big Screen

Buy a Cinemark gift card

Sure, in the age of streaming, it’s easy enough to simply wait for new releases to hit Disney+ or HBO, but nothing quite compares to a trip to the movie theater. Your kid will love the novelty of getting their tickets, getting an ice cold slushie and bag of buttery popcorn from the concession stand, and sitting back in comfy theater recliners to see the next big movie on the big screen. And there’s no better place to catch the latest releases – from the summer’s blockbuster superhero flick to the heartfelt animated comedy – than Cinemark.

Plus, if you’re signed up for the free Movie Fan rewards program, you earn points for every purchase. You can also upgrade to the Movie Club for $9.99 a month for extra perks, like a free movie ticket every month, discounts at the concession stand, and waived online fees.

Buy a Cinemark gift card

5 - Dave & Buster’s

Take Their Day at the Arcade Up a Notch

Send a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Perfect for couch gamers and kids who have graduated past a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, older kiddos will love having some money to burn at Dave & Busters. For starters, Dave & Busters is home to award-winning food – which means whether your kid is into chicken strips or juicy burgers, they’re sure to find something to satisfy. But the real draw of Dave & Busters is, of course, the arcade.

Enjoy classics like air hockey and skee ball, or step into the dodgeball ultimate arena. Try games based on the latest Hollywood hits, or even step into the game with virtual reality gaming.

Send a Dave & Buster’s gift card

6 - Nintendo eStore

Lots of E-Rated Games Perfect for Handheld Devices or Couch Co-Op with the Family

Text a last-minute Nintendo gift card

Video games are always a treat for kiddos, but as a guardian it’s tough to make sure your kids don’t end up playing anything that’s too mature for them. While Xbox and Playstation are also popular consoles (and available in the GiftYa catalog), the Nintendo eShop has perhaps the widest range of kid and family-friendly video games, ranging from classics to the latest installments in beloved franchises like Mario Bros, Zelda, Kirby, and more.

Nintendo eShop gift cards can be used on any internet-enabled Nintendo device, which means your kiddo can pick out a new game for their 3DS or download something to the family switch to level up game night.

Text a last-minute Nintendo gift card

7 - Petco

Everything You Need to Care for a Furry Friend

Send a Petco gift card

According to Natrusmile losing their baby teeth is a sign that your little one is growing up. While they may not be ready to hop behind the wheel or hit the town with their friends quite yet, hitting this milestone can make them feel quite a bit more grown up. And what better way to celebrate than entrusting them with something that requires more responsibility.

If your family is ready to add a furry – or feathery, or scaly – friend to the mix, a gift card to Petco can be a great way to let your little one know about the new addition. Whether you’re setting them up to go pick out toys and supplies for a dog or cat from the local shelter, or you want to start small with some of the birds, fish, or hamsters that Petco has in store, Petco has everything you need to add another member to the fam.

Send a Petco gift card

8 - Domino’s

Celebrate This Milestone with a Pizza Party

Buy a Domino’s Pizza gift card

As a kid, one thing screams celebration perhaps more than anything else – doesn’t matter if it’s at school, in cub scouts, or the neighbor kid’s birthday. That’s right, we’re talking about the pizza party. 

Known for delicious pies and budget-friendly prices, Dominos makes a great option to treat the kid in your life. They can build a pizza on any type of crust they want – from Brooklyn style to crispy thin crust – or choose from plenty of gourmet pizza options. To round out the meal, they can choose from pastas, salads, and desserts. 

Buy a Domino’s Pizza gift card

9 - Apple

For Devices, Accessories, and Entertainment

Buy an Apple gift card

Kids love their electronics time, and as they get older, they tend to get more of it. Whether that means more time to play their favorite apps on the family iPad or even a device of their own to deck out as they choose. Apple is of course one of the biggest names in the electronics game – but an Apple gift card is a surprisingly versatile present for a tooth fairy gift or any other occasion.

An Apple gift card can be used towards the latest iPhone or any of the toys or home products carried in store – like their very own homepod or bluetooth speaker. But Apple gift cards can also be used on a variety of digital products as well, including:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Books
  • Apple Arcade
  • App Store

Buy an Apple gift card

10 - Custom Visa

Give the Most Versatile Tooth Fairy Gift Since Cold Hard Cash

Build a custom last-minute gift card

The most traditional tooth fairy gift is a quarter – maybe even a couple of bucks if your tooth fairy is a big spender. But what happens if the tooth fairy doesn’t have any cash on hand?

Not to mention that cash comes with some drawbacks as a gift – tooth fairy gift or otherwise. It’s easy to lose, it’s hard to get under the pillow, and who knows where those bills and coins have been?

Not to fear – there is a better option. If the digital gift cards on this list haven’t quite fit the bill, you can still give a versatile gift with a Visa gift card. Visa gift cards can be redeemed anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, which means your favorite kid can use their gift practically anywhere they can think of. Plus, when you use Gift Card Granny’s build a card creator, you can easily customize your Visa gift card with a photo of their toothy grin and a personal message.

Plus, these customized tooth fairy gifts print and ship out fast. For most orders, cards will print the same day and hit the mail the following day, so you’ll have your last minute tooth fairy gift in hand in no time flat.

Build a custom last-minute gift card

That’s it for our favorite last minute tooth fairy gifts.

Losing those baby teeth is a big deal – but thanks to GiftYa and Gift Card Granny, finding a last minute tooth fairy gift doesn’t have to be. Today we’ve gone through lots of ideas for celebrating this important milestone in a kid’s life. From pizza parties and arcade games to books and electronics, we think there’s something every growing kid would love.

Still haven’t quite found the perfect last minute tooth fairy gift, but still stuck in a time crunch? You’ve still got plenty of options for a great gift. Be sure to check out the full GiftYa catalog – with thousands of local and national brands to choose from, you’re sure to find a last minute tooth fairy gift that’s truly magical. Happy shopping!

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