10 Last Minute Gifts for the Handyman

Gifts Ideas That Work as Hard as The Handiest Guy You Know, from Tools to Work Clothes to Gift Cards

If you have a handyman (or handywoman or just general handyperson) in your life and you need to get them a gift, then I have just the thing for you today. In today’s post I have a list of some of the best last minute gifts you can find for a handyman. And the nice thing about this list is that it includes a lot of businesses that have partnered with GiftYa. So I will be able to throw you a link anytime you can get a digital gift card for GiftYa,

If you haven’t used GiftYa yet you might find them to be the perfect solution for when you need to give a gift at the last minute. A GiftYa is essentially a gift card that exists in an entirely digital format. And the nice thing about that format is that it means that you can send them instantly to the recipient. All you have to do is pick out the card you want, load the balance on it, and then you can text it right to the person’s phone.

But that’s enough introduction, I’ll get right to that list of last minute gifts for a handyman that brought you here. And as always, thanks for reading!

1 - A New Tool Belt

A Fantastic Gift for Any Handyman Out There

A New Tool Belt
I can’t overstate how useful a tool belt is when you are doing home improvement projects. Picture courtesy of ACE Hardware.

If you’ve ever done any type of repair work around your home then I doubt I even need to explain why a tool belt makes such a great gift. The great thing about a tool belt is that they really allow you to keep your tools right where you need them and even carry things like screws and nails with you. These belts are typically made out of leather, nylon, or some other type of durable material. 

And the nice thing about that is that it keeps you from getting poked in the thigh by all the sharp end of the nails, screws, or tacks that you need to help you complete your renovation or repair project. You should be able to find a tool belt at any hardware store that you have nearby so it’s a pretty easy last minute gift to get for a handyman in my opinion.

2 - A Clip On Flashlight Holder

A Great Gift for A Handyman Who Works On Cars

Flashlight Holder
A flashlight clip makes a great last minute gift for the handyman! Picture courtesy of ACES Animal Care.

These are another fantastic gift for any sort of handyman out there, but I think they make a really excellent choice for any handyman who spends a lot of time working on cars. It’s always really handy to have extra light when you are working on anything, but when you are underneath the hood of a car it really can’t be overstated how helpful extra light can be. 

The hood of the car is almost always going to be casting a shadow on whatever you need to be working on. And the problem is 100 times worse if you have to actually get underneath the car (which you often have to do for even basic routine maintenance like an oil change) because then everything is casting a shadow on what you are trying to work on. And having a clip on flashlight holder is really handy because then you can point the light right where you need to. Which makes the whole process a heck of a lot easier.

3 - ACE Hardware

Most Popular Hardware Store in the Country

Buy an ACE Hardware gift card 

ACE Hardware has over 5,500 locations around the country. Which makes them a great option when you need to get a gift for a handyman at the last minute because more likely than not, there is one in your town or the next town over. So you should be able to get to an ACE Hardware without spending too much time. And once you get there you have a whole hardware store to choose from to find a great gift. 

Simple things like a measuring tape and a level are quick and easy to grab. Or you could even get them a ratcheting screwdriver or a new hammer. But if you really don’t know what kind of tool they would like, or what they need for their next big renovation project then you can always send them an ACE Hardware gift card. And then that way they can choose exactly what they would like as a gift for themselves from any of ACE’s locations or online at their website. Or they can use the balance to help them save some money on their next big purchase from ACE like a new power tool or a lawn mower!

Buy an ACE Hardware gift card 

4 - A Pair of Steel Toe Boots

A Pricey Gift That Pays for Itself

Steeltoe boots make a real safety difference in a handyman’s day. Photo Courtesy of The Home Depot.

There isn’t a lot that’s more important for a long day of hard work around the house than having proper footwear. And I’m not just talking about comfort. While yes having arch support while you are on your feet all day is important, it is more important to protect your feet from any accidents while you are working. And for that you are going to want a pair of steel toe boots. If they are working with anything with any real weight to it, they will definitely appreciate their toes being protected. 

If you’ve ever dropped anything on your feet you know how bad it can hurt. And it becomes a real danger when you are working with heavy materials or heavy parts. If you drop something heavy on your foot it can break the bones in your foot (and especially the bones in your toes) and nobody wants a home renovation project to be put on hold for weeks while they wait for the bones in their feet to heal. And while a pair of nice steeltoes can be expensive, they still end up being a lot cheaper than hospital bills.

5 - Home Depot

A Great Place to Find Tools and Gear

Buy a Home Depot gift card

Home Depot is another great hardware chain that you can find a last minute gift at. They don’t have as many stores as ACE Hardware, but they still have nearly 2,000 locations around the country. Which hopefully means you can get to one pretty easily. And the thing I like about Home Depot is that they even feature things like outdoor furniture and grills. 

So if the handyman you know has been doing some renovations on their decks or patios then Home Depot has everything they need to finish the project. And they of course have all the classics like hammers, screwdriver sets, and power tools so I am sure they will have something that makes a great last minute gift.

Buy a Home Depot gift card

6 - Lowe’s

One of the World’s Leading Home Improvement Retailers

Get a Lowe’s gift card 

Lowe’s is a home improvement retailer with over 1,700 stores around the country which makes them another great option to keep in mind when you are looking for the perfect gift for a handyman at the last minute. 

And what I like about Lowe’s is that they aren’t quite as hardware focused as a place like ACE Hardware so you get a wide variety of different options here that you won’t find at a standard hardware store. They have everything from refrigerators to patio furniture so I am positive you will be able to find a great gift here even if you are shopping at the last minute.

Get a Lowe’s gift card 

7 - Target

You Can Find Great Clothes and Shoes for the Handyman at Target!

Text a Target gift card

Target is one of the most popular retail chains in the country with around 2,000 different locations. And Target has a little something for everybody. They have everything from home electronics to groceries and everything in between. So while you might not be able to find a new power drill at Target, you can find lots of other great options like shoes and t-shirts that are great to wear during a long day of home improvement. 

Text a Target gift card

8 - Spotify

Let Them Choose From Over 100 Million Songs to Listen to While They Work

Send a Spotify gift card

Something that always makes home renovations and housework easier is having some great music to listen to while you do it. If you get them a Spotify gift card your handyman will be able to enjoy unlimited streaming of over 100 million different songs and musical tracks. It doesn’t matter what kind of music they enjoy, they will definitely be able to find it on Spotify!

Send a Spotify gift card

9 - Amazon

Choose From Millions of Last Minute Gifts for a Handyman

Grab an Amazon gift card

Amazon can be another great place to find a last minute gift for a handyman. They have over 12 million different items for sale and even offer convenient 2-day shipping on a lot of the items they sell. While I would strongly encourage you to support the brick & mortar stores that are still standing, you can’t deny that Amazon has an enormous selection of items for sale and the 2-day shipping is hard to beat. And you can find everything from an electronic screwdriver set to a leaf blower on Amazon so you should be able to find a gift pretty easily.

Grab an Amazon gift card

10 - Visa

A Great Last Minute Gift to Help Support Your Local Hardware Store

Buy a Visa gift card 

If you made it this far down the list and nothing looked like a good gift for the handyman in your life, then consider getting them one of the customizable Visa cards. The nice thing about these cards is that they can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. So that means if there isn’t an ACE Hardware or Lowe’s anywhere nearby, or you just want to support your local hardware store, then these can make a great option because they can be used practically anywhere. 

And you can even send them with a customizable message and pick out a photo to make the front of the card if you want to. And you can even send them as a digital gift card if you really need to get them there at the last minute!

Buy a Visa gift card 

And There You Have A List of 10 of the Best Last Minute Gifts for the Handyman!

I hope something on the list today will work perfectly for the handyman that you need to find a gift for at the last minute. It’s hard for me to recommend a ton of overly specific gifts because I have no idea what your particular handyman might want or need, but I tried to get some options that I think are pretty universally appreciated anytime you are working with tools like a tool belt and a flashlight clip. However, you can never underestimate how useful a level and a measuring tape can be so don’t overlook the essentials of home improvement when you are looking for a great gift!

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