10 Last Minute Gifts for Plant Lovers That Will Make Their Smile Bloom 🌱

From Planters to Plant Subscriptions, Eco-Friendly Accessories to Versatile Gift Cards, Here Are the Gifts Plant Lovers Actually Want

They say that plants are the new pets – and if you have the opportunity to be around a plant lover in their garden, you’ll certainly see why. They way they carefully tend each of their sprouts, the way that they know every detail about them (no this one likes sunlight, that one gets mad if you give it unfiltered water). Whether they have a cozy apartment garden or a veritable jungle, you can trust that the plant lover in your life would be thrilled to receive a garden inspired gift.

Not a gardener yourself? Not to worry. We know that it can be tough to find something whose hobbies don’t quite line up with yours – especially if time has gotten away from you and now you're doing some last-minute shopping. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best last minute gifts for plant lovers. Whether you’ve got two weeks or two hours, you're sure to find something on this list that will plant a smile on their face!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for you today:

  • Garden accessories any plant lover would adore
  • Subscription gifts made with plant lovers in mind
  • Even gift cards that can be send to your plant lover in seconds

PSGiftYa carries thousands of local and national brands, so whether you choose one of the gift cards for plant lovers on this list or use one to supplement one of the other awesome ideas here, you can rest assured that a gift they love will be delivered in no time flat. 

1. Glass Propagation Vase Set

Help Them Expand Their Garden in Style

Glass Propagation Vase Set
Turn their propagation station into a piece of decor with this attractive vase set. Image courtesy of Sage and Sill

While it sounds fancy, propagation is something that any plant lover would be familiar with – it’s simply the process of growing new plants from some source like seeds or cuttings. So if you’ve ever wondered why your favorite plant lover has jam jars filled with tangles of roots or a crucified avocado pit in their window, that would be why.

This propagation vase set makes the whole process a little bit prettier by keeping sprouts in attractive glass bulbs. The wooden vase holder can easily be moved from shade to sun, depending on what the plants-to-be prefer.

2. LivelyRoot Subscription

Or Help Them Expand Their Collection With Brand New Plants

Choose from dozens of popular house plants and herbs for the next addition to their collection. Image courtesy of LivelyRoot.

Is the plant lover in your life always bringing home new sprouts to grow their home jungle? Then a LivelyRoot subscription would be the perfect gift.

Choose from several categories of plants for your subscription – pet-friendly, easy care, rare & special, or even culinary plants. One plant will be delivered per specified delivery frequency – monthly, quarterly, whatever works best for them. They can even add on accessories, tools, and fertilizer to their order if they need it. 

Don’t want to spring for a whole subscription? You can also gift individual plants. 

LivelyRoot also offers ceramic plant picks for a purpose, which is an eco-friendly gift itself but also helps the Arbor Day Foundation build greener spaces all over the world. 

3. Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.

Plant-Based Soaps, Candles, and Other Home and Bath Goods

Lemon Verbena is just one of the delightful scents you’ll find here. Image courtesy of Cellar Door Bath Supply Co

Everyone loves a self care gift – whether it’s fancy soaps, personal fragrance, or cozy candles. Cellar Door should be your go-to shop when it comes to finding this kind of gift for the plant lover in your life.

The hand-crafted products put Earth first with plant-based ingredients and eco-conscious packaging. Not to mention, they come in a variety of luxurious scents. Of course, there are seasonal fall scents like pumpkin chai latte (yum!) or island time, but you can also find plenty of classic favorites like almond vanilla, lavender fields, and eucalyptus spearmint.

Want to take this gift to the next level? Consider gifting your favorite plant lover a Soapscription so that they can enjoy all of their favorite plant-based scents for months to come.

4. Support a Green Cause

Go Green as a Last Minute Gift for Your Favorite Plant Lover

Supporting a cause the plant lover in your life holds dear is one way to show you care.

Chances are, your plant lover doesn’t just care about the greenery in their own home. Don’t get  me wrong – they do love their home jungle beyond belief, but they also care about the plants growing beyond their patio. Supporting a plant or planet-focused cause shows that you care about the things your favorite plant lover believes are important – and what could be a better gift than that?

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite green causes for you to consider. 

🌱 The Nature Conservancy: We’re currently facing a variety of massive environmental problems. Donations to The Nature Conservancy go directly to science-backed solutions designed to tackle issues like the climate emergency, species loss, and the destruction of nature in all 50 states and more than 70 countries around the globe. 

🌱 The Union of Concerned Scientists: This is a member-supported nonprofit dedicated to leveraging the latest scientific advances to fight for a safer, healthier world. Founded by teachers and students at MIT over 50 years ago, the UCS strives to combat climate change, find sustainable ways for people to feed, clothe, and transport themselves, reduce the threat of nuclear war, and fight back when powerful corporations mislead the public on matters of science and safety. 

🌱 Phipps Conservatory (or your local garden/arboretum): As a Pittsburgh, PA-based company, we have a special love for our local conservatory, Phipp’s. However supporting any conservatory, garden, or arboretum through a donation, purchasing planet-friendly gifts from their gift shops, or purchasing a membership helps fund their mission to educate their communities and provide green space for people to enjoy. 

5. Unique Planters

Add a Bit of Whimsy to Their Plant Collection

The Plant Lover in your life will adore these quirky takeout box planters. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Gardens are always a bit whimsical – when you look at the colorful flowers, the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the garden animals scuttling about, it’s easy to imagine creatures like fairies or gnomes calling it home. Bring a little bit of that whimsy into your favorite plant lover’s indoor plant collection with some fun and unique planters and decorations.

Here are a few of our favorites:

🪴 Takeout box planters

🪴 Tentacle stakes

🪴 Goddess head planter

6. Herbology Shirt

For the Plant-Loving Hufflepuff in Your Life

Perfect for plant lovers, whether they’re self-proclaimed Hufflepuffs or not. Image courtesy of Etsy

Okay, you don’t need to be a Hufflepuff to appreciate plants, but many Hufflepuffs do. No matter which of Hogwarts’s four houses they consider themselves a part of, this Herbology sweatshirt is a subtle homage to everyone’s favorite wizarding school.

Decorated with scientific-style drawings of magical plants and herbs like mandrake, gillyweed, and puffapod, your favorite plant lover will be wearing this cozy sweatshirt every time they check their indoor garden or venture outside to plant some mums for fall.

7. Wooden Flower Press

Preserving Their Leaves for Crafts, Journals, or Garden Signs

Help them bring the outdoors in with this heirloom flower press. Image courtesy of Garden Supply Co

Every plant lover feels a little bit blue when the weather starts turning cooler. For them, it doesn’t just mean football season kicking off or pumpkin drinks returning to Starbs. Many of the blooms they’ve tended all year will soon be shriveling up in the cold.

That’s why this flower press makes a great gift for plant lovers. They can preserve a little bit of spring’s vibrant colors to brighten their home during the bland gray winter months. Perfect for crafting, decorating a journal, or even setting up next year’s planting signs for the garden, your plant lover will definitely appreciate this one. 

8. REI

Gear That Will Get Your Plant Lover Out Into Nature

Text an REI gift card

Ah, REI. Not only is it every outdoor adventurer’s favorite place to windowshop (and actually shop), it’s an eco-conscious brand that has everything your plant lover needs to get out and enjoy plants in their natural habitat. From tents and hiking gear to bikes, climbing equipment, and more, REI has it covered.

Plus, the REI Action Network is dedicated to bringing people together to advocate for policies that protect the outdoors for everyone. That means taking action on climate change, outdoor equity, and keeping green spaces clean and accessible to all. 

Text an REI gift card

9. Lowe’s 

Gift Them a Trip to the Garden Center

Text a Lowe’s gift card

It’s hard to walk past a Lowe’s garden center without stopping to smell the flowers – literally! With carts full of freshly watered blooms pushed out into the sunshine every spring, Lowe’s is a plant lover’s dream. And that’s just the start of what an expansive Lowe’s garden center has to offer anyone with a green thumb.

They can shop for garden furniture, DIY projects, gardening tools and supplies, or even plants themselves, making a Lowe’s gift card a great choice when shopping for the plant lover in your life. 

Text a Lowe’s gift card

10. Visa 

A Gift That Can Grow Into Whatever They Need It To Be

Buy a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Still feeling stuck this far down in the list? Not to worry. If you haven’t found the perfect last minute gift for your plant lover yet, you can always get them a Visa gift card. With Gift Card Granny’s build-a-card feature, it’s easy to customize your gift with their name, a personal message, and even a custom photo or design for the background.

Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, which means your favorite plant lover can cash in this gift on practically anything they want. Whether it’s garden tools or new plants, gloves or some new boots, the choice is up to them.

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it, the best last minute gifts for plant lovers.

Finding the perfect gift for a plant lover can be tricky, but we hope that these ideas have planted seeds that will sprout into a gift idea they truly love. We’ve covered creative planters, green causes, subscription gifts, and even gift cards to eco-conscious or plant-selling merchants your favorite plant lover is sure to adore.

But if you still aren’t quite sold on any of these options, don’t worry! The GiftYa catalog has thousands of local and national options to choose from. Whether you text them a gift card to the local nursery or email them a balance for their favorite botanical garden, you’re sure to find something that’s the perfect fit.

The best part? GiftYa is plastic-free, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift cards. And if your plant lover doesn’t love the option you pick for them, they can exchange or regift the balance in just a few clicks. So don’t forget to stop over and check it out!

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