10 Last Minute Gifts for Ghost Hunters That Are Ghoulishly Good 👻

Ghost Hunting Gadgets, Games, and Other Gifts That the Spookiest Among Us Are Sure to Appreciate!

Ghosts have always been a hot topic for debate. Who’s to say whether they’re real or not? They could be irrefutable proof our spirits live on after death, horror movie monsters come to life, or even just the scariest part of spooky season.

But whether you’re a skeptic or a believer yourself, you’ve landed on this article today because someone in your life has made a hobby out of searching for spirits.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best last minute gifts for ghost hunters. Here’s a sneak peek at the scary good options on our list:

  • Spooky “spirits” any 21+ ghost hunter would enjoy
  • Ghost hunting gear that will take their game to the next level
  • Paranormal games and activities for a frightfully fun time

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1. Beginner-Friendly Ghost Hunting Kit 

Perfect For Getting Armchair Ghost Hunters Into the Action

Armchair Ghost Hunters
This kit has everything your favorite ghost hunter needs to get off the ground. Image courtesy of Ghost Stop.

Watching Zak Bagans and co. make their way through another abandoned warehouse will only get you so far. For ghost lovers who get most of their info from reality tv, this beginner-friendly ghost hunting kit is the perfect way to get them involved in the hunt for the supernatural themselves.

This kit includes items that they’ll use starting out all the way up to their pro days. Here’s a rundown of what’s inside:

  • Rook EMF Reader - This meter detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts the user with lights and sounds. Comes with a convenient padded carrying case.
  • EVP Wrist Recorder - With recorded proof, their adventures will be more than just ghost stories. With one-button use, they can just hit go and be good all night.
  • Flashlight - Very necessary for general safety when exploring dark and spooky locations, a flashlight can also be used to conduct the flashlight experiment

2. EMF Reader

A Ghost Hunter’s Most Essential Go-To Tool

EMF reader
This EMF reader is perfect for ghost hunting. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Tune into any paranormal investigation show, and you’ll probably see or hear an EMF reader working away. But while it might seem like a “ghost detector,” EMF readers actually work by monitoring electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetism is one of the fundamental forces in the universe, and it occurs when electrical currents change or move. Electromagnetic fields aren’t visible to the naked eye, but they often exist around physical, electrical, and magnetic sources. An EMF reader simply translates these readings into light or sound.

When it comes to ghost hunting, an EMF Reader like this one can be used to check for changes in the environment. Ghost hunters will typically take a series of measurements when they first enter a location – like temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic energy. They continue monitoring throughout their investigation as unexplained changes in the physical environment are believed to correspond to paranormal activity.

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3. Max 

The Hub for Paranormal and Unexplained TV

The Hub for Paranormal and Unexplained TV
Max is packed with spooky offerings, including all of their favorite paranormal investigation shows. Image courtesy of Max.

With so many streaming services out there, figuring out where to stream horror movies and spooky tv shows is no simple matter. Luckily, Max has a hub for that. Located within the Travel Channel archives, ghost hunters can find all of their favorite programs, like:

  • Ghost Hunters
  • Destination Fear
  • Ghost Adventures
  • And more 👻

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4. Dowsing Rods

Using a Centuries-Old Technique to Find Ghosts

These copper dowsing rods detect more than just water. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Dowsing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ghosts – in fact, dowsing or “using a rod or pendulum to find something” has been used for centuries to find all sorts of things, including the relatively mundane options of water and minerals. However the L-shaped dowsing rods have also become a popular tool for ghost hunters as well.

Dowsing rods like the ones pictured above can also be used by ghost hunters as a tool for communicating with spirits, who can change the electromagnetic energy in the area to register responses. Beginners can start by asking spirits yes or no questions, and taking note of how the rods respond. 

5. Custom Ghost Hunter Portrait 

Some Spooky Art Makes the Perfect Gift for Ghost Hunters

Custom Ghost Hunter Portrait
Help them see themselves as the paranormal investigator they are. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Everyone likes seeing themselves transformed into a work of art. But unlike grabbing a quick caricature on the boardwalk, a custom portrait like this one can really be tailored to the ghost hunter in your life.

Like practically any personalized gift, Etsy is the place to shop for custom portraits. Check out different shops to find an artist with a style you like – then send in the details about your favorite ghost hunter to have them integrated into the design. They’ll love having a piece of art for their home or to prop on their desk with their same eye color, hair color, and hair type.

6. Ouija Board

The Original Method for Contacting Those Beyond – For Ages 8 & Up

Ouija Board
Help them contact spirits the old fashioned way with a Ouija board. Image courtesy of Turner Toys.

Do ouija boards really work? Believers and skeptics have debated it for centuries.

There are plenty of stories about successful ouija board sessions. Some research suggests that the magic behind the planchette moving seemingly on its one has to do with the nuances of human interaction. But the ghost hunter in your life likely sits firmly in the opposite camp – believing that ouija boards are one of the clearest forms of communication with a spirit.

A ouija board like this one isn’t hard to come by – you should be able to find them at most toy stores, or you can even create one yourself. Just maybe stay away from buying any from antique shops, especially if they’re residing in a back corner with the creepy paintings and uncanny valley-like dolls.

7. Ghost Stories

Give Your Ghost Hunter a Story About Things That Go Bump In the Night

Ghost Stories Book
Help them read up on ghosts with these ghost hunting classics. Images courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

We all know someone who relaxes by listening to true crime podcasts. For the ghost hunter in your life, their preferred listening or reading is probably a bit more paranormal in nature.

Getting them a creepy story is always a great move – and books like these are easy to pick up on your way home from work or even on your way to see them. But if their shelves are already stocked with horror classics like Stephen King’s It and an anthology of Poe’s writings, some of these nonfiction books might be a welcome addition to their collection.

👻 Ghost Hunting from A to Z: The perfect guide for any aspiring ghost hunter, whether they’ve been on the search for years or are just getting started. The authors give a detailed methodology on how to get results from ghost hunting, including buying equipment, starting a group, and taking samples.

👻 50 Real American Ghost Stories: Ghost historian and bestselling author MJ Wayland takes reader on a journey through the chilling, scary, and weird stories of paranormal happenings across America. 

👻 America’s Most Haunted: Spine-tingling stories, real-life evidence, and revealing interviews with top paranormal investigators pack the pages of this book about America’s benevolent and not so benevolent spirits. From inhuman creatures to haunted ships to jails, hotels, and lunatic asylums, this book has it all. 

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8. Hunt a Killer subscription box

Make Any Lover of the Macabre Smile with a Spooky Subscription 

Hunt a Killer subscription box
“Ghastly Manor” is one of Hunt a Killer’s ghost-themed murder mysteries. Image courtesy of Hunt a Killer.

Not every story from Hunt a Killer is related to ghosts per say, but we’re sure any ghost hunter would love putting their investigative skills to the test in this fun game. Considered America’s #1 murder mystery game by outlets like Fortune, Bustle, and the Washington Post, Hunt a Killer is hours of pulse-pounding entertainment.

Here’s how it works: just sign up for a season pass subscription to get all six “episodes,” or boxes. One will be delivered straight to your favorite ghost hunter’s door every month until the story is all told. Each box has 90 minutes to 3 hours worth of material for them to sift through and investigate – can they solve the case?

If the whole immersive experience isn’t your vibe (or the price point for six boxes is more than you’re looking to spend), you can also check out their all-in-one box games instead.

9. Paranormal Reserves Vodka

The Perfect Spirit for Ghost Hunters Who Are 21+

vodka rescued from a now-closed occult museum
This vodka rescued from a now-closed occult museum is certainly a unique gift. Image courtesy of Harridan.

Aside from the pun of giving a ghost hunter a “spirit” as a gift, this vodka from The Paranormal Reserve actually has a surprisingly spooky pedigree. 

This limited collection of 666 bottles once rested in the Occult Museum in Monroe, CT – AKA, world famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. Yes, that Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose adventures are chronicled in classic horror movies like The Amityville Horror and the witch Bethesda’s exorcism in The Conjuring. Open since 1952, the museum features an ever expanding collection of haunted knick-knacks and artifacts.

These bottles spent time alongside an alleged vampire’s coffin, a tombstone that was used as a satanic altar, psychic photographs, a human skull, and even the cursed Raggedy Ann doll known by the name of Annabelle who is said to have killed a man. 

Following the death of Lorraine Warren in 2019 (Ed passed away in 2006), the museum is now closed. That means this Reserve may be the last chance the public has to see anything from that museum for a while. 

Each bottle comes with:

  • Gloves for handling the antique bottles
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Bespoke wooden case with a lid that doubles as a ouija board

Worried about tracking evil spirits home? You can even take advantage of their complimentary storage solution to keep spooky encounters at a distance by contacting the Paranormal Reserve Concierge.

10. Visa 

Give the Gift That’s As Good As Cash

Buy a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Still haven’t found a gift that’s scary good enough for your favorite ghost hunter? Not to worry – you can always create a custom Visa gift card with Gift Card Granny’s build-a-card feature. Visa gift cards can be redeemed anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, which means they can redeem their gift for ghost hunting equipment, scary stories, or even an Airbnb near their favorite haunted destination. 

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it – the best last minute gifts for ghost hunters.

Finding the perfect gift shouldn’t be as harrowing as hunting down spirits in a haunted house. We hope you’ve found something that works for you in our recommendations! But if you’re still searching, be sure to check out the GiftYa catalog for thousands of local and national gift card options. Happy haunting – I mean hunting! 👻

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