10 Last Minute Gifts for Gen Z You Can’t Go Wrong With

A Guide to the Brands Gen Z Just Can’t Get Enough Of – And Where You Can Get Them On Short Notice

Gen Zers are the new kids in the market, and advertisers have spent a lot of time and money researching which brands Gen Z like best. Luckily for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else searching for the perfect gift for the young adult in their life, you don’t have to sift through piles of research to get to the facts.

We’ve done the legwork for you, and we’ve pulled together a list of the best places to find a last minute gift for Gen Z. And we’re talking gifts so last minute that they’ll work even when two day shipping isn’t fast enough to save you.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find on the list:

  • Clothing brands Gen Z has single handedly revived
  • Tech brands Gen Z can’t get enough of
  • Big box companies Gen Z likes more than you’d expect them to

So let’s get to it!

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1. Amazon

Everything, From Everywhere, All In One Place

Text an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows Gen Z’s reputation for being the most politically engaged generation yet. While millennials were around to watch corporations like Walmart and Amazon decimate small business in their towns, Gen Z knows them as fast shipping and affordable prices. In fact, Amazon is in Gen Z’s top 5 most favored brands.

Your favorite Gen Z can use an Amazon gift card to stock up on school supplies, redo their room, or catch up on the latest media – like the Prime Original The Rings of Power.

Text an Amazon gift card

2. Crocs 

Comfy Clogs, Slippers, and Sandals for Gen Z

Text a Crocs gift card

Crocs gift card

Considered by older generations to be depression clothes or laundry day shoes, Crocs have made a major comeback with Gen Z. No longer the butt end of jokes or memes, Crocs are becoming a staple in the Gen Z wardrobe.

Why? They’re sleek, minimalist, and comfy. Plus, they come in a rainbow of colors, and you can still customize them with clip-on icons, which means they can easily fit into a trendy kidcore outfit, too.

Text a Crocs gift card

3. GameStop

Because Gen Z Connects Through Video Games 

Text a GameStop gift card

GameStop gift card

Gen Z is the first generation to be entirely digitally native – they’ve had access to technology since they were born. They spend more time online than any other generation, so naturally, the abundant opportunities to connect in the digital space have affected how they socialize with one another. Just think about it – this is a generation that spends a solid chunk of their formative years locked down and online for everything, from classes to entertainment to interacting with friends.

So it’s no wonder Gen Z uses gaming as a way to connect. 

GameStop has everything a gamer needs – from the newest games to retro consoles. They’ve also got plenty of fun posters, funko pops, and other merch to choose from.

Text a GameStop gift card

4. Apple

No One Wants to Be “Green Bubble Guy” in the Chat

Text an Apple gift card

Apple gift card

For years, Apple has done a good job of positioning themself as the “in” technology. They've always been the devices of choice for creatives – artists, musicians, and now Gen Z has ushered in content creators.

In addition to its creative appeal, no Gen Z wants to be the reason for the ugly green bubbles in the group chat, adding social pressure to keeping the #AppleGang going strong.

Apple has everything college-bound Gen Zers need to succeed – from high-powered laptops to tablets to fitness-tracking watches. Plus, Apple gift cards can be applied for Apple TV, Apple Music, and even their favorite games.

Text an Apple gift card

5. Nintendo 

The Go-To Spot for Cozy and Co-Op Games

Text a Nintendo gift card

Nintendo gift card

Nintendo is one of the quintessential video game companies, the masterminds behind some of the most popular games of all time like the Mario and Zelda franchises. And aside from the nostalgia, there’s a reason that Gen Z is so fond of the brand.

Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, is wildly popular. Not only can you play all of your favorite old NES and SNES games with an online membership, but the Switch eShop is also stocked with plenty of cozy games for relaxing on your own and tons of co-op games for hanging out with friends. And since most of Gen Z uses video games to relax or unwind, cozy games are a big hit amongst the youngest consumer generation. 

A Nintendo gift card can be put toward a new console, digital or physical games, and even merch like stuffed animals and amiibos. 

Text a Nintendo gift card

6. Hulu

Bundle Two of Gen Z’s Top Brands For All-in-One Entertainment

Text a Hulu gift card

Hulu gift card

Hulu is one of Gen Z’s favorite brands, and it’s easy to see why. On top of its original shows and movies, Hulu comes stocked with sitcoms, adult animation, anime, and plenty of other fan favorites. Not to mention, Hulu hasn’t (yet) angered its users by cracking down on password sharing in (what appears to Gen Z shoppers) a shameless money grab like certain other streaming services.

Hulu subscriptions can also be bundled with Disney+, another one of Gen Z’s preferred brands. There’s also a bundle deal that includes ESPN, so whether they’re at home or away, they can keep up with all of their favorite sports teams. 

Text a Hulu gift card

7. Adidas

Cute and Accessible Kicks Makes It a Gen Z Fave

Text an Adidas gift card

Adidas gift card

Look, we all got pretty used to wearing our comfy clothes every day during the pandemic. And Gen Z’s favorite fashion brands indicate that they’re not letting go of their joggers and tennis shoes anytime soon. 

The Samba and Gazelle shoes by Adidas are particularly trendy right now. Not only are influencers and celebrities sporting the kicks, they’re just all around good shoes. Comfortable, colorful, and affordable, it’s no wonder they’re at the top of Gen Z’s wishlist.

Text an Adidas gift card

8. Subway

Gen Z Likes to Eat Fresh - And Where Better Than Subway?

Text a Subway gift card

Subway gift card

Gen Z is bringing back more than low rise jeans. Once one of the most popular food chains in the country, Subway fell by the wayside after some scandals tarnished their reputation and new kid on the block Chipotle stepped in to reimagine the build-your-own dinner concept. But Subway tops Gen Z’s favored restaurants for a few reasons.

First, polls indicate that Gen Z likes it spicy. This preference has encouraged a variety of fast food chains to add spicy chicken options to their menu, but Subway’s been in the game all along with their smoked BBQ offerings.

Not to mention Subway sandwich builds are trending like crazy on TikTok. They can be traced back to a creator by the handle of milad. His TikToks show that Subway treats its employees well and also highlights how you can get creative with your order (Doritos on your sandwich? Open face sandwich for maximum toppings? Yes please).

The TikTok series also proves Subway is an aesthetic meal – and the “phone eats first” mentality is more prominent amongst Gen Z than you might think. 

Text a Subway gift card

9. PlayStation

Connecting Friends and Relieving Stress

Text a PlayStation gift card

PlayStation gift card

Surprised? Despite a Brand Intimacy study that showed PlayStation was the favorite video game brand of Millennials and Gen Z preferred Xbox, the latest numbers show that PlayStation is now a Gen Z favorite, too. 

Pretty much every video game brand ranks high with Gen Z, though. Born into a fully digital world, they are the most connected generation in history. And their strong online habits only got stronger when connecting digitally became the only safe way to connect for a solid chunk of their formative years. 

For Gen Z, video games are a stress-relieving activity. They’re a place for Gen Z to connect with friends, or simply escape the stressors of everyday life for a little while. Either way, their gaming habit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – making a PlayStation gift card a safe bet if you’re looking for a last minute gift for the Gen Z in your life.

Text a PlayStation gift card

10. Visa 

Gen Z’s Preferred Cash-Ish Brand

Buy a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Despite research showing that Gen Z prefers debit to credit, Visa still ranks among the most trusted brands for Gen Z. Our guess? It has to do with how easy Visa is to use. Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards… so basically everywhere. That means your favorite member of Gen Z can cash a Visa gift card in on some aesthetic new outfits, the video game they’ve been wanting forever, some super satisfying slimes, or anything else they choose.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card maker, you can customize your gift in just a few clicks. Choose from a preset design or add your favorite photo of you and your favorite Gen Z together. Maybe even a meme, if you want to make them laugh (but be sure to do your research on which memes are funny right now).

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the following day, so you can rest assured that your customized Visa will be in their hands as soon as possible.

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it – the best last minute gifts for Gen Z.

Older generations seem to have trouble making sense of Gen Z’s eclectic tastes. So if you’re shopping for a member of Gen Z, we hope these research-backed suggestions help make the whole process a little bit easier. Whether you go with a video game gift card, a food gift card, or even a fashion gift card, we’re sure they’ll love anything on this list.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Check out the full GiftYa catalog. With thousands of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

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