10 Last Minute Fitness Gifts For Every Stage of Their Journey

Whether They Just Started Running or Have Been Playing Basketball Since Childhood, These Fitness Gift Cards Can Be Sent in Seconds

Fitness is not a one size fits all journey – far from it. Whether the enthusiast in your life got into fitness as a part of their weight loss journey, for a mental health boost, they’re keeping up with their high school sport, or simply because they like getting outside, they’re sure to appreciate a gift that fits into their health and wellness routine. 

But if you’re shopping at the last minute, finding a gift that’s a slam dunk can be pretty challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this list today – all of the ideas on this list are sure to be a hit with the fitness enthusiast in your life, and they’ll work even if you’re shopping so late that two day shipping won’t even save you.

Excited? We are too. Here’s a little peek at what’s on our list today:

  • Athletic and athleisure clothing that will take them from the workout to running errands
  • Subscriptions that will help them round out their wellness routine
  • And activities that let them get active while kicking back with friends

So let’s get to it!

Meet GiftYa, the Ultimate Last Minute Fitness Gift 💪

Need to send a gift in no-time flat? No problem. 

GiftYa is a digital gift card that’s got a leg up on the competition. Choose from thousands of local and national brands, customize your gift, and it’s off! Faster than a warm up on your Peloton, it’s crossed the finish line into their email or text inbox.

But GiftYa isn’t just great for gift givers. Your recipient can redeem their balance like a traditional egift card right from their phone, or they can connect it with a card they carry with them every day anyway. If your gift doesn’t quite hit the mark for some reason – which we doubt it with the options on this list! – they can also regift or exchange their balance for any other brand in the catalog in just a few clicks.

Now that we’re on the same page about how GiftYa works, let’s take a look at some of the best fitness gift cards in our catalog.

1. REI

For All Their Gear and Adventure Needs

Buy an REI gift card

If you aren’t familiar with REI Co-Op, now’s the time to check them out. This environmentally responsible brand is committed to protecting the outdoor spaces we all share – and helping people enjoy them. The stores are stocked with everything you could possibly need for an outdoor adventure, from climbing shoes to snow skis to camping cookware, they’ve got it all.

But the thing we think your fitness friends or fam will really love is REI’s travel adventure packages. From kayaking the San Juan Islands off the gorgeous coast of north western Washington to backpacking across New Hampshire’s White Mountains on the Appalachian Trail, there’s an adventure for people of all ages and experience levels.

Buy an REI gift card

2. StitchFix

The Subscription That Keeps them in Stylish New Activewear

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

Ask anyone who works out regularly, and you’ll find that their athleticwear gets worn out. Whether it’s leggings that have gotten a little too thin to wear for squat day at the gym or running shoes too blown out to provide much-needed ankle support, they’re probably constantly replacing items in their activewear collection.

That’s where a service like Stitch Fix can come in handy. The subscription service matches members with a personal stylist. After taking a style quiz, the stylist will hand-select items based on the subscriber’s style, budget, and goals – including fitness. Members keep what they like and send the rest back – it’s that simple.

Stitch Fix works for men, women, and kids – from petite sizes to big and tall. And since they partner with nationally known clothing companies like Columbia, New Balance, and The North Face, you can rest assured that they’ll find something perfect for their workouts – and maybe even some new non-gym outfits, too.

Text a Stitch Fix gift card

3. Adidas

The Chunky Kicks That Have Come Back Around Again

Text an Adidas gift card

Fashion isn’t normally a huge concern in the fitness world. Sure, some athleticwear is always more in than other athleticwear, but when it really comes down to it, anything loose and comfy will probably do the trick.

Adidas, however, is one athletic apparel brand that is no stranger to the spotlight. After rising to fame in the 90s – if you liked hip-hop, you probably had a pair of Adidas sneakers – the brand fell out of fashion for a while before being revived by Gen Z in recent years. 

The OG Samba sneakers are very in right now – making them a practical choice for fitness-loving trend-setters. Perfect for hitting the gym or tying together a new streetwear ‘fit, the fitness lover in your life will sure to be happy with some spending cash at Adidas.

Text an Adidas gift card

4. Under Armour

The Activewear Brand of Choice for Gym Goers

Text an Under Armour gift card

It is a truth universally acknowledged that different athletes gravitate towards different fitness brands. Anyone who played soccer in middle school probably has some Adidas shoes, and the lacrosse enthusiasts among us are sure to have some Nike threads still in their closet. Under Armour, on the other hand, is the brand of choice for lots of football players, baseball players, and weight lifers.

With a full range of pants, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, leggings, shorts, sports bras, shoes, gloves, caps, bags, and more to choose from, an Under Armour gift card will let the fitness enthusiast in your life stock up on any sports supplies they might need.

Text an Under Armour gift card

5. Lululemon

Technical Apparel and Athletic Shoes Make a Great Fitness Gift

Text a Lululemon gift card

Lululemon’s buttery soft fleeced leggings represent the height of luxury in the fitness world. Both their womens and mens lines are on the more expensive side of fitness fashion, but their quality materials and products designed based on “the philosophy of feel” make any Lululemon purchase well worth the price tag.

So treat the athlete in your life to something a little fancier than they might ordinarily get for themselves. Whether they are a brand-loyal member of the Lulu crew or they just want to splurge on an extra nice athletic set, a Lululemon gift card is sure to be the perfect fit.

Text a Lululemon gift card

6. Spotify

Help Them Find The Soundtrack to Their Next Sweat Sesh

Text a Spotify gift card

Music and fitness go together like, well… music and fitness! And Spotify is the biggest player in the music streaming game. Whether they need some relaxing beats for their yoga flow or some battle rap to hype them up for a high-intensity training session, they’ll find the soundtrack to their workout on Spotify.

With over 11 million artists and creators on Spotify as of this writing, it’ll be easy for them to create a playlist for every sport, workout, and warmup. Or they can browse hundreds of workout playlists on Spotify like: 

  • Techno Workout
  • Beast Mode
  • Fun Run
  • Workout Twerkout
  • 90s Pop Run

And many others. So whether they’re looking for fast tempos to keep their RPMs up in spin class or heavy rock to help them grind through their heavy bench set, Spotfiy has them covered.

Text a Spotify gift card

7. Calm

Improve Sleep, Focus, and More with The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep

Text a Calm gift card

Wellness is about more than just physical activity. Truly taking care of yourself also means nurturing positive relationships, getting enough rest, and spending time on your mental health, too. That’s why Calm makes a great fitness gift for the active humans in your life. 

Calm’s mission is to make the world happier and healthier by providing easily accessible video lessons on meditation, mindful movement, and other mindfulness topics. The fit person in your life can use Calm’s nature sounds to get a better night’s rest before their next workout, or they can incorporate meditation into a cohesive wellness routine. The choice is up to them!

Text a Calm gift card

8. Blue Apron

The Best Meal Delivery Kit for Health-Conscious People

Text a Blue Apron gift card

Finding the time to put together a nutritious meal that supports your fitness goals isn’t always easy. After all, keeping to a regular workout routine takes up a lot of precious free time in a schedule that’s otherwise packed with work, school, kids, or whatever else they might have going on.

Blue Apron is one of many meal boxes on the market – and we like it because it makes it easy to customize your menu based on different dietary preferences. Your recipient can opt into a menu with nutritionist-approved recipes for a wellness-focused diet, go for the family-friendly option to make feeding the whole gang easier, or even pick the Veggie option for plant-based meals that will be a delicious part of any vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Text a Blue Apron gift card

9. Topgolf

Who Says Fitness Can’t Be Fun?

Text a Top Golf gift card

If you ask the fitness enthusiast in your life what their idea of a good time is, it probably has something to do with getting active. Maybe it’s hitting the trail or getting out on the water, or even just hopping on the treadmill in the garage. But not all of their friends will feel the same.

That’s where Topgolf comes into play. 

Topgolf is a no-pressure golfing experience that’s sure to be fun for people who are into fitness as well as people who are more interested in the snack bar. It takes golfing and fits it to the bowling setup – digital games, easy score tracking, and plenty of tasty snacks and drinks while you play. 

This is a fitness gift that’s fun for the whole family – or the whole friend group. 

Text a Top Golf gift card

10. Visa 

Spending Money for Any Fitness Gifts They Want

Buy a Visa gift card

Not feeling any of the fitness gifts above? Or maybe you’re still looking for a physical gift you can send out lickity split? Then a custom Visa gift card might be the answer.

Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere credit cards are accepted, which means that they can use your gift on any fitness stuff they want, from renting out paddleboards for the day, to paying for their Zwift subscription this off season, to adding more free weights to their home gym setup.

Plus with Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, customizing your gift has never been easier. Most personalized gift cards print the same day and are sent out the following day, which means this fitness gift will arrive as fast as the mail can carry it.

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it, the best last minute fitness gifts on the market.

Fitness isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. So whether the runner, swimmer, or lifter in your life is just starting out or has been at it for years, we’re sure that the gifts on this list will be helpful at any stage of their journey.

Still looking for the perfect last minute gift? The GiftYa catalog has thousands of local and national brands to choose from, so be sure to check it out. Whether you find their favorite juice bar or the local gym, they’re sure to love whatever you send their way.

Happy shopping!

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