10 Last Minute Client Gifts That’ll Make a Lasting Impression

Give Your Clients a Little TLC with These Great Gifts You Can Pull Together Even on Short Notice

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and everyone loves a good gift every now and then. So it’s no surprise that gift-giving is just part of managing client relationships – whether it’s a new client you just landed that you want to make a good impression on or a longstanding relationship you’ve built up over years, a small gift is a great way to set yourself apart from the other vendors they might be working with.

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a client or a little way to say thanks for bringing you their business, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered 10 of the best client gifts you can find, even if you’ve only got until after lunch to pull something together.

Meet GiftYa, the Ultimate Last Minute Gift

Wouldn’t it be nice if gift cards got an upgrade? If you couldn’t lose track of them or forget your balance.. if you could give them a personal touch, or swap them for another merchant if there were another gift card you’d like better? 🤔

Now there is. With GiftYa, you can text or email an eGift in seconds. Just choose from the catalog – stocked with thousands of local and national brands – personalize your gift, and you’re on your way. Recipients can choose how they redeem, whether they want to activate it to a debit or credit card they carry every day anyway or use it as an eGift code. 

GiftYa cards can be sent day of or scheduled in advance, which makes them the perfect solution for last minute gifts – client gifts included.

Here are a few of our top picks for last minute client gifts – but be sure to check out the full GiftYa catalog for local options, too!

1 - Topgolf

Business is Conducted on the Green, So Why Not Make it a Gift?

Buy a Topgolf gift card

Business and golf go hand in hand. According to Forbes, a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf, and 80% of executives say that their golf game is a key part of helping them establish new business relationships. How’s that for big business?

Luckily, you don’t have to hit the green yourself in order to reap the benefits of tee time. You may not have the time to chat with your client between holes, but sending a Topgolf gift card is a thoughtful, modern take on treating a business associate to the back 9. Plus since Topgolf makes the game accessible to anyone regardless of skill level, they can cash their gift in on a business game, date night, or family outing – the choice is theirs. 

We’re sure this last minute client gift will be a hole in one!

Buy a Topgolf gift card

2 - Omaha Steaks

Make no Mis-Steak – The Gift of Food is Always Good for Business

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

Taking clients out to dinner can be a big part of schmoozing – it’s your chance to dazzle them with your know-how, your Draper-level charisma, your big ideas. And putting them in a good mood with a good meal just sweetens the pot. 

If you don’t have time to squeeze reservations in at your go-to steakhouse downtown, letting your clients bring the meal home with them is the next best thing. Omaha Steaks has been serving up prime cuts of meat for over a century, so whether your client chooses tender filet mignon or juicy burgers, they’re sure to enjoy a five-star dining experience from the comfort of home with this gift.

Not sure if they’re into red meat? Not to worry. The Omaha Steaks website has expansive selections of chicken, pork, and seafood, as well as plenty of mouthwatering sides, dinner boxes, and even wine for those who prefer another meal option.

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

3 - Harry & David

Your Go-To Gifts for Any Occasion

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Whether it’s a big moment or a small celebration, Harry & David has everything you need to celebrate. The Oregon-based company is known for their traditional gift boxes, packed full of fruit, bakery items, chocolates, and other sweets, but there’s more on the menu than that. 

With a Harry & David gift card, your client can also treat themselves to any of the company’s gourmet food offerings – like premium charcuterie, flaky lobster pot pie, or homestyle pasta – order a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten their office, or have a bottle of wine delivered to unwind after work.

Our favorite part? You can feel good about a Harry & David gift. The brand is all about giving back to their local community through the Smile Farms initiative, which helps people with disabilities find meaningful employment opportunities that allow them to contribute to their community. Smile Farms has won awards for transparency as well as being top-rated by volunteers and supporters. 

Buy a Harry & David gift card

4 - Uber

Perfect for Clients Who Do a Lot of Travel

Buy an Uber gift card

Getting from point A to point B sounds simple, but for clients on the go, coordinating transportation can be anything but. Booking flights, renting cars, learning public transport in another new city – what a headache. 

If you’re hosting clients – whether they’re coming in from the next town over or the other side of the country – an Uber gift card is a thoughtful way to help them enjoy their time in your city. They can use it to get to meetings or just hit the town after the conference room doors have closed for the day.

Buy an Uber gift card

5 - Spotify

Keep Them Up to Date on Your CEO’s Podcast

Buy a Spotify gift card

Thought leadership is all about sharing your expertise. For many companies, a part of sharing that industry knowledge and personal experience is putting out content. If your blog is locked behind a paywall, gifting access can be a nice client gift that doesn’t take too much planning. But if your organization has gone the podcast route, Spotify makes a great gift card option as well.

With over 5 million podcasts (with a combined 70+ million episodes) and over 80 million songs, your client will surely use your gift every time they hop in the car, prep for a plane ride, or hit the gym.

Buy a Spotify gift card

6 - Yankee Candle

Updated Take on the Classic Candle Gift

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Some things just make great gifts – they always have, and they always will. Food and wine are certainly crowd-pleasers, but if you’re looking for a nonperishable alternative, candles are at the top of the list.

Yankee Candle has all of the classic and trendy scents your client could want for their home or office. From outdoor citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay all summer long to cozy sugar cookie and pine scents to help them warm up their home for the holidays, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

7 - Xtreme Xperience

Throw Company Bonding into High Gear

Buy an Xtreme Xperience gift card

Over the last several years, team building challenges and activities have skyrocketed in popularity. What were once company happy hours and client dinners have become escape room adventures, ax throwing, ziplining. If you’re in a high-energy or luxury line of work, consider taking your game up a notch when you gift a client an Xtreme Xperience.

Xtreme Xperience puts you in the driver’s seat of some of the world’s most exciting cars. With open road and racetrack experiences available at locations across the country, it’s an opportunity to chase a major adrenaline rush in a Ferrari 488, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Corvette Stingray, Lamborghini Hurricàn, Porsche 911, and other exotic dream cars.

Buy an Xtreme Xperience gift card

8 - Dunkin’

Everybody Runs on Dunkin’ – Including Your Clients

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

We’ve gone over client gifts ranging from classic to impressive, but you don’t have to drop a big chunk of change in order to make a nice gesture. For this one, just pocket change will do.

Most of America (a whopping 93% to be exact) report consuming some kind of caffeine at least once on a daily basis. While a couple of bucks for coffee and a donut may not seem like much, it’s an easy way to make your client’s day a little nicer. 

With hot, cold, and frozen coffee drinks, a variety of teas and refresher beverages, hot sandwiches, and of course, bakery items, Dunkin’ has everything your client needs to get their morning started on the right foot. America runs on Dunkin’, and we’re sure your clients will too!

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

9 - Amazon

The Anything, Anytime Gift Card

Buy an Amazon gift card

Since their start as giants in the online bookselling industry, Amazon has become a giant in the online everything industry. With their huge selection and free 2-day shipping for Prime members, an Amazon gift card is one of the most versatile client gifts on this list.

Since it is so versatile, you can make the gift card as big or as small as you want. A larger gift could help them add a few new items to their office – some decorations, or even that under desk treadmill they’ve been eyeing – but smaller gifts are just as nice. Whether they want to replenish the treats in their candy bowl or sign up for a subscription box, they can do it on Amazon. 

Buy an Amazon gift card

10 - Visa

Customized with Your Company’s Logo, a Versatile Visa Gift Card Makes for the Ultimate Last-Minute Client Gift

Buy a Visa gift card

A Visa gift card is a deceptively simple client gift. With Gift Card Granny’s Build a Card option, you can customize your gifts with your company’s logo for a professional flourish. Add the recipient’s name or a personal message too, if you wish. Plus, Gift Card Granny guarantees same-day shipping for all plastic Visa and Mastercard gift purchases. 

Once it’s in your client’s hands, the possibilities are virtually endless. Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are, so your client can spend their gift practically anywhere, on anything they want. That means they can put it towards business expenses or home renovations, a new pair of work shoes or tickets to the next home game their favorite team is playing. And they’ll see your company’s logo each time they do.

Buy a Visa gift card

That’s it for our list of the best last minute client gifts in our catalog.

We hope that these ideas have given you a solid starting point – we’re confident that anyone would love to open their text messages or emails to see one of these. But when it really comes down to it, you know your clients best. 

Are they into outdoor adventures or fancy office supplies? Do they spend their free time taking the kids to a museum or grabbing drinks with friends?

If you think of another direction to take your client gift, head over to the full GiftYa catalog. From local pizza shops to designer labels, you're sure to find the perfect gift for each and every client and occasion. Happy shopping!

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