10 Last Minute Bridesmaid Gifts for the Gals Who Always Have Your Back

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Show Your Bridesmaids How Much They Mean to You With a Few Little Last-Minute Gifts to Show Some Appreciation on Your Big Day

Being a bridesmaid sounds glamorous, but when it comes down to it, it’s a lot of work! Of course your best girl friends are happy to help make your big day the best it can be, but they definitely deserve some thanks for all of the time and energy they put into supporting you through one of the biggest moments of your life.

You sent the bridesmaid proposal box, you celebrated together during the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. But now the actual wedding is upon us, and your bridesmaids will be busy this weekend, too. If you’re looking for last-minute ways to show your appreciation for the girls who have been by your side through it all, look no further: here are top last minute bridesmaid gifts!

1 - Text a Gift Card

Treat Your Besties to a Little Bit of Whatever They Want on Wedding Day

Text or email a digital gift card in just a few clicks

digital gift card from GiftYa

Gift cards sometimes get a bad rep as lazy or thoughtless gifts, but in reality, they’re at the top of many people’s wish lists. Especially when they’re as easy to use as a GiftYa digital gift card.

Choose from thousands of local and national brands in the GiftYa catalog to get your girls the perfect gift. Whether you’re looking for pizza shops or boutiques, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Then you can customize your gift with a personal message and a photo or video – aka, the perfect opportunity to break out that cute boomerang of the bride tribe doing a toast on bachelorette weekend. Send it now or schedule it in advance, and it’s off!

The best part? GitYa makes it easy to exchange or regift a balance, so if your besties would rather spend on something else, they can. Headache free.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our most popular picks for last minute bridesmaid gifts:

Not feeling the digital options? You can always customize a physical Visa gift card for your bridesmaids with Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, too. Just choose a photo of one of your favorite memories together for the front, add a personal message, and a physical card is on its way.

2 - Treat Her to Some Much-Needed Caffeine

Help Her Power Through Wedding Day Events Without Burning Out

woman sitting with a mug of tea
A morning cup of tea or coffee can go a long way on a busy day – wedding days included!

Your wedding day is a true marathon of important events, and it starts long before the ceremony. The whole bridal party will be up early for hair and makeup, travel to the venue, and all sorts of other setup. The ceremony itself isn’t physically demanding, but man can it hit your emotions! Then add in photos with the bridal party, cocktail hour, dinner… your besties will be lucky if they’re still on their feet by that point, let alone have enough energy to hit the dance floor at the reception.

Doing a coffee run on the morning of the wedding is a nice gesture, but honestly, you may not have the time. Sending your bridesmaids a couple of bucks each to treat themselves to their caffeine of choice is a sweet (and thankfully for busy brides, easy) way to show your thanks to the girls who will be by your side all day long.

GiftYa Recommends: Text a Dunkin’ gift card or Caribou Coffee gift card to help her power through a long day of wedding festivities.

3 - Save Her from Any Last-Minute Makeup Malfunctions

If It Can Go Wrong, Of Course It Will – So Be Prepared with Makeup Wipes and Touch Up Supplies!

bridesmaid touching up her makeup
Don’t have the shade your makeup artist used? An ULTA gift card will let your girls snag some last minute makeup necessities for the big day – or just stock up on what they liked after the ceremony is done.

Weddings are always full of unexpected surprises – rainy skies, fussy babies, smudged mascara… it’s all part of the ride. Wedding Day Emergency Kits have become a must-have for brides – full of things like jewelry cleaner (to give your ring a last minute polish!), a sewing kit in case of wardrobe malfunctions, and of course makeup for touch ups throughout the day.

If you don’t have time to put them together yourself, you can still help your bridesmaids stock their own emergency kits so that they’re prepared for anything on the big day. Text them a gift card to their favorite makeup store, and they can stock up on anything they need, from makeup wipes to fix any eyeliner that smudged when they got misty during the ceremony to the perfect shade of lipstick to reapply after dinner.

GiftYa Recommends: Text an ULTA gift card to treat your bridesmaids to day-of makeovers at the beauty counter – bonus points if you schedule their appointments in advance!

4 - DIY Some Old-School Friendship Bracelets

Speak Their Love Language! This One is Equal Parts Quality Time and Gift Giving

bride and bridesmaids making friendship bracelets
Tie the knots with your girlfriends before you tie the knot with your S.O. for some sweet quality time.

Tying the knot as a kid probably meant something more along the lines of raiding mom's sewing kit for thread and making the fanciest friendship bracelets you could manage. Before your big day, consider spending a little quality time with your best girls and indulge in this old school sleepover tradition.

GiftYa Recommends: Send a Michaels gift card to your girls and have them report back with bracelet supplies – then spend some quality time together getting crafty!

5 - Gift Your Best Gals Some Cozy Custom Pajamas

If You Didn’t All Get Matching Sets Already 👯‍♀️

custom bridesmaid pj set
The best bridal party souvenirs are the ones they can use again and again, like these cozy monogrammed pajamas. Shop now from Birdy Grey.

Wanna make sure your bridesmaids are well rested before the ceremony? Then stocking them up on cozy sleep essentials is a great way to go for last minute gifts! Consider sleep masks, sheet masks, and stress relief tea if you want an inexpensive option that’s still exceptionally thoughtful.

Or if you still have some wedding budget to spend, you can treat your bridesmaids to matching pajama sets. Birdy Grey has plenty of cozy options in lots of trendy colors, so you can even coordinate your gift with your wedding colors.

6 - Go Tote-ally Practical

For Carrying Her Stuff to the Reception and Beyond

bridesmaids with customized cavas tote bags
Tote bags will help your besties be the best bridesmaids they can be. Shop now on Etsy.

Depending on what your bridesmaid dresses are like, your wedding day can include one or more outfit changes. Even if you just set it and forget it in the morning, getting ready for an event as big as a wedding can take plenty of tools and supplies.

Tote bags can be picked up just about anywhere. If you have some time, you can order custom bags with your bridesmaids’ names on them, but there are perfectly cute options at your local department store if you’re tight on time.

Either way, she’ll have one handy tote for her Dyson Airwrap, her backup heals, and all of those other wedding day essentials. Not to mention, she’ll get plenty of use out of the gift long after you and your S.O. say “I do.”

7 - Put a Ring on It

Commemorate Your Lifelong Best-Friendship Today Too

initial rings
Snag some cute jewelry for your best girls as you prepare to swap rings with your S.O. Shop now on Etsy.

What’s the most important piece of jewelry in any wedding? The rings, of course. They’re symbols of the happy couple’s commitment to one another – since the round band has no beginning or end, neither does the love and happiness they’ll share together.

So why not honor the girls who have been there for you from day one the same way?

Matching rings are another gift that your bridesmaids can enjoy long after you walk down the aisle. Plus, they double as a promise between you and your closest friends to stay close, no matter how life changes or where life takes you after your wedding day.

8 - Rosé All Day

First Round’s On You with This Easy and Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gift

bridesmaids kissing the bride on her cheeks as they clink glasses of rose together
Help your bridesmaids get the party started with some mini bottles of romantic rosé to celebrate your big day.

Your wedding day is a celebration! Of course you want everyone in attendance to have a great time, but that’s doubly true for the people most important to you. Help make sure your best friends get the reception off to a great start when you treat them to a round of rosé.

Mini bottles of rosé should be easy to find at your local grocery or liquor store, depending on what state you’re in. Have some extra time? Design a custom label to commemorate your big day. There are plenty of free templates on Canva that you can use to put together a professional-level wine label design.

After that, it’s just a matter of printing your labels – you can do it at home or have an online service turn them into easily applied stickers – and sticking them on. And viola, the first drink of your married life with your besties has been handled.

9 - Cover Her Mani/Pedi

Make Sure Everyone’s Fingers and Toes Are Lookin’ Fine

women put their manicured hands together
Keep your bridal party looking and feeling good from head to toe when you treat your bridesmaids to a last minute manicure or pedicure before the wedding.

With all the focus on the rings, it goes without saying that your nails will be immaculate for your wedding day – but why not get the rest of the girls in on the fun? Whether or not your bridesmaids are having their hair and makeup done alongside you on the morning of the wedding, treating everyone to a fresh mani/pedi is a great way to bond before the big day.

The added bonus? Getting your nails done is relaxing, and before the ceremony, a little bit of downtime to simply chill can be extremely valuable. The rest of the day will be a whirlwind of back to back events, not to mention an emotional roller coaster. So take your time, enjoy the moment, and soak those cold feet in a foot bath before you finish preparing for your walk down the aisle. These quiet moments will be as much a gift for you as they will be for your bridesmaids.

10 - Snap Some Pics of Her + Send the Prints

Share the Memories You Captured on Your Big Day

wedding party gathered together for a photo
Say cheese! Printing out some photos of the bridal party together – including a selfie with each bridesmaid individually – can be a thoughtful way to thank them after the wedding.

These days so many of our memories are digital. The bride and groom might put together a photo album of shots from the big day, but the rest of the bridal party? They probably have to make do with the shots they were tagged in on Facebook.

Say thank you for standing by you and your S.O. during the biggest day of your lives with a few snapshots from the ceremony. It’s as easy as ordering doubles when you order them for yourself and dropping them in an envelope – but it will mean a lot to your bridesmaids.

GiftYa Recommends: Send a Shutterfly gift card so that your bridesmaids can print their favorite wedding day memories as photos, mugs, or anything they choose.

That’s it for our list of last minute bridesmaid gifts.

We hope you found something on this list that the ladies who will be by your side on your big day would love. Still looking for the perfect gift? Check out the GiftYa catalog for thousands of more local and national brands. Happy shopping!


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