10 Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend (She’ll Seriously Love)

May 15, 2023
jason wolfe
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So you forgot to get your girlfriend a birthday present until the last minute. Ouch. But hey we’ve all been there. In the chaos of the modern world it's easy for things to slip our minds. So if you are in a crunch and need to think of a great last minute birthday gift for your special girl, you have come to the right place. Today I have ten options and I think all of them can make for a really great last minute birthday gift for your girlfriend. Especially because so many of these options accept our digital GiftYa gift cards.

GiftYas work like any other gift card in that you load a balance onto them and then they are redeemable at that business or on that businesses website. However what makes GiftYa different is their all digital format which means that they can be purchased wirelessly in just a couple of clicks, and then you can instantaneously text them th the recipient’s phone with a custom message. Which can make them a real lifesaver if you forgot to get a gift until the last minute.

But that’s enough about how GiftYa can totally save you when you forget to get your girlfriend a birthday present, instead let’s get right to that list of birthday presents that will be great for your girlfriend even at the last minute!

1 - Make Her Something WIth Your Own Bare Hands

Sure Homemade Gifts Sometimes Get A Bad Wrap, But They Can Be Incredible When Done Right!

What could be more special than a one of a kind birthday gift you make by hand?

Even if you aren’t a great artist or somebody who is good with tools, you can still make her something handmade that will be equally as heartfelt. What your girlfriend is really hoping for in a gift is the appearance that you put a lot of thought into her and what she is going to like. Sure you could get her a new iPhone or something, but I mean come, everybody loves getting a new phone. No, what you want to do is get her something that only she specifically will like. There are a lot of different ways to do this. 

Maybe you can’t write a song or paint a picture, but one thing that everybody can do is get a photo frame collage. Pick out the type of photo frame that you like or think matches the other stuff she has around the apartment. I personally would go with one that will hold 8 photos, but you’re free to go with one that will hold as many photos as you need. And then all you need to do is pick out 8 of your favorite photos of her or photos of the two of you together. 

Maybe you have a picture of her all curled up with her favorite dog, well that makes a great option! Or maybe you have a photo the two of you took after your very first date, definitely include that one as well. The trick here is to select photos that are going to resonate with her emotionally. And if you manage to pick out 8 great photos that are all meaningful to her then she is going to absolutely love this gift because it’s really like 8 separate amazing gifts all put into one.

And the nice thing about this is that you can grab a photo frame from Wal-Mart or Target the day of, and then instantly get your photos printed out there or at a nearby CVS. There’s no need to wait to have them printed online and mailed to you. And then voila, in just a couple of hours you have an incredibly heartfelt and throughout present that doesn’t look like you threw it together at the last second. If anything it will appear the opposite and make her think that you put a ton of thought and consideration into it!

2 - Cook Her An Amazing Home Cooked Dish

Get Everything You Need to Blow Her Away By Making Her Favorite Dinner As A Surprise!

Whether it’s gourmet or simple and tasty, she’ll appreciate you taking the time to make her favorite meal.

If you are in the kind of relationship where your girlfriend does most of the cooking, then this is an even better gift. But it’s still a great gift even for those couples who responsibly split all of the household chores. The gift isn’t just that you made her dinner. The gift is that you remembered what her favorite dinner was, went to the grocery store and bought everything you’d need to make it, and then prepared it for her to the absolute best of your abilities. And if you want to spruce the gift up a little more, be sure to get her a bottle of her favorite wine to pair with her favorite entree. 

And although dinner is a great option for this present, you can also go the entirely other direction with breakfast. And the great thing with cooking her a surprise breakfast is that the vast majority of the ingredients you are gonna need are probably already in your kitchen. But make sure to do an inventory check a day or two before and grab whatever else you might need from the store on your way home the night before. That way you don’t totally give away the surprise you have planned for her, but also don’t leave yourself empty handed the morning of.

Whether you decide to go for the fancy dinner or the elegant breakfast, I am sure your girlfriend will be delighted by the thought you put into everything. And on top of that, who doesn’t want to eat their favorite foods on their birthday, especially when they have been masterfully prepared by the person who loves them?

3 - Cinemark or AMC Theaters

Make Your Last Minute Birthday Gift to Your Girlfriend A Special Night Out That You Spend Together!

Grab a Cinemark gift card or an  AMC Theaters gift card by following the links!

Another great last minute gift you can get for your girlfriend’s birthday is really more of a night out together than it is just a standard present. But you can get her a digital gift card to Cinemark Theaters or to AMC Theaters and make it into a special night for the two of you. These are the nation’s two largest movie theater chains so I am sure they will have one within a reasonable distance to you, but I would double check and find out which one is closer so that way your special evening isn’t interrupted by an hour of commuting time going both ways.

But the thing that makes this a great last minute gift option for your girlfriend is that you can literally get them the day of her birthday. All it takes is a couple of clicks on GiftYas website and you can load them up with however much value you think you’ll need. And then you can text them directly to her phone, but on top of that you can also send along a cute message talking about how you are so excited to spend an amazing date night together. And make it clear that she can pick any movie that she wants to watch. You are there to be there with her, but you aren’t there to watch the latest action blockbuster. And be sure there’s enough money on the card that she can go crazy at the concession stand and get all of her favorites to enjoy while you guys watch the movie.

This is a great last minute birthday gift for your girlfriend because it isn’t really a gift so much as it is a guarantee that you want to spend time with her and spoil her while you are at it. All in all, I think this is one of the best possible last minute birthday gifts to get for your girlfriend!

Get yourself a digital Cinemark gift card or a digital AMC Theaters gift card in seconds by following the link!

4 - Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle

Great Options That Let Your Girl Treat Herself and Be Reminded of How Sweet You Are Every Time She Does!

Grab yourself a Bath & Body Works gift card or Yankee Candle gift card by following these links!

If your girlfriend is really into fragrances, body care, or candles, then these two make a really great option. See Bath & Body Works sells all kinds of self care products ranging from skin lotion and shampoos all the way to body wash and hair care products. They also have plenty of great home fragrances as well in the forms of air fresheners and candles. So do some snooping around the apartment and try to figure out what her favorite scent is. 

And speaking of candles, you should also take a look at Yankee Candles if your girlfriend is a big fan of burning them. Take a look around her place (or your place if the two of you live together) and get an idea of which ones have been burned down the farthest. It would stand to reason that the candles she burns the most are her favorites. So just jot down a handful of the ones she seems to use the most and then head over to Yankee Candle and get her brand new replacements for her favorite scents. She’ll be overjoyed that you even knew which candles were the ones that she liked best. 

And it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving and will remind her what a great boyfriend you are everytime she goes to light one and curl up with a good book. Or the one she likes to light just a couple minutes before she’s ready to slide down into a relaxing bubble bath. Evertyime she goes to use these candles she’ll be thinking pleasant thoughts of you and will surely be happy that she has such a thoughtful boyfriend!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Bath & Body Works gift card or digital Yankee Candle gift card by following the link!

5 - ULTA Beauty

A Makeover and A Shopping Spree Make for a Great Last Minute Birthday Gift for Any Girlfriend!

Get a ULTA Beauty gift card in just seconds by following the link!

ULTA Beauty is a high end makeup retailer that specializes in everything from makeup and perfume, to skin care and hair care products. But the trick to this gift is a little bit two fold. What you want to do is have a professional makeover schedule for her at ULTA. And then while she is getting the makeover you send her a digital ULTA Beauty gift card. And then she is going to be overjoyed looking at herself in the mirror, and then boom your gift card shows up and the instructions say that she should use the gift card to get any of the products they used in her makeover to take home with her. And then not only is she going to be feeling her best on her birthday, she is also going to be able to recreate that look at home and feel like she got a professional makeover whenever she pleases. 

And if you really want to take this gift up to the next level do something nice for her while she is out getting her makeover done and doing her shopping. You can clean the whole apartment, or cook her favorite dinner and have it ready with a bottle of her favorite wine ready when she gets home. Or maybe have her favorite movie queued up on the tv with all the popcorn and snacks ready to go. 

Anybody can grab a digital ULTA Beauty gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - Gamestop

Great Last Minute Birthday Gift for any Girlfriends Out There Who Love to Game!

Grab a Gamestop gift card by following the link!

If you girlfriend is into gaming and you need a last minute gift, get her a digital Gamestop gift card and send her a customizable message that lets her know you are going to be taking her out to the nearest Gamestop near you where she can pick out whatever she wants and go on a video game related shopping spree!

You can grab a digital Gamestop gift card anytime by clicking the link!

7 - Barnes & Noble

Great Last Minute Birthday Gift for Any Girlfriend Out There Who Loves to Read!

Get a Barnes & Noble gift card by using the link!

If your GF loves to read then you should definitely hit up Barnes & Noble and try to find her a nice edition of one of her favorite books, or maybe get her something you know she has been dying to read, but hasn’t quite gotten around to yet. And if you are totally out of time, just text her a digital Barnes & Noble gift card and make it part of a day of you taking her out shopping so she can treat herself. Always do whatever you can to make it feel heartfelt!

Anybody can grab a digital Barnes & Noble gift card instantly by clicking the link!

8 - Uber Eats or DoorDash

Grab an Uber Eats gift card or DoorDash gift card by following the links!

A digital gift card to Uber Eats or to DoorDash can make a nice last minute birthday gift. I mean, I strongly urge you to have something else to go with it, but if you do, adding an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card can just be a nice way to improve her day. Maybe one night she doesn’t feel like all the effort it takes to cook a meal and clean up after it. Or maybe she is having a crazy day at the office and forgot to pack her lunch. Well not too worry, these meal delivery apps will have her favorite meal delivered to her door in just half an hour!

Get yourself a digital Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card in seconds by following the link!

9 - Amazon

World’s Largest Online Retailer

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following this link!

If you are really down on time, get her something from Amazon, they have over 12 million different items for sale so I am sure you can find something she will love on her. And on top of that  they even offer overnight or 2-day shipping on a wide variety of their items. But if you can’t even wait for that and need a solution right now, you can send her a customizable digital Amazon gift card right to her phone in just seconds. Just be sure to include a little note about how this way you thought she could really treat herself to whatever she wants to!

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Amazon gift card by following the link!

10 - Visa

Choose A Nice Memory of the Two of You For This Customizable Visa

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

These Visa gift cards are great because they are accepted everywhere and you can even pick out a cute photo of the two of you together to put on the front of the card. And you can even send it with some instructions. Like maybe the balance is to cover a shopping spree, or maybe a night out for her with her girlfriends. And if you want to go even further, you can get her a digital Lyft gift card to go with the gift so that way if she does decide to go out and get wild with her friends, you don’t have to worry about her not having a safe designated driver to bring her home!

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend!

I hope something on the list works for you today, but it’s hard to know exactly what is going to work for each girlfriend out there. Everybody is unique and therefore has a sense of taste that is entirely their own. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were hoping for on this list, be sure to check out all of the national brands that GiftYa offers! Any business that accepts GiftYa is one that you can instantly buy a gift card to and instantly text it to your girlfriend's phone with a heartfelt happy birthday message included which can really save you if you totally forgot about getting her a present until the very last second possible!


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