10 Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas Anyone Would Love to Unwrap

March 23, 2023
Gift Ideas
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On the surface birthdays might not seem like much – just the start of another trip around the sun, an excuse to eat some cake and carry on with the normal demands of day to day life. But regardless of how we feel about our own birthdays, birthdays are also a chance to celebrate the people closest to us and to show them we care.

Some people might celebrate their whole birthweek with a marathon of festivities. And if that’s the case, this list might not help you much – chances are they’ve had plans lined up for weeks or even months in advance.

But if you’re shopping for someone whose birthday vibe is pretty chill, a thoughtful gift card is the perfect way to brighten their day. We’ve gathered some of our most popular birthday gift cards, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the guest of honor, no matter how old they’re turning soon.

GiftYa: The Ultimate Birthday Gift

Gift cards get a bad rep for being “lazy” gifts, but GiftYa digital gift cards take those concerns off the table. Choose from thousands of local and national brands in the GiftYa catalog. Then in just a couple of clicks, customize your gift with a message, photo, and even a video clip. 

Send it last minute (it happens to the best of us 😬) or schedule it in advance. Either way, your recipient will be happy to receive the easy-to-use (and easy-to-exchange, if needed) birthday present.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to the good stuff - the best last-minute birthday ideas out there.

1 - Amazon

The World’s Largest Online Retailer With Millions of Last Minute Gift Options!

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following the link!

If you really need a gift in a hurry, then you aren’t gonna be able to find too many places that are better than Amazon. There are millions of different items for sale, and you can get quick and convenient 2-day shipping on a lot of them. So as long as you have two days to spare, you are going to be able to get just about any kind of gift delivered to your doorstep. Which is great if you are busy before you have to give the gift and don’t have time to get yourself to a brick and mortar store to do some shopping. 

And if you are really short handed on time, you can also always give them a digital Amazon gift card that they can use to buy just about anything they could possibly want for themselves. And that can be a really great option when you aren’t sure what exactly they are hoping to get. With the Amazon gift card you don't have to worry about accidentally getting them something they already have.

You can get a digital Amazon gift card in just seconds by following the link!

2 - Gamestop

The Country’s Largest Video Game Retailer Where You Can Find A Last Minute Gift for the Gamer in Your Life! 

Grab a Gamestop gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If the person you need to get a last minute gift for happens to be a fan of playing video games, then you are going to be hard pressed to find somewhere better than Gamestop. Gamestop is the world’s largest video game retailer and as such they have thousands of locations around the country. So you should be able to find one relatively close. And what I like best about Gamestop is that the majority of their employees are avid game players themselves. So they have the first hand knowledge to help you track down the perfect gift.

And if you aren’t exactly sure what kind of games they play or would like as a gift, not to worry. You can always get them a digital gift card to Gamestop that they can use to get any sort of gaming product they might be looking for. Gamestop has gaming consoles, the games themselves, all sorts of controllers and cables, and even plenty of game related merchandise. So they can use the gift card to get themselves everything from the latest triple A hit game to a t-shirt featuring their favorite video game character. All said and done, Gamestop is a great place to find a last minute birthday gift for anybody who loves to play video games!

If you need a last minute gift in a hurry, you can grab a digital Gamestop gift card instantly by using the link!

3 - Target

Let Them Shop Til They Drop with This Convenient Gift Card

Get yourself a Target gift card by clicking the link!

Once a place that you ran off to when the towels needed to be replaced or you ran out of dog food, Target has become something of a guilty pleasure store for many shoppers. For years, they got shoppers in the door with the allure of a food court so you could snack while you shop, but many of those food courts have since been phased out. But in place of soft pretzels and popcorn, shoppers can pursue aisles upon aisles of the little luxuries – a new candle, a cozy blanket, easily updated home items like brushed silver socket covers – to their heart’s content.

So if you are in need of a last minute birthday gift for someone you should take a look at Target. They sell a little bit of everything. From clothes and household goods to games and electronics.

Anybody can grab a digital Target gift card in just seconds when they click the link!

4 - Barnes & Noble

Encourage Them to Add to Their TBR for Their Birthday

Grab a Barnes & Noble gift card instantly by using this link!

Ask any reader what they want for their birthday (or any other gift-giving occasion, for that matter) and you’ll get one response: books. It doesn’t matter if their books of choice are comics or WWII histories, the latest fantasy romance novel or true crime thrillers. It doesn’t even matter if they already have a pile of their favorite reading material at home, waiting to be read. The opportunity to add another title to their collection is always appreciated.

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest book retailers in the world, with stores around the country and a huge online catalog to shop from as well. B&N owns Kindle, so a gift card can be applied to digital book purchases as well. 

A digital Barnes & Noble gift card makes a great last minute gift, and you can get one instantly when you follow the link!

5 - Bath & Body Works

Their One-Stop Shop for Things That Smell Nice

You can get a Bath & Body Works gift card in just seconds when you follow the link!

Bath & Body Works is almost synonymous with its cult-classic three wick candles these days, so it can be easy to forget exactly what a range of products line their shelves. There are scented hand sanitizers, easily tucked into a purse or pocket; room sprays that give the whole home a quick refresh; foaming soaps to match every season; aromatherapy for when it takes a little extra TLC to energize or unwind; and more.

Perfect for young adults setting up their first apartment, college kids who might not freshen up their dorm as often as they should, kiddos who want a fun hand sanitizer to pack in their lunch box, and pretty much anyone else with a nose, Bath & Body Works is a crowd-pleasing last minute birthday gift, for sure.

You can get yourself a digital Bath & Body Works gift card in just seconds for a last minute gift card when you follow the link!

6 - Lyft

Get Them Safely Where They Need to Go

Grab a Lyft gift card by following the link!

Cheers 🥂 to birthday celebrations, and cheers to getting home safely. For lots of people, part of the birthday fun is heading out on the town or hitting the local bars with some friends. Make sure your favorite people make it home safe after the party when you text them a Lyft gift card.

Grab a digital Lyft gift card for your last minute gift giving needs by clicking the link!

7 - UberEats

Treat Them to Their Favorite Birthday Dinner

Grab a UberEats gift card instantly by using this link!

Midweek birthday? Bummer. When the guest of honor’s big day falls on a weeknight, chances are there aren’t any big parties or dinners out on the agenda. Luckily with Uber Eats, they can have their favorite food delivered right to their door, no need to change out of their sweatpants. 

Grown ups will love having a break from figuring out what to make for dinner, and little ones will love having the reins. Just don’t be surprised if you hear that their big birthday meal was, in no small part, ice cream and treats.

A digital UberEats gift card makes a great last minute gift, and you can get one instantly when you follow the link!

8 - Insomnia Cookies

Satisfy Their Late Night Sweets Craving

Send an Insomnia Cookies gift card to someone you love for their birthday

Nothing hits quite the same way that a warm cookie and cold milk does – or at least, that’s the philosophy behind Insomnia Cookies. That and, as the name suggests, that you should be able to satisfy that cookie craving no matter what time it strikes. Insomnia made a name for itself by setting up outposts near college campuses around the nation, offering cookie delivery until 3am. Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be a winning strategy – there are now more than 200 Insomnia Cookies locations throughout the country. 

The birthday guy or gal doesn’t have to be a college student to appreciate freshly baked cookies. With regular and deluxe options, as well as a rotation of seasonal cookies, Insomnia Cookies are perfect for an afternoon snack after school, a little comfort after a long day of work, or yes, even a birthday treat delivered right to their door.

Send an Insomnia Cookies gift card to someone you love for their birthday.

9 - Gold Belly

A Taste of Home Delivered Right to Their Doorstep

Pick up a Gold Belly gift card by following the link!

We’ve covered a few food delivery options on the list so far, but Gold Belly is a little bit different. Unlike other options that tend to keep their focus local, delivering to approximately the area range that the pizza shop down the street does, Gold Belly ships the best foods and baked goods from around the country right to your door.

That means if a birthday trip to NYC is a little out of budget, they can have a bagel and schmear from H&H at home. Or they can order a cake from the bakery in their hometown for an added bit of birthday nostalgia. The choice is theirs.

A Gold Belly gift card makes the perfect birthday present for someone you love.

10 - Custom Visa Gift Card

The Gift Card That’s As Good as Cash

Create a custom Visa gift card

Not too sure about the other options on this list? A Visa gift card is always a good option. With Gift Card Granny, you can easily customize it with the recipient’s name and a personal message, plus you can choose the design. Select from predesigned options like this, or build your own with a personal image. 

For those hard to shop for company birthdays, you can even add a company logo to quickly create the perfect gift for an employee or boss.

Create a custom Visa gift card

That’s it for our last minute birthday gifts.

I hope that one of these ideas have been a good fit, but if you’re still searching for the perfect last minute present, check out the full GiftYa catalog. With thousands of local and national brands to choose from, you’re sure to find something that makes their birthday wishes come true.


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