10 Last Minute 40th Birthday Gifts Anyone Can Pull Off

Thoughtful Birthday Gifts to Celebrate this Important Milestone in Everyone's Life

We only get so many birthdays to celebrate, especially the ones that are counted as milestones. We don’t know about you, but the birthdays that end in 0 are a pretty big deal, celebrating that you have made it through the past ten years of your life and have the decade to come to look forward to. The big 4-oh is no exception.

With this in mind, you must be wondering what some good gifts are for your friends and family as they celebrate this milestone in their lives. Fear no more – we have you covered. You will learn about some of our favorite gifts for celebrating milestone birthdays, even if you left your shopping to the very last minute. Stay tuned for our favorite last minute 40th birthday gifts.

10 Gift Recommendations for your friends 40th birthday

1.  Wine and Whiskey

100’s of Brands to choose from

Text a giftcard!

WIne and Whiskey two popular drinks used to celebrate birthdays as well as holidays. Image courtesy of Giftya.

Do you ever have those moments where you look at the calendar or a reminder pops up on your phone that it’s someone in your life’s birthday? If so, you aren’t alone. If it is too late to send out a gift or order something online that will get there in time for their birthday, no need to fear. 

Texting a gift card only takes a few moments, and has the added advantage of allowing you to get it to the recipient on time, no matter what. All you have to do is select the gift card that you want to give, add the recipient's info, amount and the payment type, and then viola you are all set to go. 

An added bonus is that the recipient can use it right from their phone to avoid the possibility of it being lost or stolen.

Texting a gift card is as easy as a couple clicks of a button.

2. Paint and Sip

Be an artist for the night.

A fun night out with your friend.

Grab a bottle of wine and a group of friends, to let out your inner artist. Image courtesy of Saratoga.

Whether you are artistic yourself or not, this is a fun activity to help your friend celebrate their big 40! This is the perfect gift for those willing to try new activities and who are up to some messy fun. With this gift, you can gather a group of friends and take the birthday guy or gal out to try this activity. 

For those who don’t know, there are places where you can sign up to take a class, learning how to paint from an instructor while enjoying a glass of wine or two at the same time – hence the name paint and sip! This is a fun way to spend time with some friends and also learn how to paint something new. It is important to keep in mind that it is all about having fun and not to take things too seriously.

GiftYa Recommends: Text a Painting with a Twist gift card

3. Snack Box Subscriptions

Get a surprise snack every month.

The best part of snack boxes? You never know what you might get. Image courtesy of New York Post.

Does your friend like snacks? Or are they adventurous and up to trying new things? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this is a great last minute 40th birthday gift for them. 

With most snack subscriptions, they will get a surprise each month when it is delivered, never quite knowing what they might receive. An added bonus with these is that there are a number of snackbox subscription groups such as Try the World, and SnackSack, which give members the opportunity to try snacks from countries around the world. It is all about exploring and being open minded to trying new foods they may have never have had before.

4. Art Lesson

Drawing, Painting, and Dancing oh my, the possibilities are endless

Allow you imagination to flow. Image courtesy of  Amherst College.

Is your friend on the artsy side? Do they enjoy different forms of media and being able to express themselves? If so, this is a great gift for our artsy friends out there. Everyone knows that art classes can be a bit pricier than we may like, which is one reason why even the artsiest among us might not (or might not be able to) sign up for them. So why not treat your friend to something fun that they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themself?.

5. Explosion Box

Who Doesn’t Like a Surprise?

Gift cards, images, notes. Perhaps even a confetti explosion! Image courtesy of Spellbinders.

Who doesn’t like a surprise? One of the gifts that been trending over the past year is explosion boxes. They’re perfect for birthdays, valentines day, or any other special occasion. 

This is a great  gift if you are looking for something unique. You can add whatever you wish to make the gift personal. You can  include pictures, candies, or even notes. 

Another you could consider adding? A gift card or two. In the end, it all depends on what you think your loved one would want to unwrap on their 40th birthday.. 

Wanna add some extra fun? Rig up a trigger that causes confetti to explode from the box when the recipient removes the lid from the box.

6. Charitable Donation

There are so many charities to choose from.

With so many charities out there how does one choose what to contribute to? Image courtesy of Great Charity Challenge.

Does your friend or family member have a charity that is close to their heart? If so, this is a perfect gift to consider for them. If there is a charity that you know the individual whose birthday you are celebrating holds dear, then making a donation to it in their name is an especially personal gift that they will greatly appreciate.

7. Bucket List Vacation

There are so many different places to visit the possibilities are endless.

Staycation? Or perhaps a Tropical Getaway. Image courtesy of CNN Underscored.

“A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa

Endless days in my chaise

The whole world according to moi…”

  • High School Musical 2

Have you and your friend ever sat around the house drinking wine and discussing dream vacations that you want to go on? With your friends big 4-0 coming up, what is a better excuse to set up a vacation that has been on their bucket list for years?

Consider gathering a group of friends and work together to pool money and set up a trip that has been on the recipient's bucket list for years. Not only would the recipient be surprised, but they will be ecstatic to live out one of their dreams.

GiftYa Recommends: Text an Airbnb gift card to get the birthday trip of a lifetime underway

8. Online Mixology Class

Learn how to make new drinks!

Have you ever wanted to make drinks tha you see in movies or that are made at your favorite local bar? If so then this is the perfect activity for you. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Do you and your friend enjoy going out to happy hour? Or perhaps trying to make new drinks on those hot summer days? Maybe you just enjoy trying new activities? If any of these questions describe you and your friend, then this is the perfect birthday gift for you to give.

Online mixology classes are one different from many of the online classes you may have taken before. Individuals are typically sent boxes with all the ingredients and materials needed to participate in the class. our friend will have a new cocktail or mixed drink that they can impress others with after having taken the class.

9. Gift Basket

Favorite snacks, drinks, and treats galore.

Shooters, candies and perhaps even chips. Image courtesy of such the spot.

When you can’t think of anything else, a good gift to turn to is gift baskets. What's so great about these? They allow you to be as creative as you want with them. Some potential things that you can include in a gift basket include candy, their favorite chips or other snacks and top it off with shooters that you know they will enjoy.

10. Personalized Gift Card

Personalize and Text a Gift Card of Your Own.

Do you have any embarrassing pictures of your friend? Or images that you love with them? If so, we have a gift idea for you. Did you know that you have the ability to personalize gift cards? Well know you can. 

By using Gift Card Granny’s Build a Card creator, you will can upload an image and have it sent off to be printed in time for their birthday. 

Can you imagine receiving a gift card with your face? Or an embarrassing moment on it? This gift is not only creative but allows for you to have fun as well!

We hope that the list above was able to provide some ideas for those in your life celebrating a milestone in their lives. If you liked this piece we encourage you to continue to click through the other gift ideas we have for other momentous occasions!

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