10 Great Gifts for the Beauty Guru in Your Life

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Between paying to dye your hair, investing in quality makeup, maintaining a regimen skincare routine, getting your nails done, keeping your teeth white, staying tan year-round, ensuring your hair is healthy, and having quality lashes and brows, beauty regimens can be extremely expensive! That’s why getting gifts that alleviate the financial burden that comes with maintaining a quality beauty regimen can be so exciting to receive! Gifts for beauty gurus should be high quality in that they will enhance a person’s routine or provide a DIY life hack to something they would have otherwise paid to get done. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best gifts for the beauty guru in your life. 

1. Eyelash Extension Kit 

Skip the lash tech, and do it yourself with an at-home DIY extension kit. For women who get lash lifts or extensions consistently, giving them a lash kit in which they can use it as they please can be a great addition to their beauty routine. Fill extensions, replace mascara, or add strips from home with your own eyelash extension kit

2. Airwrap Hair Styler

A hairbrush, curling iron, and a hair dryer all in one, the airwrap hair styler is the newest invention that everyone in the beauty circles is talking about. This hair wand leaves your hair volumized, shaped, blown out, or curled. Many versions come with six different heads that can accommodate different needs, and leave you perfectly stylized with whatever look you’re going for each day.

3. Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is a trend in the beauty world that comes highly recommended by dermatologists and estheticians. A silk pillowcase minimizes friction on both your skin and your hair while you sleep. It can be an easy way to minimize frizziness in your hair and maintain hydration in your face.  

4. Essential Makeup Brush Set

Every beauty guru knows that not all makeup brushes are created equal. Many are made of cheap materials that irritate the skin, don’t help with contouring or proper application, and hold grime and grit even after a proper cleaning. A quality brush set can be the perfect gift for your very own beauty guru. These sets come with various brushes that have different purposes for application. 

5. A Skincare Set

If you’re involved in the fashion world then you know how essential a morning and nightly skincare routine is. Many skincare brands will actually put kits together of their best sellers, so you can gift your beauty guru all the multi-purpose classics. Finding one with a cleanser, primer, moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm is a good place to start.

6. At-home Gel Nail Kit

Getting your nails done is an expensive habit to have to maintain, but many people speak to the longevity of gel nails and how much longer they last than at-home nail polish. Gifting an at-home nail kit is an easy way to equip your loved one with the quality of a gel manicure along with all the convenience and money-saving aspects that come from doing it at home. 

7. Facial Mask Bundle

Did you know there is a mask for literally everything? Buying the beauty guru in your life a multi-purpose face mask bundle is a great way to have their face and eyes looking fresh and healthy. Whether it’s a mask that boosts skin radiance, deep cleans your pores, replenishes hydration, prompts collagen production, or relieves puffiness, there is truly something for every occasion with a face mask bundle.

8. Hair Care Set

It’s hard to thrive when you’re working with damaged, frazzled, coarse hair. Many women struggle with split ends and hair that is being consistently distressed by the way they care for it. By working to treat your hair with clean formulas and quality tools, you can restore your hair’s health to thrive. Some hair care sets come with hair serums, quality combs and brushes, a towel, and cold-pressed tsubaki.

9. Lighted Mirror

Doing your makeup with bad lighting is any beauty guru’s worst nightmare. Finding a lighted mirror with various light dimming settings can create a world of difference when it comes to achieving the perfect lighting in your home, on the go, or on a vacation. Buying a portable mirror is the perfect way to give the gift of a perfect makeup application setting wherever they go.

10. Gua Sha Kit

An ancient beauty technique that has been a part of Eastern traditions for centuries, Gua Shas are made of jade stone that can be used to sculpt and massage the face. Gua Shas have risen in popularity as a facial sculpting tool that can contour jawlines. The before and afters alone will have every beauty guru running to the store.

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