10 Easy Steps to Buy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

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With the holidays just around the corner, you may start brainstorming gift ideas for the special lady in your life. Lingerie can make for a romantic, thoughtful, and intimate gift for your girlfriend – plus, you’ll most likely get some enjoyment out of it too. 

However, shopping for lingerie as a man can feel pretty intimidating. There are so many styles, sizes, and colors. These ten steps can help break down the process and guide you to find the perfect lingerie set to share with the girl you love. 

1. Know the Current Trends 

Lingerie may be intimate, but it’s still a fashion statement. Look around online and get a sense of the current trends. Go bold, bright pops of color were also popular on runways and in catalogs this season. Look around online and get a sense of the current trends. 

2022 has been all about comfort, so consider a less restricting style like a lace teddy or silk bralette. Many women have been wearing lingerie as outerwear. You could try a sexy black bustier she could wear with a pair of jeans for dinner and rock in the bedroom. 

2. Determine Her Size 

You want the piece you choose for your partner to fit like a glove. That means:

Take a peek in her underwear drawer when she isn’t looking and jot down her bra size. Note what styles of bra she prefers: plunge, balconette, wire-free, triangle, etc. Use three to four bras for reference, as bra size can vary with different brands.

Also note her panty size and which cuts she favors: bikini, boyshorts, thong, or high-waisted. If you aren’t sure what these bra and panty styles are, snap a few photos to reference when you shop. If she’s bought it for herself, chances are she’ll feel confident wearing a similar piece you picked. 

3. Take Her Personal Style into Account 

You may be tempted to buy something you are excited to see her in, but she’ll be more likely to wear whatever you choose if it fits into her everyday aesthetic. Does she love to wear bright and bold colors, or does she favor neutral tones? Does she flaunt her femininity in dresses and skirts, or is she more of a jeans and sneakers kind of girl? 

You can still choose an alluring set – but if your girl tends to wear chucks every day, you may not want to select a frilly set. Instead, opt for a chic satin three-piece set that is both minimal and sultry. 

4. Highlight Your Favorite Assets 

You may be giving this lingerie to her, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a gift for you too. Think about what your favorite parts of your lady are. If you adore her booty, highlight her asset in a cheeky pair of lace panties. Let her breasts be the star of the show in a bold balconette bra and garter set. She’ll feel even more confident in her body when she realizes how much you worship every curve. 

5. Consider Her Insecurities 

Remember that many women struggle with some level of insecurity regarding their bodies. The media constantly bombards women to look, dress, act, and eat a certain way. Obviously, you think your girlfriend is a stunning bombshell just the way she is, but respect that certain clothing items may make her uncomfortable. Listen to how she talks about her body when you compliment her, let that guide you when you shop. 

6. Ask for Assistance 

Shopping online for lingerie is a discreet way to choose a stunning set for your partner; however, don’t discount the benefits of shopping in person. The attendants at lingerie stores are incredibly knowledgeable about how these items are meant to fit and can guide you toward which cuts, styles, and colors will best flatter your girlfriend. 

If you decide to make your online purchase, glance at the customer reviews and the size guide before adding the items to your cart. Check whether or not buyers have found that the items fit true to size to help you determine if you should size up or down. 

7. Choose a Flattering Color 

Consider your girlfriend’s skin tone and hair color when shopping for lingerie. 

If you’re unsure of your partner's skin tone, black is almost always a safe bet for lingerie. It’s easy to find, matches everything, and flatters virtually every skin tone. 

8. Wrap it Discreetly 

No need to give away the surprise! Don’t hand it to her in the packaging from the store. Use elegant and simple gift wrap to elevate the experience.

9. Give it to Her in Private

Lingerie is an intimate gift and should be given in an intimate setting. No need to embarrass your partner by having her unwrap lingerie in front of her family over the holidays or in a crowded restaurant. 

Share it with her when you two are alone together to make the most of the moment.  

10. Have Her Strut Her Stuff 

Encourage her to try on her present, even if she’s feeling a little shy. Nothing will boost her confidence more than watching you fawn over her once she reveals her set in the special set you picked out just for her. Then you two can decide whether it stays on or comes off while you worship your goddess.


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