Perfect 1 Year Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

These 1 year anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend will have her swooning! 🎁

Are you struggling to find the right 1 year anniversary gift for your girlfriend? It can be stress inducing to try and think of a gift that she’ll love, but that also expresses how you feel about her and your relationship so far. Gifts for significant others really depend on their personality—you know what they’d like best! There’s definitely not a one size fits all approach to gift giving, and what one girlfriend would like, another one might not be as excited for. That’s why we thought it would be best to offer a wide variety of gifts at a few different price points, so you can rest assured what you’re giving her is exactly what she would want.

So if you’re at a bit of a loss about what to get her, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We have 10 gifts right here that include:

  • Gift cards any girlfriend would love to receive on her 1 year anniversary
  • Personalized gifts that will make her smile
  • Practical 1st year anniversary gifts she use all the time

Send your girlfriend a 1 year anniversary gift with GiftYa!

If you want to send your girlfriend a gift, even at the last minute, consider texting or emailing her a digital GiftYa gift card! All you need to do is choose what gift card you want to send, plug in the amount, customize it, and then text or email it right to her. It couldn’t be easier! And because it’s in her phone, she’ll never need to worry about losing the gift card, or forgetting it at home. GiftYa even tracks the balance and will remind her if she hasn’t used it yet.

Now, let’s get to the top 1 year gift ideas for your girlfriend!

1. Lululemon

This is a fantastic gift for your athletic girlfriend!

Text a Lululemon gift card


Is your girlfriend a fan of staying active? Whether she likes to run, bike, play tennis, or never misses a yoga class, you can always count on Lululemon to have all the athletic clothing she could need. A gift card to this premium brand is sure to make her happy, especially if she needs some new yoga pants, shirts, tanks, shorts, or a sports bra—this store has it all in a variety of colors and sizes.

Gift cards to her favorite stores make great gifts, because you never know what exactly she might need, or what size she wants since they all vary. Give her the gift of choice when it comes to athletic clothing, as well as athleisure attire for hanging out, with a GiftYa gift card to Lululemon for your 1st anniversary!

Text a Lululemon gift card

2. Personalized initials pendant

Memorialize your love for your girlfriend with this thoughtful pendant

initials necklace
A personalized pendant gift for your 1st anniversary will make any girlfriend happy! Image courtesy of Made By Mary.

They say that jewelry is always the right choice when it comes to anniversaries for girlfriends, and there’s something to be said for that. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank if you want to get her something nice that she can wear day in and day out. A lovely personalized pendant with both of your initials is a great first anniversary gift idea, because it shows that you were thoughtful to include both your initials and a heart together!

You can choose to get this in 14k gold or sterling silver, depending on which one she prefers, and the chain can be adjusted from 17-19” inches in length. Go ahead and spell out your love to the world, and give her a piece she can wear with all her favorite outfits.

3. Bath & Body Works

Your girlfriend definitely wants some wonderful-smelling self care items!

Email a Bath & Body Works gift card

bath and body works

Is your girlfriend always looking for new scented self care items to add to her collection? Then you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Bath & Body Works for your anniversary. A gift card to this popular store gives her the freedom to choose exactly which scent she wants—which can be a very personal decision. After all, one person may love the fruity aroma of strawberry pound cake, while another would prefer the musky scent of mahogany teakwood. Trust us, you don’t want to choose the wrong scent, because then she’ll never be inclined to use it!

Not only does she get to pick her own scent with a gift card, but she can choose the type of product she’s most in need of. Whether that’s lotion, soap, shower gel, shampoo, or even a candle, the point is she can pick just what her heart desires. And she'll be so thankful to you for the gift!

Email a Bath & Body Works gift card

4. Photo collage

This is a sentimental way to preserve a whole year of memories together

photo collage
Putting together a collage of photos is a great way to show how your relationship has evolved over the course of 1 year. Image courtesy of Minted.

You’ve been together for a whole year, so chances are you’ve had a lot of opportunities to take tons of pictures. Whether you’ve traveled somewhere near or far, you went to a fun concert, or just hanging out together, pictures of you two as a couple can say a 1,000 words. Why not take the time to print some of those photos out and put them together in a collage for your girlfriend? Our pictures are mostly digital now, but there’s nothing quite like having an actual photo to hold on to.

You can either head over to a site like Shutterfly and create a collage with their templates, or just order prints and make it yourself! Either way, this type of homemade gift goes a long way. It shows how you’ve grown together as a couple, and is an endearing piece that you can hang up anywhere!

5. Custom song wave plaque

Everytime she looks at this plaque she’ll be reminded of your special song

wavelength song plaque
If you and your girlfriend have a special song, then why not get it memorialized with a song wave plaque? Image courtesy of Etsy.

Lots of couples have a song that means a lot to them. Whether it’s something they love to sing at karaoke, the song that was playing when they met, or just something that speaks to both of them, songs can trigger strong emotions. If you and your girlfriend have a favorite song, why not memorialize it with a cool custom song wave plaque? No matter what song is “yours” you can send over the link and the designer will include the title and artist, as well as a QR code that will play your song everytime you want it to! Plus, you can include a picture and a multi-color sound wave picture of the song.

This is a great gift she can store in her room or even at her desk at work, and she’ll always be able to play your song when she wants to.

6. Pair of birthstone earrings

Earrings from her birth month are a great 1 year anniversary gift idea

blue gemstone earrings
A pair of special earrings is a great way to celebrate your 1 year anniversary. Image courtesy of Alexis Russell.

We had to have at least one more jewelry entry on our list, and nothing says I care about you more than birthstone jewelry. Not only are the stones beautiful, but it’s personalized because it’s from the month she was born in. No matter if it’s sapphire, garnet, diamond, or pearl, birthstone jewelry is always a hit. We suggest going with earrings for this anniversary, especially if you know she wears them daily. This doesn’t have to be too costly either, you can find excellent pairs of stud earrings for very reasonable prices.

Pro tip: Pair these earrings with a simple birthstone pendant for a trio of jewelry she can wear on special occasions, or with her favorite apparel.

7. Star map

Show her what the sky looked like on the day you met!

star map
Sky maps are a fantastic way to show her what the celestial bodies looked like on a day that’s meaningful for you both! Image courtesy of The Knot.

One of the most popular gifts for couples to give one another is something personal, which  may not mean a lot to anyone else, but it’s special to them. One of the best 1 year anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend is a star map. You just need to type in the day and year that you want, and they’ll do the rest. You’ll get a personalized print out of what the planets and stars looked like on a day you choose. There are all kinds of moments you can have printed including:

  • The day you met
  • Your first date
  • First kiss
  • One year anniversary date!

Each poster is printed out using high quality paper and is large enough to be framed. You can personalize it and include why the date is special, the month, date, and year, what city the sky is over, as well as the coordinates. You can even customize the color and design of the map!

8. Stitchfix

A wardrobe refresh could be just what your girlfriend has been waiting for

Text a Stitchfix gift card

stitch fix

Is your girlfriend a fashionista? If she is, you know how important clothes are to expressing her personality. Even if she isn't, who wouldn’t like the chance to refresh their wardrobe? She can do exactly that with a gift card to Stitchfix. This service will allow her to take a style quiz to see what she does/doesn’t like to wear. They’ll then match her with a stylist who will send pieces right to her door that fit her style aesthetic. You only pay for the items you love, and can return all the others for free. This is a hassle-free way to always keep your clothes fresh, and she may even find herself going out of her comfort zone and trying new styles. You can get Stitchfix on a regular schedule, or just use it when you want to!

Text a Stitchfix gift card

9. Silk PJ set

This comfy set is sure to be her new fav

cute orange pajama set
Your girlfriend would love an upgrade to her current PJ set. Image courtesy of Lunya.

A great, useful gift you can give your girlfriend for your anniversary is a nice set of silk pajamas. These aren’t just any PJs though, this is a 100% silk set you can actually wash, so no worrying about the extra expense of dry cleaning! This set is so buttery soft, she’s going to be asking for the same thing in another color ASAP. You can choose from 8 different colors and 5 different sizes, and they all are guaranteed to be comfortable and soft, perfect to fall asleep in!

10. Customized Visa gift card

Let your girlfriend choose exactly what she wants!

Email a Visa gift card

visa gift card with cute white cat and hearts

Sometimes you just want to give a gift that allows the recipient to choose not only what they get, but where they get it. The gift of a Visa gift card gives your girlfriend the freedom to pick up donuts from her local bakery, fill up her tank of gas, or enjoy lunch out with the girls. The customized Visas from Gift Card Granny let you include a cute picture of you two, along with a nice message to really personalize the gift.

Email a Visa gift card

Those are our top 1 year anniversary gift ideas for your girlfriend!

No matter what you end up deciding to get your girlfriend for your 1 year anniversary, she is really going to appreciate the thought that went into it. Whether it’s a gift card that will allow her to choose what she wants, or a customized gift just for her, she’s going to enjoy whatever you decide to gift her this year!

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