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The sun is officially out and the weather is getting good enough to go to the beach. Those who are big fans of outdoor sports and activities are already lacing up their shoes to go out. And one of those sports that, yes, can be played in-doors, but is also great for outside is volleyball. Volleyball is a sport played by many and you’ve come here today specifically because you have a friend, family member, and/or loved one that is a volleyball player. Whether they are in a league or enjoy playing the game casually, they have a love for the sport you can’t beat. We’re going to talk about volleyball gift ideas for players we think they’d love, so sit back and relax while we serve up some great gift ideas. 

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A Foot Locker Gift Card

Every volleyball player knows the need for a good pair of shoes, so why not go to the best?

Buy A Foot Locker Gift Card

Locker Gift Card

When you’re playing any sport on your feet you know the importance of a good quality pair of shoes. They hug and support your feet without being too tight or uncomfortable so when you’re out on the court or field you can reliably play your game without waking up the next morning in pain. With volleyball there is a lot of running, jumping, and diving, so having a solid pair of shoes is definitely on the list. 

Foot Locker sells quality shoes from top brands you know and love like Nike, Jordan, New Balance, Puma, and more. Plus when you find the pair of shoes you’ve been looking for, you can then add some athletic wear to your cart too as Foot Locker has shirts, shorts, hoodies, and other goodies perfect for any active person.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Foot Locker here!

Now moving onto the main crux of the list in no particular order or category—we’ve got a list of gifts that’ll be sure to be a ball:

Training Equipment

Unlike other sports like basketball, hockey, and baseball, practicing and training for volleyball can be a bit difficult without another person there to block and serve you. Now of course you can practice your serves, but having to go and get your ball each time can get annoying. Luckily there’s a solution to that exact pesky problem!

  • Don’t lose time having to run and grab your ball, and don’t lose practice time to not being able to get to the court, instead look at this Volleyball Rebounder Training Equipment on sale for $23.46 on Amazon. You can practice your volleyball spike training, volleyball serve training, and volleyball setter training all without a catch-net! How sweet is that? It’s great for when you can’t get out of the house or just want to train for a little bit of time at home by yourself.

Insulated Water Bottle

Anyone that plays a sport knows the importance of drinking lots of water, especially when you’re constantly moving and jumping like in volleyball. So having a good water bottle is key for any athlete, here’s a couple bottles we liked:

  • This 40 oz Wide Mouth with Flex Straw Cap from Hydro Flask is on sale for $37.46 and it has a “TempShield® double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours, hot up to 12,” plus it’s leak proof so you don’t have to worry about any spillage when it’s thrown into your bag.
  • FreeSip® for $37.99 is from Owala and is a part of TIME’s Best Inventions 2023. It comes in seventeen different colors and five sizes: 40oz, 32oz, 24oz, 19oz, and 25oz. You can choose to sip or swig from the bottle as it comes with an additional pop out straw. It’s also leak proof and insulated, perfect for a long day on the court.
Free Purple Volleyball Net Stock Photo
Outside or inside- playing volleyball with your pals is always going to be a good time!

Elastic Hair Ties

For our long-haired friends, keeping your hair out of your face when you’re playing volleyball is so very important. You have to be able to actually see what’s coming at you without hair getting in your eyes. And what our long-haired friends also know is that losing a hair tie is just as common as putting one on. That’s why we recommend:

A Journal

Coaches or players know that writing down plays and keeping track of moves you need to work on can be very helpful to keep track of as you’re practicing and playing games. And with a journal you can dedicate all those thoughts and game plans to one place.

  • Beechmore Books has a great selection of journals with different kinds of papers to choose from, they’ve got ruled books (lined pages), dotted books (dotted pages), music books (perfect for writing music), sketch books (blank pages for drawing), travel planners (each page has templates), weekly planners (shows the days of the week and it has a notes section), graph books (pages with graphing paper), and custom books (you can have your name or your team’s name put on the cover). 

They also come in a bunch of sizes too like A6 Books (Small), A5 Books (Regular), A4 Books (Large), A3 Books (Extra Large), and Square. Each journal typically runs from about $15 to $27. Pick what style best fits your needs and order one from Beechmore Books.

Bags and Backpacks

Lugging around sports equipment with an old backpack that’s seen better days is no fun, especially when there’s a bunch of better packs out there. A new duffle or backpack can go a long way for a volleyball player, here’s a few we liked:

  • WILSON is known for making some of the best quality bags out there for any athlete. And this Wilson Duffle Bag/Backpack on sale for $45.38 on Amazon is the best for a volleyball player. Choose between the backpack or duffle bag, it comes with a volleyball holder so you can take your preferred practice ball to the court with you along with your clothes, extra shoes, socks, deodorant, water, and more.
  • Or if you need a bag just to carry your volleyball Academy Sports + Outdoors has a Tandem Sport Volleyball Ball Bag for $14.99 which is a little draw-string net bag that can hold your volleyball you can attach to your backpack so any backpack can become your new “volleyball” pack. 

Mini and Regular Volleyball(s)

Can’t play volleyball without a volleyball! There are the standard volleyballs used in games and then there are “mini” volleyballs which are more lightweight than regular volleyball. It's a great practice ball or one you can use for fun with friends. 

  • Amazon has a Molten Mini Volleyball on sale for $13.05 that’s made from polyurethane and is 5 inches in diameter. A perfect mini volleyball for the player in your life that needs something with a bit more give.
  • Molten also has a standard volleyball, the Molten MS500 Camp Volleyball from All Volleyball to be exact. This ball is $14.95 and comes in a few different colors/designs. 
  • And if you want to ensure quality and durability, the Wilson NCAA OPTX Game Volleyball on sale for $55.97 is absolutely the way to go as it uses the “same construction as the original NCAA game ball.”
Free Woman in White and Black Stripe Shirt Playing Basketball Stock Photo
Get your friend the perfect volleyball gift for their next big game day!

The Perfect Apparel

Every athlete needs to have their “uniform” in order to properly play their game and volleyball is no different. We talked a little bit about how Foot Locker has the shoes you need, along with some basic clothes, but if you want to instead go for specifics, here’s a few ideas:

  • And you can’t end the list of gifts without including knee and elbow pads! That’s a huge part of their uniform and helps keep them as safe as they can on the court. Dick’s Sporting Goods has Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pads for $30.00 which come in two colors and three sizes. And there’s also these Tandem Volleyball Elbow Pads from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $21.99 that you can get along with the knee pads to make it a great combo gift.
  • If they prefer to be as covered as possible while swinging up to serve on the court, Nike has their Nike Pro Dri-FIT Sleeves which cover the whole arm for $28 and it comes in both Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. There’s also Mizuno MZO Padded Sleeves on sale for $34.99 at Amazon that, like the title says, has a nice pad built in for your arm. There aren’t a lot of options for the legs, but there are longer knee compression pads like these PISIQI Knee Compression Pads on sale for $13.99 at Amazon that cover your lower thigh and upper calf. 

And there you have it! Those are some excellent volleyball gift ideas for players that they will definitely appreciate no matter the time of year. They’ll be ready to serve in no time.

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