Trying to Camp Near Grand Teton National Park?

Your Ultimate List of All the Best Campgrounds Near the Tetons in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and Where to Stock Up Before You Head Out

Hello dear internet reader and welcome to my list of the best campgrounds near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A lot of campgrounds all feature the same things so I’ll do the best I can to explain what differentiates each campground from the others. I’ll give you the address of each campsite and I’ll even link you to their website when I can. A lot of campgrounds around beautiful national parks tend to fill up quickly, so as a general rule, try to get reservations as quickly as possible. And on top of all of that, I will even let you know whenever one of these amazing campsites near Grand Teton national park accepts our convenient and modern digital GiftYa gift cards. 

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Before you head out to one of the beautiful campgrounds around Jackson Hole, be sure to stock up at:

Ace Hardware

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475 W Broadway | Jackson |

Ace Hardware is a great trusted national brand that will have plenty of camping supplies for you to choose from when you are shopping near Jackson Hole Wyoming. You should be able to find everything from cooking supplies to tents and sleeping bags!

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You also won’t want to miss fun outdoor activities in the Jackson Hole area like:

Jackson Hole Kayak School

If You Love Camping, This Is Another Great Outdoor Activity In the Area You Might Enjoy!

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945 W Broadway | Jackson |

If you love the outdoors, or are just trying to find new ways to get vitamin D into your routine, then you should absolutely give Jackson Hole Kayak School a chance. I personally had never been kayaking until this previous summer, but honestly it is honestly a ton of fun. And I wasn’t even sore the next day after I thought I would be after kayaking around for a couple hours. Kayaking can be a blast as a solo activity., but it also can be really fun to do as a couple activity in a two person kayak so it really has something to offer for everyone. 

“Excellent trip, superb guide, Carston.  Our group took inflatable kayaks on an afternoon trip.  Loads of fun, some great whitewater, and we survived!  Trip was 8 miles long, cost about $90 per person.  The service was perfect all around.  I will go with these folks again!” - Yelp Review 

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Got all that? Awesome. Now it’s time to jump into the main event… our list of the top campgrounds near Jackson Hole, WY!

1. Grand Teton National Park

The Main Attraction Near Jackson Hole

115 E Pearl | Ste 201 |

If you are around Jackson Hole looking for campgrounds, then I kind of have to assume that you are intending on seeing the Grand Teton National Park. And since you are more than likely trying to see the park, I figured I would put it right here on the top of the list. There are going to be all kinds of campsites around the park so be sure to look ahead and try to reserve a spot as early as you can. Just like all the national parks, you can expect the campsites nearby to fill up quickly so it’s really first come first serve. You can even start planning your trip in advance at 

“This is a beautiful national park!! We saw so many animals, including moose, which was on my son's "must see" list. We saw a beaver, elk, and bison.” - Yelp Review 

2. Jenny Lake Campground

One of the Most Beautiful Campgrounds near Jackson Hole

Teton Park Rd | Moose |

This is the campground that I think is going to offer the most scenic views around Jackson Hole. The great thing is that it is located right on a pristine mountain lake. And on top of that, the campground is tents only. So you don’t have to worry about showing up in your tent and then being completely outnumbered by campers on all sides. Which I can tell you from personal experience, can kind of ruin a night out camping. 

The best thing about it being tents only is that you know there isn’t going to be the same kind of light pollution you get at every other campground. Which means you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking mountain views during the day and at night time as well. Which in a way, really means you get more bang for your buck here than you do at the other campgrounds. 

“OK so this place is heaven on earth. The guest hosts, Joe & Rita were absolutely amazing, and helped us with everything that we needed to feel comfortable. The campsite was absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely loved the experience. The lake is second to none.” - Yelp Review 

3. Granite Hot Springs & Camp Ground

Most Relaxing Campground Near Jackson Hole

4400 S Little Horsethief Lane | Jackson |

The great thing about this campground is that it also features a wonderful hot spring nearby. So if you are on a camping trip because you are trying to get away from the craziness of the 21st century and actually unwind a little bit, what better to pair with your camping than a hot spring? And in my experience, it’s perfectly possible to end up a little sore after a night camping on the ground, so a hot spring is really the perfect water feature for a campsite to have nearby. 

“This was a wonderful spot and definitely worth the drive. Be mindful that you will need to drive about 10 miles on a gravel road. Bring your bathing suit, water, sunscreen, and snacks. The water was very warm when we visited in August.” - Yelp Review 

4. Gros Ventre Campground

Great Campsite Near Jackson Hole Wyoming

100 Gros Ventre Campground Rd | Kelly |

The great thing about this campsite is that they feature pretty much everything you look for in a camp site. They have plenty of space, clean water, and they sell firewood. There’s even a conveniently located grocery store nearby. There is even a river attached to the campsite where you have a great chance of seeing all kinds of different wildlife. The only real issue with this camp site is that they are on a septic tank system and that means that they are limited in how much patrons can use the restrooms. So just be aware of that before you book a spot.  

“Great campground near the moose.  We saw three moose and a baby.  Great hookups and campfires.  Go eat at Dornan's.  They have a great grocery, gift, and wine store plus restaurant.” - Yelp Review 

5. Teton Canyon Campground

Great Campground Between Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

Teton Canyon Rd | Alta |

This is a great campground to stay at if you are on a longer camping trip or road trip. The nice thing about this spot is that it is conveniently located between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. So if you are trying to visit both of them, this can be a great place to stay that is located between the two.

“We stayed here for one night after driving through Yellowstone. Was a very secluded campsite which was nice and the creek nearby was awesome. Bathrooms were fine and the water pumps were good. Got a bit creepy at night but is definitely a good private campsite that's not too far out of the way if you're looking for somewhere to stay between Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.” - Yelp Review 

6. Colter Bay Campground

A Great Campground Right On Jackson Lake

100 Colter Bay Campground Road | Moran |

Colter Bay Campground is similar to Jenny Lake Campground in the sense that it is also right on the lake. The thing that sent Jenny Lake so far up the list whereas Colter Bay is further down is that Jenny Lake was tent only, Colter Bay Campground allows tents and campers. Which is great if you are in a camper and want to enjoy the beautiful lake view while camping. 

But to me, somebody who camps in a tent, it detracts a little bit from the campsite. So I moved it a bit further down the list, but that doesn’t stop it from having absolutely breathtaking views. I highly recommend checking out some of the yelp reviews with pictures that visitors posted to get a good taste. 

“Colter Bay Campground had everything you could need at their General Store. The paid showers were nice and clean. The staff who worked the showers and laundry area, as well as the general store were very nice. Showers are $5 a piece or $15 for a family. We weren't able to get reservations with hookups, but we still had a nice location. ” - Yelp Review 

7. Granite Creek Falls and Campground

Great Campground With Nearby Nature Features

Forest Rd 30519 | Bondurant |

Granite Falls campground is great because it is close to the waterfall and the hot springs. So if you are looking for a campsite with plenty of things to do during the day, then I highly recommend Granite Creek Falls and Campground because it is absolutely beautiful on top of being conveniently located. 

“This place is too beautiful. Just a small freak down a dirt road for a great campground. We will come back!  Careful not to tell to many people. This place is wonderfully quiet and” - Yelp Review 

We hope you found the perfect campground for your next visit to Jackson Hole.

There you have it! There is a list of the best campgrounds you can find near Jackson Hole Wyoming. There are lots of great camp sites, but to be honest, a lot of campsites all feature the same things. So I tried to explain what made each campsite different from the others the best I could so that way you would have some idea of what made them unique. I hope my list helped you narrow down your list of potential campsites, but even if it didn’t, be sure to check out one of our other great articles on things to do near Jackson Hole.

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