Top Spots To Curl Up and Enjoy Bowls Of Ramen and Noodles In Philly

Slurp some noodles, and sip some rich tonkotsu broths at these popular ramen shops in Philadelphia!

Featuring a rich bone broth that simmers for days including spring noodles, and delicious meaty additions, Japanese ramen will cure what ails you. Recently, Philadelphia has seen a surge in unique restaurants serving real, hearty ramen that will surely leave you craving for more.

From traditional slurp ships to fast-casual spots to ramen specialists offering gluten-free options, Philly has something exclusive for everyone. All of these spots are a wonderful way to fill up and even warm you up on a chilly day.

Here are the best ramen spots in Philly.

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Neighborhood Ramen

617 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

BYOB counter-service ramen shop that serves bowls of ramen in classic styles like tonkotsu and shoyu!

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Source: Yelp

Perfect flavors, positive vibes, and elegant environment, everything is awesome at Neighborhood Ramen. This small BYOB counter-service ramen shop is dedicated to honoring the craft and culture of ramen.

The duo Jesse Pryor and Lindsay Steigerwald have transformed what was originally a casual food cart into a ramen powerhouse. Their menu is small but shifts with seasons. When you stop by at this noodle shop, try the old-school shoyu that comes with wavy noodles, pork chashu, soy sauce seasoned dashi and chicken chintan broth, negi, menma, and ajitama. The old school shio is also a popular take here with sea salt seasoned dashi, pork chashu, and chicken chintan broth.

Other delicious takes include tori paintan served with straight noodles, pork chashu, creamy chicken, red onion, and ajitama, or tantan that comes with straight noodles, chicken broth, creamy spicy sesame, and pickled mustard greens.

Make sure you grab one of the delicious sides along with one of their signature drinks to enjoy with your ramen. In the end, there’s a good chance that Neighborhood Ramen will become your go-to ramen restaurant in Philly.

Cheu Fishtown

1416 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Hip ramen bar with graffitied walls known for serving noodles and Asian bites, wines, cocktails, and craft beer!

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Source: Yelp

Cheu Fishtown has a lounge feel to it and, to their Asian-style noodles, it makes a great spot to relax after a long day. They have the perfect mix of noodles and a casual ambiance to ensure you have a great dining experience every time you come here.

The straightforward noodles menu includes items such as the popular miso ramen with soy egg, pork shoulder, mushrooms, shrimp, and bok choy, the popular brisket ramen with kimchi, matza ball, and sesame red chili broth and the coconut curry noodles served with spicy carrot pickles, cilantro, basil, and peanut sambal. Diners also rave about the black pepper yaki that is some work fried noodles served with mushrooms, shrimo, and bok choy.

They also serve small plates with generous portions of charred scallion rancoons, steamed pacman buns, Italian hoagie eggroll, and some beef plus mushroom wontons. You might as well try their specialty rolls that come with plenty of toppings.

If you’re here during happy hour, treat yourself to some maki, small plates, and signature drinks!

Terakawa Ramen

204 N 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Casual-chic ramen shop serving noodles in different flavor combinations, including Japanese curries and donburi!

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Source: Yelp

If you happen to drive past Race & 9th, you’ll notice a growing line around the corner. And it’s not people gathering to play a game, everyone is waiting to grab fantastic ramen from Terakawa. This Chinatown-based shop is known for making traditional ramen styles including miso and shoyu.

Terakawa takes its recipe seriously and they come from the historic Kumamoto area of Japan. As such, the noodles are handmade and the broth simmered for two days straight, offering an extra rich flavor that’s hard to come by in typical ramen.

They offer two different styles of freshly made ramen noodles. The Kyushu ramen is a thin straight light-colored noodle while the traditional ramen comprises a thick wavy egg noodle. They are both handmade and prepared in an “al dente” style. Enjoy the Terakawa signature ramen served with natural Pork bone soup and topped with roast pork (charshu), bamboo shoots, red ginger, kikurage mushrooms, a seasoned boiled egg, and chopped scallions

Shoyu ramen is also a favorite here especially its delicious and served with light soy sauce and chicken broth with a choice of chicken or roast pork, topped with bean sprouts, fish cake, bamboo shoots, and chopped scallions. Other options include miso ramen, mayu ramen, tan tan, spicy ramen, and Bibim noodle.

Vegetarians can enjoy the vegetarian miso or shoyu ramen with seasoned vegetables, baby bok choy, and chopped scallions. Don’t forget to grab a drink to enjoy with your ramen!

Dawa Sushi and Ramen

1204 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Trendy ramen shop offering an extensive menu of delicious array of ramen, sushi, and other favorites!

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Source: Yelp

We don’t know if it’s the chewy noodles, the broth, or the thick slabs of pork belly that make the chasu ramen at Dawa Sushi and Ramen one of the local’s go-to spots. Well, it’s all of it.

Their steamy bowls of ramen are worth a stop. Go straight to the menu and order the soyu ramen that comes with roast corn, egg, scallions, napa cabbage, and spicy chili oil, or the chashu ramen served with braised pork belly, roast corn, eggs, scallions, and spicy chili oil. Vegetarians can order the veggie ramen served with some miso-based broth, tofu, and spicy chili oil.

Diners also come here to enjoy their maki, creative rolls that come with plenty of toppings and you can order a salad or soup to accompany your order!

Hajimaru Ramen

200 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Busy ramen shop offering bowls of noodles and ramen in a casual setting!

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Source: Yelp

Noodle lovers have another favorite BYOB spot to try new ramen flavors, and it’s none other than Hajimaru Ramen in Fishtown. It’s a dine-in-only spot, but seriously; ramen shouldn’t be delivered. There is something unique about feasting on freshly cooked noodles in a big bowl that is absolutely incomparable with pouring lukewarm broth into a plastic container at home.

The restaurant offers several types of ramen, including the Hajimaru signature ramen with some spicy tonkotsu broth, sweet corn, whole marinated egg, chashu, menma bamboo shoots, kikurage mushroom, bean sprouts, and baby bok choy. You should try their miso ramen with rich baked tonkotsu broth topped with chashu pork belly, scallions, Naruto, and half of the marinated egg. Other honorable mentions include shio ramen, shoyu ramen, tan tan, and chicken katsu curry.

They also have veggie ramen served with vegetarian miso broth, corn, cabbage, baby bok choy, and kikurage mushroom. Make sure you order some extra add-ons such as chashu, menma bamboo shoots, sweet corn, and more to make the dining experience even better!

Tomo Sushi & Ramen

228 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Modern, Japanese sushi and ramen spot serving traditional dishes in a relaxed environment!

D:\David\Best Ramen and Noodles Shops In Philadelphia - Images\Tomo Sushi & Ramen.jpg
Source: Yelp

Two friends – a ramen chef (Steven) and a sushi chef (Andy) – opened a restaurant together which has become a neighborhood favorite to grab a modern Japanese fare with plenty of vegan options.  Tomo is the short form of Tomodachi, which means friend in Japanese.

Impressively, Tomo serves three popular vegetarian ramen including vegetarian shoyu ramen, miso ramen, and Yasai ramen. Their miso is served with shiitake, miso base, black fungus, nitamago, inari, bean sprout, and scallion – vegan or gluten-free is available.

Apart from veggie ramen, they also serve other ramen options such as the tonkotsu that comes with pork belly chashu, pork broth, and scallion, chicken ramen with some delicious chicken broth and chicken chashu, and the popular Udon with thick noodles, soy base, shiitake, seaweed, Naruto, and scallion.

Don’t forget to add extra toppings and grab your favorite drink to accompany your ramen!


1028 Arch St #19107, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Enjoy bowls of steaming ramen including bubble tea and pork buns in a calm, wood-paneled space!

D:\David\Best Ramen and Noodles Shops In Philadelphia - Images\Yamitsuki.jpg
Source: Yelp

Yamitsuki opened its doors in 2016 to share its love for Japanese flavors with other people. This ramen spot offers fancy ramen and sushi that you can’t cook up in your kitchen. It’s a perfect spot to bring a couple of friends to relax and enjoy the food after work.

Try favorites such as the Yamitsuki ramen that includes some natural rich and smooth pork broth served with black garlic oil and thin straight noodle with soft egg, scallion, bean sprout, and ginger toppings. The tonkotsu ramen is also a popular take especially because it comes with original tonkotsu pork broth and straight noodles with plenty of toppings.

Other unique options include chintan, miso, spicy ramen, and shrimp tempura udon. They also serve vegetarian ramen such as the miso veggie ramen that includes veggie ramen served with Japanese soybean flavor with some wavy noodles with plenty of toppings. You can add some extra toppings if you like.

Grab a Moscow mule or mangotini drink to enjoy along with your ramen. It’s truly delicious and refreshing!

Ramen is an experience. And if you can enjoy some delicious flavors from your favorite restaurants, that will absolutely make a difference. There are many different spots to try in Philly that offer the best ramen around. Try a couple of them and let us know your experience in the comments!

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