Top Hot Spots to Get the Best Lunch in Atlanta

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Having trouble finding the best spot in town to get lunch? Here is a list of the top four best lunch spots in Atlanta!

Are you having a busy day at the office, or you need a new place to go and meet up with some friends for a delicious meal? Lunchtime is the perfect time to go and meet up with friends and family, get take out while you’re on your lunch break at work, and even just the perfect time to find new hot spots around the city of Atlanta! We know that there are so many different options to choose from, so you’re probably wondering, what should I try first? You may be panicking over your hundreds of options, but we have you covered here with the top four best places to get lunch in Atlanta!

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The Nook on Piedmont Park

1144 Piedmont Avenue NE | Midtown |

Try this neighborhood favorite that serves tater tots with toppings along a view of Piedmont Park!

Want to have a beer and some famous tater tots with loads of toppings? Check out The Nook on Piedmont Park for some delicious food to have for lunch! Image courtesy of Midtown Neighbors Association.

So you’ve heard of tater tots, but how about totchos? According to The Nook on Piedmont Park, they are “tater tots smothered in goodness!” The Nook’s signature tater tots with many different kinds of toppings are what this restaurant is known for. This restaurant is located from Midtown Atlanta’s business district and directly across Piedmont Park. Not only will you have a good meal here, but you get a good meal with a view as well!

The Nook is most well known for its different flavors of totchos, their signature dish. Some of these different types of totchos include breakfast totchos, which are tater tots smothered in chicken sausage gravy, diced chicken sausage, and an egg over easy, and even their redneck totchos, which include tater tots smothered in mesquite smoked pork, the restaurant’s signature Coca-Cola barbeque sauce, jalapenos, and their homemade cheese sauce. Want more than just tater tots? The Nook has many other food options, such as Nook dogs, which are different kinds of hot dogs, and other delicious burgers and sandwiches. Want some cheesy tater tots that are covered in delicious flavors? Then check out The Nook at Piedmont Park today with your friends and family for a lunch you’ll never forget!

“The Nook on Piedmont Park is exactly what all of us need right now. Some comfort food, beer and wine, and amazing staff and owners.” - Yelp Review

Willy’s Mexicana Grill

1100 Hammond Drive NE |

Want some of the best Mexican food in the city of Atlanta? Then go meet Willy at Willy’s Mexicana Grill to get a delicious meal!

Want to try the best burrito in the city of Atlanta? We recommend going to Willy’s Mexicana Grill to get the most flavorful burrito that will keep you coming back for more! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

Wanting a quick, easy meal for your busy day? Why not give Willy’s Mexicana Grill a try for a quick, filling, and appetizing lunch! Willy’s is a restaurant that aims to serve real, authentic Mexican style burritos and other delicious Mexican food. Willy is an actual guy that started the restaurant, who went to many different places all other the world to find and understand real Mexican food and how tasty it actually was compared to the Americanized version. After finding the best burrito in San Francisco, he knew that his mission was to open up a restaurant and serve the community delicious burritos.

Willy’s is known for its many healthy flavors and ingredients that are used throughout all of their favorite dishes. While there are many dishes that Willy’s serves, some of their favorites are the baja burrito, the frito burrito, a quinoa adobe bowl, and many more! With all of these dishes, you can mix and match protein, rice, veggies, and many more to make your burrito or burrito bowl to your very own liking. Now that we have mentioned how delicious Willy’s Mexicana Grill is, stop there for lunch for a delicious and healthy meal!

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“Staff is nice and service is fast. I ordered a customized burrito and absolutely loved it. 

The best part is, they give a free bag of chips and you can try 5 different kinds of salsa at the self-serve counter free of cost.” - Yelp Review

Neighbor’s Pub

752 N Highland Avenue NE | Virginia Highland |

Check out this lunch spot for a relaxed time, along with a dog-friendly patio to bring your furry friend!

Want to have something delicious for lunch while also bringing along your furry friend? Check out a local favorite, Neighbor’s Pub, for a great time and a full stomach! Image courtesy of USA Restaurants.

Are you a fan of local sports, having a drink with some friends, and having a delicious meal? Then we know that Neighbor’s Pub is the perfect lunch spot for you! Patio seating is available here with about 160 spots for you and a group of your friends and family to enjoy and watch sports and have a good meal. The great thing about Neighbor’s Pub’s patio seating, is that it is completely dog friendly, so you can enjoy tasty all-American food alongside your furry friend!

Neighbor’s Pub is known for all of their pub snacks and their traditional American favorites. Some of their popular pub snacks include mixed sliders, which can be beef, spicy chicken, or BLT sliders served on a bun or pita bread, homemade hummus, and even some delicious beer battered fish and chips. Neighbor’s pub also serves other popular sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and other classic bar food, such as chicken wings, chicken tenders, and nachos. Check out Neighbor’s Pub for some good traditional American food for lunch in Atlanta today!

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“My husband and I enjoyed a football game on the patio here Saturday with good service.  A fun local spot for drinks and good salads.” - Yelp Review

Taco Mac

933 Peachtree Street NE | Midtown |

 Enjoy a great drink and some classic bar food at this hot spot in Atlanta!

Want to go to a sports grill for all your entertainment, food, and alcohol needs? Then we think that Taco Mac would be the right place for you to go to lunch in Atlanta! Image courtesy of Taco Mac

First opening in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979, two guys from Buffalo, New York realized how much they loved Atlanta, but wanted to bring their love of buffalo wings with them as well. With this idea, they have created and opened up Taco Mac for all of its southern customers that share their same love for the buffalo wing. Introducing buffalo wings to Atlanta has been a huge success with this company, along with the addition of beer and sports to top off a good lunch spot located right in Atlanta. 

Taco Mac is most well known for their buffalo wings that can be cooked regularly, oven roasted, or even boneless. There are also thirteen different sauces to choose from, such as different hotness levels of buffalo, parmesan garlic, BBQ, honey chipotle, and they even include three different dry rubs. Some other types of food that Taco Mac has to offer is soups and salads, burgers, quesadillas, sandwiches and wraps, and even street tacos. Taco Mac even has an extensive bar list for all of your classic favorite bar drinks, such as bloody Mary, margaritas, and many more! Think that Taco Mac would be the perfect lunch spot for you? Swing by today to eat some of their famous buffalo wings, along with enjoying some other bar favorites!

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“This is a really great place to drink beer, eat some wings and watch sports-- it won me over. We even signed up for the loyalty app and have plans to come back.” - Yelp Review

We hope that after reading this list, you know just where to go to have the best lunch in Atlanta! We understand and know that there are so many different restaurants to choose from, but what is nice is that all of these restaurants have at least one food item that they are most well known for and what better way to enjoy your lunch break from work, or just a lunch date out with friends, family, or a significant other, than to eat what each restaurant is most well known for! 

We really hope that we were able to help make the decision making process go a lot smoother. Is there a restaurant in Atlanta that you think serves the best lunch, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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