Top 8 Sushi Restaurants in Baltimore You Need to Visit ASAP

In the mood for a fresh plate of sushi? You’ll find plenty of great sushi restaurants in Baltimore.

Need to get your sushi fix? Sushi is one of the most fun and versatile dishes out there. Whether you’re craving a simple salmon roll or a fried Dragon Roll, you can quickly find something to satiate your appetite. Finding a great sushi spot in Baltimore is easy. There are plenty of authentic restaurants and eateries that serve fresh and delicious sushi. But narrowing your list down to just a few spots can be tough. That’s why we’re reviewing the top 8 sushi spots in Baltimore. Check out the full list now! 

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1. RA Sushi

Fun, upscale sushi spot located in Fells Point

RA Sushi is known for its fresh, creative sushi rolls. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1390 Lancaster St | Fells Point |

Trendy. Upbeat. Innovative. These are just a few words one can use to describe RA Sushi. Located in Fells Point, RA Sushi offers an electric atmosphere, high-end service, and top-tier sushi dishes. Whether you’re looking for a new date night spot or a fun place to hang out with friends, RA Sushi is sure to become a top destination on your list. 

Along with the classic sashimi and nigiri options, you’ll find an abundance of specialty rolls on the menu. Do you like your sushi spicy? Try the Chili Ponzu Yellowtail Roll, filled with jalapenos and served with chili ponzu sauce. Do you want something with texture? You’ll love the Viva Las Vegas Roll featuring lightly tempura battered crab. Along with its extensive sushi selection, RA Sushi also serves a variety of different soups, salads, entrees, and desserts. 

“I tried the calamari roll and the Gojira roll with a small bowl of miso soup. Both were absolutely DELICIOUS, with the calamari roll being my #1 draft pick. It was so, so good! Crunchy, tasty, fresh, and just all-around amazing. The Gojira was also delicious! I don't usually eat raw sushi, but this roll was easy to love. So flavorful & yummy.” - Yelp Review

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2. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

Charming sushi restaurant that has earned a number of awards over the years

Treat yourself to the seasonal Christmas Roll! Image courtesy of Matsuri Japanese Restaurant.

1105 S Charles St | Federal Hill |

If you’re looking for a small, low-key sushi spot, you’ll love Matsuri Japanese Restaurant. Voted “Best Japanese Restaurant” by Baltimore Magazine and the Baltimore City Paper year after year, it’s no wonder that Matsuri is a frequently-traveled destination in Federal Hill. In fact, many prominent sports figures and filmmakers have frequented the place. 

Guests have an array of regular rolls and signature rolls to choose from. If they wish, they can even order sushi or sashimi a la carte. Coming for lunch? Try a little bit of everything with their popular Lunch Bento Box! Savory kitchen entrees like the Steak Teriyaki and Tonkatsu are perfect if you’re feeling a little peckish. 

“It's small and not many frills but the food is delicious and always fresh. My fave things to get are the gyoza, ginger salad, volcano roll, and the ocean breeze roll but honestly, everything is good here. I really haven't had something that I didn't like.” - Yelp Review

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3. Brother’s Sushi

Full sushi bar located in Federal Hill that is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner

Photo of Brothers Sushi - Baltimore, MD, United States. Sushi Combo (Chef's choice of 6 pieces + Spicy Tuna Roll)
Not sure what you want to get? Order the Sushi Combo. It comes with the chef’s choice of six pieces and a spicy tuna roll. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1035 S Charles St | Federal Hill |

Brother’s Sushi offers a full sushi bar that allows you to sit back and watch your sushi get made right in front of your eyes. While the chefs get to work, you can even strike up a conversation with them! Their sushi a la carte menu offers a variety of different options like the spicy tuna roll and Boston roll, which is filled with crab meat, avocado, and old bay. 

Sushi bar entrees, which come with miso soup and house salad, are also available. Want a little bit of everything? We recommend the Bento Box C, which features four pieces of sushi, four pieces of sashimi, California roll, vegetable roll, and shrimp tempura roll. The house salad, miso soup, and rice accompany the box. Make sure you come hungry!

“Great value for the price and good service. We always come here for our sushi fix and love being able to order a little more within budget. Miso soup is so delish and comforting. Service is great and quick, and everything is very consistent (we've probably been here 5 times or so).” - Yelp Review

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4. Nanami Cafe

Cozy Japanese restaurant that offers waterfront outdoor seating

907 S Ann St | Canton |

Want to enjoy dinner with a view? Head to Nanami Cafe! Nanami offers both inside and outside seating. But if you want to enjoy a nice view of the water, you’ll want to sit outside. 

As for the food, you’ll find a wide selection of appetizers, entrees, and sushi rolls. Various sushi and sashimi combos are available and will fill you right up! You can also order your sushi a la carte, featuring delicious options like the Chesapeake Roll or Rainbow Roll. Coming with a vegetarian? Don’t worry, Nanami Cafe offers a variety of vegetable rolls, like the Shiitake Mushroom Roll and Avocado Roll. Reserve a table at Nanami Cafe today! 

“A hidden gem that has really great sushi. Pro tip: ask for their fresh wasabi! It truly does make a difference. The miso soup was delicious, refreshing, and flavorful. The salmon was fresh and amazing and I want some more already. Can't wait to come back to try their uni because they were out at this time, clearly a crowd favorite!” - Yelp Review

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5. Kona Grill

Sleek and trendy restaurant that offers a New American menu along with a full selection of sushi

Sit down and enjoy a fresh plate of the crunchy spicy tuna. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1 E Pratt St, Suite 103 | Inner Harbor |

Kona Grill is a popular chain restaurant that has locations all around the country. The Baltimore location can be found right in the Inner Harbor. Inside, you’ll find an upscale dining area filled with customers enjoying everything from savory New American dishes to award-winning sushi rolls. 

One of the things that makes this restaurant unique is its seamless blend of American and Japanese dishes featured on the menu. However, you’re probably mainly here for the sushi. So we’ll focus on their sushi selection. You’ll find a selection of regular rolls like tuna and eel as well as specialty rolls like theat Kona Poke and Shrimp & Lobster. Enjoy!

“We travel for business often, and a couple of times a year we have the pleasure of traveling to Inner Harbor of Baltimore. A few years back we discovered Kona Grill. Amazing sushi and THE BEST margaritas!” - Yelp Review

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6. Yama Sushi Bar

Fresh sushi served inside a casual, unpretentious dining room

Take your pick of Yama’s extensive sushi selection! Image courtesy of Yama Sushi Bar.

1030 W 41st St, Suite F1 | Hoes Chapel |

Located in Hoes Chapel, Yama Sushi Bar is one of the most popular restaurants in the city for fresh fashion sushi. Prepared carefully by expert chefs before being flawlessly plated, Yama’s sushi is some of the best you will find. 

Want a simple roll? Try the spicy tuna or white tuna roll. For something a little more elaborate, we recommend trying the Earthquake or New Yama rolls. The Earthquake is filled with spicy salmon, crab stick, and cucumber. The New Yama features tempura lobster, avocado, lettuce, and mango. 

In addition to its extensive sushi selection, Yama also offers various appetizers, soups, and Japanese dishes. Don’t forget to complement your meal with a glass of wine, sake, or beer! After you leave, you will feel more than ready to come back for more. 

“Everything was presented nicely and very tasty. I like it when I can have sushi that is fresh, not fishy-smelling, or tasting. Every bite had that nice nutty flavor of fresh avocado, crunchy of the cucumbers, and great sweet taste of the crab, superb. Shrimp was fried well and just as fresh.” - Yelp Review

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7. Shoyou Sushi

Charming and rustic Japanese restaurant known for its assortment of creative sushi rolls

1450 Light St | SBIC |

Sushi Bruce recently moved to a new, trendy location in SBIC. Although the restaurant is small, it serves some of the best sushi in Baltimore. Led by Chef Bruce, Sushi Bruce handpicks only the freshest fish for the restaurant. 

On the menu, you’ll find a wide selection of special rolls, including the humorously named Playboy Roll and Who’s Your Daddy? Roll. We personally love the How Dare Unagi Me? Which features a half-filet of baked eel on top of a California Roll. Japanese seasoning, eel sauce, horseradish, and crunchy garlic complete the roll. 

If you want to accompany your sushi with some other plates, you have a wide selection of appetizers and salads to choose from. We recommend trying the Soft Shell Crab or Octopus Salad. 

“Been multiple times now! Their authentic rolls are good but when you're craving special sushi rolls, Shoyou never fails to hit the spot. Went with a group of friends, we had a great time, and we loved Big Boss and the Japanese Burrito.” - Yelp Review

8. Chiyo Sushi

Premier sushi restaurant located in Mount Washington

May be an image of sashimi and sushi
Treat yourself to a plate full of your favorite sushi rolls and sashimi. Image courtesy of Chiyo Sushi.

1619 Sulgrave Ave | Mount Washington |

Last, but certainly not least, on the list is Chiyo Sushi. Found in the heart of Mount Washington, Chiyo Sushi offers a pleasant oasis for locals and travelers alike. Whether you’re in the mood for some fresh basic rolls or you want to experiment with special rolls, you’ll easily find something that suits your unique tastes and preferences. In fact, Chiyo Sushi offers over 100 different rolls, including cooked and vegetarian options. 

Wine, sake, and beer are also served. Reds, whites, and plum wine as well as Japanese beer are all available and perfect for accompanying your sushi meal. Celebrating a special occasion? Treat yourself to a glass of Japanese champagne! 

“Their rolls are always fresh and they don't skimp. We normally order a sashimi boat and a variety of rolls for the table to share. No one ever leaves hungry! I recently just tried their tempura banana dessert also...OMG. It was so good and definitely shareable.” - Yelp Review

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In a city like Baltimore, you’ll have an easy time finding a great sushi spot. Whether you’re looking for an upscale restaurant for date night or you just want a casual spot for lunch, the city features a wide range of options for your unique tastes and needs. What sushi restaurants do you plan to hit up the next time you visit the city? Let us know in the comment section below! We love hearing about your travels.

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