Top 7 Trendy Bars in Cincinnati You Cannot Miss This Spring 

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With the winter months winding down, that means spring and summer are right around the corner. With spring and summer comes warmer weather and everyone loves nice weather after a snowy and rainy winter.

When the weather becomes nicer, people seem to be more motivated and willing to go out to drinks for happy hour and long nights out. With Cincinnati being a large city with many sections, there are many trendy and fun bars that locals and tourists cannot miss out on!

Sundry and Vice

This bar has the best cocktails in the city!

Inside Sundry and Vice. Dim lighting and an array of alcohol options are great for dates and happy hour.

Image courtesy of Sundry and Vice.

18 W 13th  Street


This upscale bar located right near Washington Park will take customers back in time. As the speakeasy vibes take over the room, the options for cocktails and draft beers will leave customers having trouble choosing. Sundry and Vice are most well-known for their unique cocktail options. 

Some favorites include: crooked but charismatic, drunken angel, and oh, oscar.

Sundry is perfect for dates because of great drinks and aora. First dates that happen from Hinge or Tinder are great to happen at Sundry and Vice. 

“Great classic vibe here: from the 'doorman' that greets you to the mixologists. The staff was friendly and helpful even on a packed Saturday night.  The cocktails names are as imaginative as their ingredients and the presentation and attention to detail great! This is the bar to go to for 5 star drinks.”- Yelp Review

The Blind Lemon

A romantic bar with old time feel.

An old clock among many painting and drink options.

Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine

936 Hatch St

Mount Adams 

This romantic bar located in Mount Adams is a historical place that draws both locals and tourists. The warm atmosphere provides their customers with live music, craft cocktails, and even a history lesson! 

There is live music seven days a week at The Blind Lemon and each night a Cincinnati local is featured on stage. Some spectacular cocktails customers can enjoy are: Malibu wave, gold rush, and ole Kentucky home among others as well. When it gets warmer outside, enjoy the beauty of the city on the patio with a drink in hand!

History can also be found within the walls of The Blind Lemon. Even the name of this bar comes from the bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson. There are many old paintings and memborbilla hung up around this underground tavern. 

“Truly the definition of "hole in the wall" bar. I absolutely love this place! It has a very cozy feel with the fireplace in the middle of what looks like the swankiest, hipster stoned-walled banked you could ever find. With cooper mugs and toys trucks hanging from the ceilings and ornate picture frames giving you all those old European feels, it's the perfect date spot.”- Yelp Review

Low Spark 

The best happy hour in Cincinnati.

Featured is the very well-known fish tank that serves as a decoration and a place for bottles to be stored on top of.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

15 W 14th St


In the heart of Over-the-Rhine lies a trendy bar called Low Spark. The 1970’s atmosphere with a huge aquarium in the bar as well gives customers so many reasons to keep coming back time and time again. This small bar might only seat 39 people, but the music coming from a vinyl record player keeps customers staying for hours.

Happy hour is 4pm-7pm Monday through Friday with many cocktails options all for $10. Bourbons, whiskey, and scotches are also available for customers to enjoy. During happy hour, there are deals such as $2 off signature cocktails, $2 select drafts, and $1 off domestic beer. 

After happy hour on Monday through Thursday, enjoy a $5 shot and beer pairing! Low spark also serves brunch on the weekends and it includes $5 bloody Mary’s and Mimosas until 4pm.

The deals, atmosphere, and fish tank is a place someone cannot miss during their next visit to Cincinnati. 

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“I have stopped by here 2 times so far and have really enjoyed myself each time. It's a small place but I really like the setup especially the aquarium in the middle of the bar. All of our drinks have been good and the bar staff has been fantastic.” - Yelp Review

Top of the Park

Amazing views,drinks, and appetizers can be found here!

A beautiful backdrop to go along with great friends and drinks. 

Image courtesy of City Beat

506 E 4th St

Central Business District 

As baseball season and warmer weather are quickly approaching, Top of the Park should be on top of your list for places to go this spring. The bar's name is what it is because of its proximity to the baseball stadium, where the Cincinnati Red play their home games. This top of the roof bar opens in March and remains open throughout October. 

While enjoying a 360 degree view of the city and baseball stadium, enjoy some tapas, cocktails and wine. Some options for tapas include: wonton tacos, endive salad, and hummus & spinach. Wines range from pinot grigio to cabernet sauvignon. For cocktails, choose from a Queen City Mule, The Influence, or a 1926!

Besides amazing views and food and drink options, there is also live entertainment Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5pm-9pm. Many local bands and artists are featured weekly at Top of the Park. 

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“An evening in the summer could only be made better by an amazing rooftop bar, and the Top of the Park delivers. Beautiful views of the city with an upper and lower bar. Great new cocktail options for the summer and a friendly attentive staff. A very laid back and exclusive atmosphere with easy access to downtown.”Yelp Review

The Overlook Lodge 

Combine drinks and scary movies at this themed bar. 

An inside look at the simple and trendy bar.

Image courtesy of Work Architecture & Design

6083 Montgomery Rd

Pleasant Ridge

Most people associate the movie “The Shining” with the hotel in Colorado, but most have not heard of a whole bar making its atmosphere and menu The Shining themed. One way The Overlook Lodge incorporates this movie is with its menu. 

Some of their cocktails and other drinks are named after key themes from the “The Shining.” Examples include: writer’s block, illustrious past, mirror wall, and of course twin shots. 

Inside of the bar, customers can expect to see a wooden bar, wooden bar stools, and wooden tables. The artwork is also unique as there are axes, drawings of enlarged people, and trees that one would see in the forest. 

“I loved my cocktail, My Grind Tony. It was a blend of cachaca, banana liqueur, and cinnamon simple syrup. Perfect for an almost-fall but still summer night. They have a half dozen type of snack mixes from Asian to S'mores to go with your drinks. I chose the Bourbon Street which was sweet and salty including sesame sticks, cheese sticks, nuts ... So good!”- Yelp Review

Queen City Radio

Enjoy a cold drink outside at this Cincinnati beer garden.

Shown is one of the beautiful outdoor patios featured at Queen City Radio Beer Garden.

Image courtesy of WCPO

222 W 12th St


After a nice visit to Washington Park, walk about a block to Queen City Radio Beer Garden! This old gas and service station now serves as a functioning restaurant and bar. Even though it is no longer a gas station, the building still has an industrial look to it with two original garage doors. 

Two indoor bars, two outside patios, and even an on site food truck is what makes this place such a trendy bar. Queen City Radio is most popular during the hot summer months because of their alcoholic slushies, boozy popsicles, and craft beer choices. 

Other than having great outdoor seating and drinks, Queen City also offers fun nights Monday and Wednesday. On Monday’s there is karaoke and on Wednesday’s there is trivia at 7pm and then game night at 9pm. 

“This place is awesome! It's got a great vibe and the food truck that they have has to have some of the best fries and burgers that I've ever had. I even heard other people complimenting on how amazing their food was. They've got a great atmosphere and the staff is very friendly and had some great drink suggestions.” -Yelp Review 

Homemakers Bar

Share a huge cocktail among friends after a long day at work. 

Funky tiles, paintings, and wall colors are just the beginning of this trendy place.

Image courtesy of Homemakers Bar

39 E 13th St


Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is a popular spot for many bar goers, and customers love the many different atmospheres that the Homemakers Bar has depending on the time of day. Kick off your shoes and dance the night away with a cocktail in hand!

The cocktails that are available are the white peach negroni and amaro fashioned. Although there are only two, they are huge and able to be shared among friends! The blue tiled floor matches the whacky paint job on the walls with colors like blue and pink. 

“Yes. Yeppers. Absolutely. This place is exactly what the name entails-home. The staff are beyond friendly, the bar is spacious and well lit, and the whole vibe is very friendly. Then to the drinks and snacks.”- Yelp Review

Ghost Baby

Buy some drinks and listen for spooky noises.  

The eerie atmosphere with dim lighting inside Ghost Baby.

Image courtesy of City Beat.

1314 Republic St


The name itself catches most people’s eyes so what's inside is even cooler. In this old building, there are now three sections of cocktail rooms and live music. An ongoing debate that Cincinnati locals debate is if they can hear strange noises such a crying baby while being in there. 

Besides alcohol being served also available to customers are mocktails, cannolis, coffee, and a selection of charcuterie. 

“The atmosphere is fabulous: the level of lighting, color scheme, comfy velvety banquettes, rustic walls, classy chandeliers...the size of the two rooms is perfect. Even with a live band, it’s not too loud for conversation.  I was happy to see that it didn’t feel creepy to be so far below ground, and that the air wasn’t musty at all. Loved it!!” - Facebook Review

As the winter comes to end and you go back to the same bars as always, check out these before. With a new season comes new drinks, friends, and adventures. 


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