Top 5 Neighborhood Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has no shortage of trendy and classic shops serving up tea, java, and more.

Most coffee shops serve up something for everyone. On a cold day, sweet hot chocolate hits the spot. When your busy friend needs a moment of zen, they can indulge in a cup of their favorite tea. And, of course, there's no shortage of hot, cold, and heavily caffeinated coffee beverages to choose from to power through a study session, wake up ahead of a big day, or recharge after a busy one.

Indianapolis has no shortage of trendy and classic shops serving up tea, java, and more. Besides great brews, many of these shops also offer friendly, relaxing atmospheres great for getting away from home while you're working remotely, studying, or even just enjoying a good book. Some even offer food options for a quick meal on the go or a tasty lunch.

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1. Neidhammer Coffee Co.

This family-owned coffee shop serves up hot brews, homemade pastries, and crepes

Enjoy your favorite hot beverage made fresh with a smile in this trendy loft space. Image Courtesy of Yelp.

2104 East Washington Street, Suite 2, Indianapolis (

Neidhammer Coffee Co. was opened as a community gathering place, where members of the Near East Side neighborhood could connect over conversation and a hot drink. Today, the space serves up a variety of artisan coffee drinks and food items to residents and visitors alike in an ultra-trendy loft space. While their brews might be what bring you in, it's their crepes and fresh pastries that will keep you coming back. Neidhammer serves up both sweet and savory crepes, including favorites like the State Street, filled with cheddar cheese, ham, bacon, spinach, and mushrooms, or The Highland, a sweet crepe overflowing with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries.

"This coffee spot is always delicious but I wanted to shout out their crepes as a way to pair coffee with a delicious treat! It was the perfect spot for a book discussion on a sunny day with enough seats for some but great social distancing and privacy. I love the various options and some of their swag, and the coffee was just the right temp with perfect foam and flavor.I also love that they have parking and now a new crosswalk to get safely across Washington Street. Highly recommend this spot that has more than just coffee." -Yelp Review

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2. Kaffeine Coffee Co.

A modern coffee shop with a passion for creating great coffee from bean to brew to cup

Sip coffee made from the highest quality beans and unique brewing processes. Image Courtesy of Yelp.

707 Fulton Street-Suite B, Indianapolis (

Kaffeine Coffee Co. specializes in delivering a truly boutique coffee experience. Starting with the highest quality beans, they oversee the entire roasting process from start to finish. In-house, they use a variety of unique brewing processes to create the ultimate brew. This isn't your average cup o' joe. Get to the shop early to indulge in one of their fresh-baked pastries. They even offer vegan and gluten-free varieties, when available.

"Kaffeine is always amazing. It looks so cool on the inside- and their drinks are even more amazing! I always get the Spanish latte, and usually indulge in a pastry as well. Their pastry selection rotates- I've gotten a scone, croissant, and a vegan muffin! All have been delicious. The Spanish latte is seriously where it is at. I have also tried their mocha however, which is also amazing. They have an amazing selection of coffees, teas, lattes, and canned drinks. I don't think there is anyone who couldn't find something they'd like!" -Yelp Review

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3. Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company

An Indy-staple that roasts its own beans in-house and serves-up unique drink blends

Enjoy unique flavors and a community atmosphere. Image Courtesy of Yelp.

647 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis (

Located on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a historic neighborhood in southeast Indianapolis, close to the downtown area, Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company is as charming as it is delicious. In the 11 years since they opened, they've been constantly honing their craft and building a sense of community in the heart of the city. In 2016, they even began roasting their own beans in-house for a fresh take on your classic cup of coffee. Besides their house-roasted coffee, they've also created a special menu packed with truly unique drinks, like their Winter Cascara Latte, a latter made with cascara fruit, cinnamon, allspice, star anise, and nutmeg, or the Calvin Pepper, a cappuccino with cayenne pepper and honey. If you like your drink, you can also take home a bag of their beans to brew yourself.

"I secretly call Calvin Fletcher's "Coffee Church". Why? There are few coffee shops that achieve the level of community and warmth that Calvin Fletcher's does. Not only do their tip proceeds go to different charities each month but they are safe space for those in need along with those conducting meetings. There's a simple humility about it all and your guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you entered (both in soul and caffeine jolt)." -Yelp Review

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4. Coat Check Coffee

A Family-Owned Coffee bar in a Historic Landmark Building

Indulge in a sweet, homemade pastry with your favorite brew. Image Courtesy of Yelp.

401 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis (

Located inside the historic landmark Athenaeum building, this family-owned coffee bar offers a variety of espresso and coffee beverages, as well as a selection of fresh, homemade pastries. With COVID-19 restrictions, they've even opened up the theater space above the store to allow for socially-distanced seating in a unique atmosphere. Among their delicious drinks, their Butterscotch Latte is a classic favorite, while seasonal flavors like Rosemary Lavender are also popular. Alongside traditional pastries like chocolate croissants, you can also indulge in tasty macaroons and other sweets.

"I love love love the ambience at coat check coffee. I sometimes find myself thinking of excuses to go downtown just so I can stop in. The best part right now is that the theater upstairs is open for socially-distanced seating. It's huge and airy and peaceful all at once. Kind of the opposite of a lot of cramped coffee shops that only have a handful of tables! I also really appreciate how seriously they are taking safety in the time of covid. I feel really safe coming here knowing everyone will be wearing a mask and there are even markers on the floor to tell you where to stand while waiting for your order.-Yelp Review

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5. Bee Coffee Roasters

Beans Roasted In-House and Served Up By Friendly Staff

If you appreciate a good brew, you'll love their in-house roasted coffee. Image Courtesy of Yelp.

5510 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis and 201 South Capitol Ave. #110, Indianapolis (

Bee Coffee Roaster's mission is simple; serving up good coffee from good people to good people. With specially brewed drinks and beans that they roast in-house, as well as friendly staff and a small-town feel to their stores, they've certainly achieved this. Bee Coffee Roasters actually has two locations in the city, including the small, charming shop on the North West side of Indy, near Eagle Creek Park. Their menu may be small, but the big flavors more than make up for it. A bakery case gives you something to munch on while you work, read, or simply enjoy your delicious brew of choice.

"Such a nice little coffee shop the worker was very nice and answered all my questions. the atmosphere is very cool although no seating due to covid but still a beautiful shop. I got a latte and it was amazing not too sweet the coffee had a fantastic flavor. It's everything you want in a coffee shop fast, cheap, and delicious." -Yelp Review

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Indianapolis is home to plenty of unique, trendy neighborhood coffee shops perfect for warming up on a cold day or getting some work done when you need to get away from home. Have you enjoyed a brew at one of these shops? Let us know in the comments!

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