Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

Whether you want something quick and filling, somewhere to relax and have a great time with friends, or fresh, authentic dishes different from your everyday meals, you can't go wrong with Mexican food.

And you don't have to go south of the border to find it, either.

Columbus, Ohio might be a long way from Mexico, but it offers plenty of authentic takes on the country's fresh, vibrant flavors. From street food to authentic dishes like Pollo Con Mole and cubacherritos, you'll find it all here in Columbus.

Not only are these restaurants great to enjoy, but they're also perfect for gifting. When you give a friend a virtual GiftYa card to one of these locations, you'll give them a night out with friends, a relaxing drink and filling meal after a long week, or even the perfect spot for dinner with their family. If you're looking for just the right spot to purchase a gift card to, keep reading to learn the top 5 Mexican restaurants in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill

A family-owned, authentic Mexican grill

Fresh ingredients make classic Mexican dishes even better. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3650 Main St, Hilliard, OH 43026

After growing up in Mexico surrounded by the nation's many tastes and flavors, three siblings decided to bring their love of their home country's food to the U.S. The result of Habanero's Fresh Mexican Grill. Opened in 2016, this modern restaurant serves up classics like burritos, bowls, nachos, and Mexican subs, each made with fresh, tasty ingredients. Perhaps their most popular menu item is their street tacos, which are a fresh take on a tried-and-true Mexican tradition. Their laid-back atmosphere is great for hanging out with family and friends, while their quick carry-out service makes for the perfect lunch option when you're on the go.

"Street Tacos were really great with juicy meat & full of flavor. The queso is a must add-on to any order as well.

We ordered over UberEats and one of our items was forgotten from our order... but we called the restaurant and they went above and beyond to drive it to us themselves. I was absolutely floored with this kind of superb customer service, considering that they do not deliver food themselves.All this extra attention and care despite them also celebrating their 4 year anniversary from opening on this same night. It is a true testament to their dedication to customer service and we will continue to be happy patrons of their restaurant.Thanks!" -Yelp Review

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2. Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill and Bar

Classic Mexican dishes and a full-service bar

Authentic tlayudas covered in tasty toppings. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1993 Hard Rd, Columbus, OH 43235

If you're looking for something a bit more authentic than your standard burritos or quesadillas, head to Mi Pueblo Mexican Grill and Bar. Here you'll find interesting, authentic dishes like cubacherritos, tlayudas, and more. These hearty dishes are the perfect comfort food when you're in the mood for something piping hot and extra filling. Plus, Mi Pueblo offers a full-service bar, which means you can wash down these spicy dishes with an oversized margarita or your favorite cocktail.

"I tried this place out a couple of months ago and the food and portions were great.  I've been back several times since then, getting the delicious CUBACHERRITOS almost every time.  There's been a Mexican restaurant here for years, but it's been under new management for about a year now (I've spoken with the owner a few times), so if you haven't been by since then, give it another try and get a cubacherrito!  I intend to be a regular!  :)" -Yelp Review

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3. Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant

Simple dishes made the right way—authentic, and made with fresh ingredients

Classic Pollo Con Mole is just one of this venue's top dishes. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5701 Maple Canyon Ave, Columbus, OH 43229

It's easy to drive past this unassuming restaurant. But don't let the simple decor fool you—hiding inside is fresh, classically made dishes topped with fresh, tasty ingredients. For those aquainted with Mexico's unique flavors, try Pollo Con Mole or Chile Rellenos. Start your meal with a pile of chips dipped in fresh salsas or guacamole. Friendly, quick service makes this an all-around great pick any night of the week.

"This place has been around for close to 30 years and I made my first visit tonight...why did I wait so long?When you walk in the decor isn't that of your typical Mexican restaurant and the ambiance is very casual.The menu is pretty standard as in not too big, not too small. The chips are unsalted and served with a red (hot) salsa and a green salsa (tomatillo) chocked full of cilantro and onions. I ordered the pollo con mole & my wife ordered the taco especial (your choice of meat topped with cheese, lettuce, & tomato). The flavor of both were great.Portions are a good size and the prices are strandard. Service was excellent. There are a ton of Mexican places in Columbus, but this is going to end up as one of my favorites." -Yelp Review

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4. Plaza Mexican Grill

A college-town favorite serving affordable, filling Mexican classics

Simple, filling dishes perfect for enjoying after a football game. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1644 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

It's location, just around the corner from The Ohio State University's campus makes it a favorite with students. But it's fresh, tasty take on classic Mexican dishes makes Plaza Mexican Grill a hit with locals and visitors to Columbus as well. Friendly staff welcome hungry diners and deliver piles of chips and fresh-made salsas to your table as soon as you sit. Come back a few times, and they'll likely greet you by name! Flavorful, juicy chicken, steak, and carnitas, and refreshing, oversized margaritas are just a few of the favorites on their large menu.

"Ever since coming to Ohio State 3 years ago, I have been going frequently to Plaza Mexican Grill! Plaza is great for college students because they always have deals, discounts, and low prices. When I'm in the mood for a taco or queso, I always grab my friends and head to plaza. It is also a short walk from campus! All the employees remember me when my friends and I stop by, and its always a great experience!

These chicken tacos were delicious and really surprised me with the flavor! Definitely worth checking out"- Yelp Review

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5. Mamacita's Mexican Street Food

Quick street food favorites packed with flavor

From burritos and street tacos to fajitas, Mamacita's is best known for its authentic, simple dishes. Image courtesy of Yelp.

201 Chittenden Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Mexican street food is all about packing plenty of flavor into quick, simple dishes. From burritos to street tacos and everything in between, Mamacita's Mexican Street Food is a fast-casual experience popular with local college students and locals alike. Their friendly atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a meal with friends. If you're planning to visit around lunch or dinner time, though, keep in mind that parking can sometimes be scarce in this busy area.

"I really loved the food here.The menu isn't extensive like most places that have tons of options. The food is pretty great. The pomegranate margarita was yummy and kind of strong. (No complaints about that)The food was delicious and the portion size was huge. I ordered a carne asada.My sister ordered a burrito (veggie) she also loved itMy husband ordered platano chips and guac.Everyone ended up having leftovers.

The waitress was super nice and bilingual which was nice since we are a Spanish speaking family.

The only downside was the parking. I had to circle 2 times to find a place that wasn't far away or in a tow zone. I also think it would be nice if they added some string lights to create a nice outdoor ambiance.We will definitely be back. We will probably ride bikes or take an Uber." -Yelp Review

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Whether you're looking for quick and filling street food or the perfect spot for an evening out with friends, Columbus offers no shortage of Mexican restaurants to choose from!

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