Top 5 Japanese Restaurants to Go to in The Windy City

Japanese restaurants serve some of the most delicious food throughout the world. Whether you’re looking for a hibachi Japanese restaurant, or just a standard sit-down Japanese restaurant that serves delectable sushi, tofu, or even some hot miso soup, we know that with all of the other Japanese restaurants that are around, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you. Depending on if you want to go for a night out with friends, a romantic date, or even just to get take out, trying to find the best restaurant to go to in Chicago can be difficult, but we have you covered, with the list of the best five Japanese restaurants to go to in The Windy City!

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399 N Dearborn Street | Near North Side |

Looking for the essential hot spot for Japanese food? Look no further than Katana, a restaurant that is popular in Los Angeles, Dubai, and Chicago!

Looking for a well known Japanese restaurant that is famous around the globe? Check out Katana today in Chicago for some delicious sushi and other goodies! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Are you looking for a well known Japanese restaurant that is popular in many different places around the world? If this is you, we have found Katana, a Japanese restaurant that is famous in Los Angeles, Dubai, and even Chicago. Katana is known for serving imaginative Japanese food, meaning that they try to capture the essence of Robatayaki, which is a form of Japanese barbeque and the love of sushi. 

While offering a diverse range of raw and cooked food, Katana is most well known for their sushi and rolls, while also being known for their robatayaki food that is cooked on an open flame using Binchotan, a Japanese charcoal that can be found in a village known as Wakayama. All of the Robatayaki dishes feature a smokey taste for people who love grilled food and make their mouth water when it is brought to the table. Does Katana sound good to you? Why not give it a try today to try out some famous sushi and robatayaki!

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“Katana was a splendid restaurant experience that we stumbled upon. Everything was wonderful - the ambiance, the staff, the service, the food and the overall experience.” - Yelp Review 


730 S Clark Street 

Printer’s Row, South Loop |

Want a classic sushi bar with a built in bar? We present to you, Umai, a Japanese restaurant located in Chicago!

Want to go to a beautiful Japanese restaurant that is known specifically for its sushi? We recommend that you go to Umai and try out their sushi bar now, along with checking out their bar! Image courtesy of Twitter.

Welcome to Umai, a Japanese restaurant that is most well known for their delicious sushi and the experience that you can have while being at this restaurant. This restaurant has a beautiful aesthetic with lots of gorgeous Japanese murals, making your experience at this restaurant more enjoyable, along with the sensations that their food will bring to your taste buds. Umai is known for its exquisite and inventive flavors to their food to be able to integrate classic Japanese style of food with flavors from all around the world to give you an exciting experience when coming.

If you are having a night out with friends, or you just want to have a nice dinner with your significant other, Umai is perfect for you! Umai offers delectable sushi platters with about seven pieces of sushi on each one, and their other specialty is udon and ramen. Umai also offers classic Japanese BBQ and even their signature flavors of maki. With all of these great options for Japanese food, we definitely think that you should give Umai a try with its tasty flavors and brilliant ambiance for a great night out!

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“Happy to say the dishes were delicious. The service was attentive, quietly friendly and on point. Very warm atmosphere. Good for a date or family gathering!” - Yelp Review

Shiawase Japanese Restaurant

1059 W Belmont Avenue

Lakeview |

Check out this BYOB restaurant that offers delicious sushi rolls, rice bowls, and other Japanese classics!

Sushi rolls, rice bowls, and other Japanese classics? There’s no better Japanese restaurant to go to than Shiawase Japanese Restaurant if you’re feeling hungry for sushi! Image courtesy of Shiawase Sushi.

Featuring a unique sushi counter, Shiawase Japanese Restaurant is the perfect location if you are looking for a restaurant that specializes in some mouthwatering sushi. Using the finest ingredients for all of their food, Shiawase is proud to serve customers in the Chicago area with their tasty sushi and sashimi. One distinctive trait about Shiawase is that they source their own fish to guarantee a fresh taste with each ounce of sushi that you put in your mouth.

Some of the classic favorites at Shiawase Japanese Restaurant include the fire dragon roll, spicy tuna, pink sayuri roll, and even a red scorpion sushi roll. Even though Shiawase serves mainly sushi and is most well known for it, they also serve delicious soup, such as their famous spicy miso soup that many people enjoy! Check out Shiawase today for some fresh sushi in Chicago today!

“An absolute gem with amazing food and wonderful service. We always order for takeout or delivery and have yet to experience anything other than graciousness and professionalism. The food is spectacular!” - Yelp Review

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

210 E Ohio Street

Near North Side, River East |

Check out this Asian fusion and Japanese BBQ restaurant to set your taste buds alight! 

Want some fresh Japanese BBQ in a unique styled Asian fusion restaurant? Check out the Gyu-Kaku Japanese Restaurant today and try out some classic BBQ from Japan! Image courtesy of Time Out.  

An Asian fusion restaurant established in 2001, Gyu-Kaku Japanese Restaurant is a place where they are well known for their authentic Japanese BBQ where customers can share different kinds of meat over an open flaming charcoal grill. With over 700 locations worldwide, Gyu-Kaku is most well known for its customer satisfaction and the quality of the food that they serve to their hungry customers. 

Since Gyu-Kaku is known for their Japanese BBQ over an open flame charcoal grill, there are many different kinds of meat that they offer to their customers. They serve meats such as their bestsellers, harami skirt steak in miso marinade, angus kalbi short rib in tar soy marinade, and other favorites such as duck, pork, chicken, lamb, garlic shrimp, and many other tasty favorites. If you are feeling some authentic Japanese BBQ for dinner tonight, we definitely recommend that you check out the Gyu-Kaku Japanese Restaurant located right in Chicago!

“Excellent restaurant to eat at, went for the Japanese BBQ the options for meats are excellent and there is also an unlimited option which is great! Excellent service and great condiments which make the bbq experience great.” - Yelp Review 


1385 N Milwaukee Avenue

Wicker Park, West Town | 

Enjoy a modern take on ramen, a Japanese favorite with a nice cold glass of a craft beer!

Try out a modern take on ramen, a classic favorite in Japanese food at Oiistar, a unique and modern styled Japanese restaurant! Image courtesy of Feeding Off the Rails.

Located in Wicker Park in Chicago, Oiistar is a very fun, modern styled Japanese restaurant that is most famous for its new take on ramen. Along with ramen, Oiistar offers lots of different kinds of meats to enjoy and even some sweet desserts that are perfect for someone with a sweet tooth! Oiistar is known for offering options for customers who are gluten free, along with serving customers with peanut allergies as well!

To start off with what Oiistar is most famous for, there are many different ramen options for you to enjoy when you walk into this modern chic restaurant. Oiistar offers their signature ramen flavors such as spicy garlic shoyumen, unami, oiiman, chadolmen, and even veggiemen that is perfect for vegetarians! They even offer “ramen boosters” that you can add to your ramen, which includes different kinds of meats, eggs, or even veggies if you would like to add more to it! We know you want to try some modern style ramen, so why not give Oiistar a try today!

“Oiistar is not your traditional Japanese ramen joint. It brings a blend of both traditional and modern stylings in a trendy environment. Having been to plenty of ramen spots before in Chicago, I'm glad to say oiistar stands out among the crowd with its generous portions and vivid flavors.” - Yelp Review

There are so many people that are huge fans of Japanese food that it is so hard to go over the extensive list of Japanese restaurants within the Chicago area, but we hope that we were able to narrow down your list of choices for restaurants! We hope that you will enjoy each of these Japanese restaurants and all of the different options that they have to offer. Was there a Japanese restaurant in The Windy City that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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