Sink Your Teeth in These Vegan-friendly Dishes in Washington, DC

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It should come as no surprise that Washington DC, the city that is known for all monuments and politics, takes its vegan food seriously.

Gone are the days when vegetarian dishes were an afterthought on most menus. Today, there are plenty of plant-based dining options where vegetables take a leading role, proving that vegan fare is much more than sad salads and smoothies prepared hurriedly.

We are sure that you want to switch things up or perhaps experience something new in DC. Vegan or not, you’ll find something that caters to your needs and well worth your time at all these locations. Here are the top seven vegan-friendly restaurants in Washington, DC where everyone can eat well – no matter their diet.

If you’re a vegan, you probably want to stick to that specific diet when you go eating outdoor. Finding the best vegan dishes at any restaurant can be a bit of a hassle especially when you’re working on a tight budget. Luckily GiftYa has partnered with local restaurants near you, to allow you to use a virtual gift card to cover part of your bill. Order yours today and enjoy a wide selection of vegan dishes.

Busboys and Poets

Explore vegan-friendly American cuisines served in this relaxed, funky bar, coffee shop, and local hangout!

Source: Yelp

2021 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

What’s better than enjoying vegan dishes in a vibrant city like DC. We know that it’s a struggle to find the perfect vegan spot especially in Washington, but we know Busboys and Poets will not disappoint you.

Partly a bookstore and partly a vegetarian-centric spot, Busboys and Poets is a neighborhood classic in DC, and it’s most popular for its vegan dishes from vegan nachos with yellow corn ships and black-eyed peas salsa to vegan burgers and vegan “tuna” salad. The entrees are mouth-watering especially the vegan chicken stir fry that comes with soy chicken, baby carrots, white rice, and ginger sesame sauce.

Make sure you try their signature brunch option that is sweet potato pancakes served in a butter and powdered sugar. They also have sweet and delectable flatbread pizza options like Margherita, vegan, Mediterranean, and chicken pizza. Their latte, mocha and the wide array of sides to accompany your main dish are definitely a must-try too.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

Enjoy these raw-vegan dishes and organic wine pairings at this elegant casual townhouse!

Source: Yelp

1341 L St NW Suite 1, Washington, DC 20005

In the heart of Washington sits a vegan restaurant that offers Friday-night-only tasting experience with an elegant seven-course vegan tasting menu that changes each month.

The dishes are thoughtfully prepared with seasonal, organic, plant-based ingredients. For the entrees, you can go for the vegan Gordita that comes with smoked royal trumpet mushrooms and caramelized cipollini onions, as well as barley and grilled eggplant stuffed cabbage roll plus some sides such as cauliflower gratin to go along. If you’re in the mood for desserts, be sure to try the pacari chocolate mousse that is a passion fruit caviar together with aquafaba whipped cream.

When it comes to wines and cocktails, enjoy freshly-pressed juices, the house sodas, syrup, and tonics. All the cocktails are four servings and they come ready to serve with a garnish on the side. Sounds delicious? Swing by Elizabeth’s Gone Raw today for some freshly made vegan options to dine-in or take-out.

Equinox Restaurant

Upscale modern American kitchen serving delicious vegan and plant-based dishes in a contemporary surrounding!

Source: Yelp

818 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006

Popular for vegan brunch options with items like turmeric-scented fusilli served with organic mushroom Bolognese, Equinox restaurant is an upscale award-winning eatery that you should try.

The unique combination of market and plant-based dishes that are served here will surely satisfy your craving. While the menu isn’t completely vegan, it’s easy enough to ignore the fish and meat entirely and go for the veggie-only options, which include crispy Roman-style artichokes with sweet garlic and red pepper aioli, artichoke soup, local sweet potato, and cauliflower curry with toasted pistachios and rice, and California asparagus with shaved radish and black truffle mayo.

For dinner, you can either order the a la carte menu or choose from their seven-course tasting menu options. Chef Todd Gray and his wife/business partner Ellen Kassoff have really done an awesome job to bring you their mid-Atlantic, regional, and seasonal cuisine to your neighborhood. You should definitely stop by especially on Sundays to enjoy their famous vegan buffet brunch.


Your favorite meat-free powerhouse serving delectable vegan-friendly meals!

Source: Yelp

1330 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

Located in City Center, this vegetarian townhouse is among the certified organic fast-casual restaurant, with an entirely plant-based menu. You’ll find pretty much everything from salads, sandwiches, tacos, and wraps to activated lattes, cold-pressed juices, and super berry bowls.

Its signature dish is avocado toast on flax and spelt bread that regulars cannot get enough of. Not only is their menu vegan, but they haven’t even forgotten their traditions when it comes to preparing their delicious soups. Get a taste of their “Liquid meals,” which include sweet combinations such as berry immune (orange juice, pineapple, orange juice, and lemon), cacao pow, strawberry banana, and peaches and greens.

The pizza combo for two that includes one pizza, two side salads, and some iced teas or lemon ginger coolers are also great additions to your vegan favorite meals at this eatery. Come down to Fruitive today and have a great time while enjoying some even better vegan food.


A middle Eastern-inspired, vegan focused restaurants serving all vegetarian favorites in a stylish, counter serving!

Source: Yelp

655 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Do you love vegan food or simply want to try a new vegetarian mix to spice up your dining experience? Look no further because you can stop by Shouk for some of the best middle Eastern fusion food around DC. Inspired by the lively markets and street food across the world, this restaurant prepares unique bowls, pitas, and bowls. All their food is prepared with freshly sourced ingredients including vegetables, grains, and beans.

On the menu, you can choose between pita, rice, and lentils bowl or have the mixed greens with some delicious sides such as red lentil soup, hummus with pita, spice fries, cashew labneh, or nuggets. For dinner, you can choose from a range of different pita combinations, including tahini, chickpea, and herb falafel, arugula, sweet potato, and oyster mushroom shawarma. Still, for dinner, you can opt for a bowl of lentils or rice or a salad instead of pita.

You can also get a pita pizza, soup, fries, a tomato burger as well as house-made drinks. Be sure to visit Shouk for some tasty vegan favorites.

Chaia Tacos Georgetown

Fast-casual, farm-to-taco vegan restaurant with towers of vegetarian classic plus an extensive wine list!

Source: Yelp

3207 Grace St NW, Washington, DC 20007

If the sound of vegan tacos makes your mouth watery, then you should head down to Chaia. Almost everything at this vegetarian taco spot can be made vegan. Whether you are craving roasted butternut squash, the sweet potato nachos, or the creamy cauliflower soap, Chaia has become the go-to-place for unrivaled tacos and every vegan dish you can think of.

The menu features a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free tacos served with delicious toppings such as chipotle sweet potato hash with arugula pepita salsa, feta, and cilantro, smoky collard greens, and creamy kale and potatoes. The best part is that each handmade corn tortilla is made from the freshest, flavorful vegetables. All their tacos are served with some sides such as black beans, and green rice, along with a variety of wines and beer.

NuVegan Café

Stop by for quick, healthy meat-free dishes plus fresh smoothies and juices.

Source: Yelp

2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Do you love meat-free salads but dislike the idea that most places have pre-prepared dishes with meat already in them? Well, NuVegan Café has revolutionized the vegan world to provide freshly made vegetarian dishes with a diverse lineup of 100% plant-based fare.

Formerly Woodland’s Vegan Bistro, NuVegan Café now operates in multiple locations offering hearty vegan dishes such as entrees, appetizers, sharing vegan platters, shakes, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. They also serve a diversity of other food treats that include cold raw sides like the sweet kale salad, lasagna, mac and cheese, the delightful crab cake sandwich, and of course the jumbo-sized cinnamon rolls and other baked treats.

Pick a salad alone with no meat, unless you ask for it or get one with tortilla wrappings. The freshness of the organic ingredients will make you love how these vegan dishes taste along with the experience of choosing the types you want.

The struggle to keep up with a vegan diet is real and it’s even worse if you have no idea where to look. While there are so many different vegetarian restaurants in Washington DC, this list will help you narrow down to the best in the borough.

Is there a vegan restaurant you would like to try in DC? Let us know in the comments!


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