Lips volume increasing

Improving the natural beauty of lips is an affordable opportunity that you need to know more about. 

Lip augmentation occurs through injections of a special drug called filler. The injection technique is safer than the operative one.

Fillers are biological and synthetic. The former are safer for humans, but their effect is also less lasting. Not so long ago, augmentation with Botox was common. But Botox does not fill the lips with a substance, but changes the muscle tone and reduces facial expressions. The safest and most effective way is to inject hyaluronic acid filler.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

It is already contained in the body, so the filler is biocompatible with this substance and absolutely safe. Over the period, it dissolves and is excreted from the body without a trace. It not only increases volume, but also fills the tissues with nutrients, giving the lips elasticity, freshness, and rejuvenating them.

By injecting hyaluronic acid filler, you can:

  • increase the volume;
  • correct asymmetry, change the form;
  • raise the edges of the lips;
  • level out wrinkles;
  • make a clear contour of the lips;
  • moisturize the skin.

The action ends in about a year. However, the timing may vary slightly for each organism.

Hydrating and increasing lip volume with hyaluronic acid

How to choose a drug

Each drug has its own effect; they differ in density and volume. If you decide to buy lip filler injections online, remember that to choose filler to inject depends on the age, condition, and the expected result. As a rule, the older the skin, the higher the viscosity of the preparation is chosen.

Preparation, contraindications, and recommendations

The procedure, like any medical intervention, should be prepared. Hot drinks, alcohol, blood-thinning drugs should not be consumed a week before the injection. You should not schedule a session for the first days of the cycle: the risk of edema increases. Prepare also the area around the lips: laser epilation of the nasolabial triangle will help to get rid of hairs.

Contraindications: skin inflammation and herpes, diabetes, allergies, autoimmune and oncological diseases, blood clotting problems. The procedure also cannot be done during pregnancy, lactation, and until the age of 18.

Follow these guidelines after the procedure:

  • give up alcohol and kissing for a week;
  • do not go to the solarium for 2 weeks;
  • do not apply makeup on lips for 5 days;
  • do not drink hot drinks for 4 hours;
  • do not take aspirin and ibuprofen while you are recovering.

You need to understand that lip augmentation is an intervention, after which swelling may appear. Small bruising may take 2-3 days - this is normal. But proper care before and after injections will minimize the risks and allow you to appreciate the beauty within a few days.

Why to do Botox on the lips?

Botox injections are done for the following purposes:

  • Leveling purse-string wrinkles and puppet wrinkles.
  • Raising the corners.
  • Correction of a gummy smile (a smile in which the gums are exposed by more than 2-3 mm).
  • Increased lip volume.

Do not confuse Botox with fillers. Botox is injected into the muscle, immobilizing it, and fillers are injected into the skin, pumping up the lips. To increase the volume of the lips, fillers are often applied, and with Botox, they mainly change their shape, raise the corners, and ease out wrinkles.

What is the lip Botox procedure

The most common use of Botox for lips is to correct wrinkles, so you need to know the best place to buy botox online. We will simply and briefly describe how such injections are made:

  • The procedure takes 10-30 minutes.
  • The beautician marks the areas for injections, treats them with an antiseptic and shots. The final stage is a light massage of the area to distribute the product evenly.
  • Injections are made along the contour in the places with the greatest number of wrinkles. The distance between the pricks should not be more than 2-3 mm.
  • Usually, 5-15 units of botulinum toxin are required for the lip area.

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