Best Restaurant Gift Cards

Food is one of the best gifts you can give to a person.

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is always a good time, and you can make it even better for someone when you give them a trip to a restaurant as a gift. Many restaurants offer gift cards you can purchase to make someone’s day. Some of those restaurants with gift cards are beloved chain restaurants and some are small and locally loved restaurants. When getting someone a gift card for a restaurant, you have to keep in mind the places that they have around them. Since some restaurants can be found in just about every city, while some can only be found in one place, some are safer bets than others. 

Chain restaurants come in all kinds. You’ll find Asian ones, Italian ones, American ones and so much more. If you want to purchase a restaurant gift card for a friend, you’ll have many great options to choose from, and these are among the best ones!

1. Longhorn Steakhouse

This juicy steak will make for a hearty dinner. Image courtesy of Visit Evansville

If you’re craving a steak restaurant that’s more casual than the average steakhouse, Longhorn is the place to go. They serve tender and juicy steaks at amazing prices, and in a casual setting. They have many different cuts of steaks served with the perfect sides. You can get a ribeye, a t-bone, a porterhouse, a New York strip, or a filet. And you can get these steaks alongside shrimp pieces or a lobster tail. Some of their sides include loaded baked potato soup and French onion soup. 

If you’re in the mood for something other than steak, Longhorn still has many options for you. You can have their parmesan crusted chicken, or their salmon, or pork chops, or you can get a sandwich, a burger, or a salad. And if you go during lunch time, you can get these foods at a slightly lower price than you’d get them at dinner time. This is the perfect place to enjoy steakhouse foods at a lower price. 

“This is by far my favorite steakhouse in the area. The food is always fresh and the staff are by far the best, always making sure that all the details of the dining experience are above and beyond expectations. I particularly love their ribeye & salmon putting the rice pilaf, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, & sweet potato as top side dishes - all always cooked to perfection.”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Longhorn Steakhouse here!

2. The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is a chain restaurant that is well known for its long savory food menu followed by a long list of decadent cheesecakes. This is a restaurant where you’ll find dessert in abundance. They offer a long list of cheesecakes that you can choose from. Some of your options include the celebration cheesecake, the cherry chocolate cheesecake, and the white chocolate raspberry truffle. Making a choice might be tough, but you just can’t go wrong! 

The drinks are pretty creative as well. Try a paradise colada or an espresso martini. Those are among the newest of cocktails on the menu, and The Cheesecake Factory excels at creating fun new menu items. Everything on their menu is made from scratch. They always make sure to start with fresh ingredients and use great cooking techniques. 

The menu includes brunch, pizza, pasta, and even low calorie options. If you want pasta, they have Louisiana chicken pasta and spicy chicken chipotle pasta. If you want seafood, you can have shrimp and chicken gumbo or shrimp scampi. The options just keep on going. 

“Now their margarita was good but I was here for the Buffalo BLAST!!! They are a burst of flavor in your mouth. You gotta shout out BLAST when you say it. BLAST off to a flavorful universe of spices, marinated buffalo chicken with a crispy finish, yummmm”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for The Cheesecake Factory here!

3. Red Lobster

Such an amazing seafood email should be shared. Image courtesy of Chew Boom

A classic seafood chain restaurant like Red Lobster is always a good choice. Red Lobster is an American favorite that sells delicious seafood that keeps people coming back. From the way they source their food to the new ways they find to prepare the food, everything they do is a seafood celebration. They give customers experiences they can’t just get from any other restaurant. 

Red Lobster’s food is sourced in ways that are traceable and sustainable. As one of the world’s largest purchasers of seafood, they remain on a mission to do it responsibly throughout the entire process. Some menu items you can enjoy there are surf and turf with Maine lobster, blackened Atlantic salmon with shrimp, and red Argentine shrimp. You’ll also find a few delicious desserts on the menu. And you can’t forget about their delicious cheesy and buttery biscuits!

“We arrive with no wait! Yay! We were seeking seafood with no wait ! Joel was an amazing server. He was timely and very attentive. The food was great serving size and filling. The crab legs were warm and a nice serving size . The dessert was to die for! It was very tasty. The pina colada was more delightful than the Long Island Iced tea! What a great night for a family dinner.”–Yelp Review

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4. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a casual restaurant that serves traditional Italian and Italian American meals. It is a pasta haven where you can enjoy many different kinds of pasta at really low prices. Olive Garden is known for its many deals. They frequently offer promotions where you can get two meals for the price of one or have free pasta refills. Their endless breadsticks are a hot and buttery feature that this restaurant is beloved for. 

The classic entrees you’ll find on the menu include chicken alfredo, spaghetti with meatballs, and five cheese ziti. You can also get chicken marsala, herb grilled salmon, and if you’re in the mood for more than one type of pasta, there is the tour of Italy, where you can have lasagna, pasta alfredo, and chicken parmigiana. You also have a choice of delicious soups and salads and several desserts you won’t want to miss out on!

“I can't complain. I wasn't missing one item. Everything was really tasty and good. I ordered the appetizer: fried lasagna, calamari and fried ravioli. All of them were good. Such a good idea to have some later on. I will continue to get food from here.”–Yelp Review

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5. Outback Steakhouse

A great steak with the perfect sides. Image courtesy of FSR

Outback Steakhouse is known for its Australian theme along with its large steaks and large beer mugs. They offer a main menu, a gluten free menu, a kids menu, and a catering menu. Their menu is filled with fun and delicious foods that make guests excited to eat. Outback original appetizers include the bloomin’ onion, a hand carved onion that is cooked until golden and served with their spicy signature bloom sauce and gold coast coconut shrimp. 

At Outback you can choose one of 6 bold and juicy steaks. There is filet mignon, sirloin, ribeye, bone-in ribeye, porterhouse, and a classic along with an outback style prime rib. Everything is seared after being seasoned with Outback’s signature seasoning blend. Their sides include baked potatoes, veggies, French onion soup and asparagus. There are also plenty of options for those who aren’t in the mood for steak on the “not” steak menu. 

“We went here for Thanksgiving and were not disappointed in any way. My bone-in ribeye was done perfectly. My wife's Sea Bass Beurre Blanc was one of the best she has ever had. She said she could eat it everyday and be happy with that. Our thanks to your Chef and staff for a wonderful meal.”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Outback Steakhouse here!

6. Red Robin

Red Robin serves classic and creative burgers for burger lovers all over the country. Their menu offers over 25 different burger options. They have limited time gourmet burgers as well as the usual favorites like the southern charm and the whiskey river BBQ. And on top of having a delicious burger, you also get to have their bottomless steak fries. It is the best side to have with Red Robin’s thick and juicy burgers. 

On the gourmet burger list you’ll find the banzai burger with a teriyaki glazed patty and grilled pineapple, the guacamole bacon burger. Their finest burgers include the black and bleu burger with sauteed portobello mushrooms and the mad love burger with cheddar, provolone, and swiss. And if you’re not interested in a burger, there are still many menu items available for you. You can always have grilled chicken breasts, fish and chips, or chicken tenders and fries. They also have a selection of creamy milkshakes!

“Honestly, the place to go when you just want to relax and get a great burger! i usually accompany mine with one of their many delicious milkshakes, but tonight i really needed a glass of wine. I got the whiskey bbq burger which was great with the bottomless fries which is music to my ears! I had about three refills on fries lol which I shared but still so good. For dessert the mud pie is great and the donuts!”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Red Robin here!

7. P.F. Chang’s

This Asian fusion food will improve your night out. Image courtesy of Florida’s Paradise Coast

P.F. Chang’s is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves upscale cuisine. This restaurant has been a popular destination since the 90s, and is not likely to disappoint. P.F. Chang’s serves a variety of foods that tend to be lighter than the average chain restaurant fare. They offer Mongolian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food, but you can get low carb options based on your preferences. It has the best of everything! 

On the lunch menu, you’ll find a few classics. They have dynamite shrimp, miso glazed salmon, and vegetable spring rolls.There are several other options on the P.F. Chang’s menu you can choose from, though when you order from the lunch menu during lunch hours, you also get a bit of a discount. This chain is an amazing choice when you’re looking to have lunch! 

“The food is great! It tastes better than normal takeout Chinese food. The fried rice here is to die for! I usually order the beef or chicken with broccoli, the chicken being my favorite. The portions are huge which is why I recommend two people to share one entree if you are going on a date.”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for P.F. Chang’s here! 

When you want to give a loved one a restaurant gift card, a popular chain might just be your best bet. Whatever your friend’s favorite food is, you can find one that fits their preferences. There are several restaurants on this list that anyone in your life can get excited about.

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