Best Personalized Gifts for Employees

Picking a corporate gift that appeals to everyone on your team can be a tough call to make, but the ideas discussed above are here to ease your decisions.

“The best way to select a corporate gift would be to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and think from their perspective” ~ Anonymous

Corporate gifting is much more than just exchanging gifts; it’s a reflection of a company’s ideologies on building relationships and strengthening them. Each employee is unique, which means choosing a corporate gift shouldn’t be one size fits all. Instead, you should select a gift that reflects each person’s interests. This is where many employers get confused and are unsure how to proceed, even with the internet’s readily available resources.

It even gets more complicated for culturally diverse organizations where you may have to include many different aspects of various sensitive backgrounds to ensure everyone feels valued, particularly during special holidays in the year. However, you don’t have to panic as we are here to help with some creative corporate gift ideas that will surely satisfy your employees. To put you on the right footing, consider that 76% of employees prefer gifts they can share with either family or teams.

So, if you’re searching for ideas for your corporate gift delivery, read on to learn our top six unique gift recommendations to delight all your employees and have them talking about your company for months to come.

Gift Cards for Personalized Purchases

You can never go wrong with gift cards; they are the perfect choice for any employee. If you want to make it even more meaningful, you can opt for corporate gift card programs that allow your employees to select rewards that are tailored to their individual preferences, whether it’s a premium Netflix subscription plan for the binge-watchers, a cup of the best coffee at Starbucks, a night out with a free pass to any movie theater, or a nice Airbnb experience for those who love an epic adventure.

This option eliminates the hassle of giving out specific items and instead allows you to make one bulk purchase that meets your employees’ needs.

Smart Coffee Mugs

Imagine those early mornings and marathon workdays when everyone’s craving a shot of caffeine to kickstart their day. To make your team’s coffee breaks go from “work grind” to “pure pleasure,” consider splurging on the coolest smart mugs around. Brands like Ember, Vsitoo, and Thermojoe offer the best-designed mugs that let your team enjoy their coffee at just the right temperature.

Right off the bat, these mugs are equipped with cutting-edge technology—built-in temperature controls for the induction pads, auto sleep function, and even wireless charging capabilities. There’s no doubt that your employees’ drinks will stay piping hot. What’s more, you can guarantee that this gift will sit pretty on their desks anytime, any day.

Porter Bowl

If you’ve ever struggled to neatly pack your homemade lunch for work, a picnic, or any other outing, you’ll appreciate this gift idea. This stylish and eco-friendly container is a convenient and eco-conscious choice for transporting all types of foods, including those that typically leave a mess if not properly handled, such as soups and salads.

It’s a portable, reusable, and easy-to-clean bowl made from materials like durable plastic or silicone and rocks a sleek design with practical features. Its tight-sealing lid prevents leaks and spills. Employees who love meal prepping will fall head over heels for this sustainable gift, which is sure to help them save money on takeout.

Food and Candy Gifts

We get that many bosses would prefer to avoid giving away food as gifts for their employees, thinking that it might not be perceived as highly. However, studies show that receiving food gifts can influence how employees feel about a company, especially when they are given to them by their managers. They view it as a sign that their superiors are invested in their well-being. 

Some great food ideas for corporate gifts include wine and cheese hampers, premium fruit baskets, and luxury dessert platters—which are all perfect treats for the holidays. For example, if you know an employee loves dark chocolate, you can gift them a selection of artisanal chocolates from renowned chocolatiers, including high-quality chocolate truffles or bars. For tea lovers, consider sending a gourmet sampler of the finest loose-leaf teas.

However, apply caution when giving food gifts to employees with particular food allergies. If possible, replace this gift with something related to their hobbies or interests.

High-End Headphones

All headphones are pretty much not the same, and employees understand this fact, especially when they need to participate in video conferences, speak to a customer, or shut out the noises around them to concentrate. So, it’s no surprise that a stylish pair of headphones, especially if they’re wireless and come with a noise-canceling feature, would rank among the top picks for corporate gifts.

Top-tier lightweight earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM5 and Google Pixel Buds A-Series pack a punch, offering premium sound and customizable noise-canceling features, all at pocket-friendly prices. Plus, they’re integrated with Google Assistant to handle calls, messages, and notifications, without your employees reaching for their phones.

Personalized Totes

Most employees can attest that the struggle is real when it comes to finding a bag that fits their lifestyle. Therefore, a thoughtful way to make them feel appreciated and help them keep their items organized is by gifting them a personalized tote bag. You can choose a classic messenger bag they can rock at the office or go for a spacious duffel bag they can use on their next holiday adventure.

Ensure the tote bags you’ll be getting are made from quality materials, as the durability and feel of the material can impact the overall impression and longevity of the product. You can turn to online sellers who deliver on quality and budget, but do your due diligence by verifying them on Nuwber. Finding out what other customers are saying about them will also not hurt. That way, you know that you’re dealing with the right vendor. The last thing you need is to hand out tote bags that your employees would rather not be seen with.


Picking a corporate gift that appeals to everyone on your team can be a tough call to make, but the ideas discussed above are here to ease your decisions. Remember, the best gifts are those with some heart behind them, so take a moment to personalize them as a way of saying thanks to your employees for their dedication and as a little push for them to keep up the good work. Most importantly, keep in mind that the more you show your team some love, the more productive they’ll be in accomplishing the company’s goals and the happier they’ll feel working for you.

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