Best Gift Cards For Kids

September 28, 2022
jason wolfe
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Kids can be easier to choose gifts for than adults. Each kid has their own personality and preferences, but what they overall have in common is that they like to have fun. The best gift card for a kid is one that will let them choose something really fun to play with. If you can get kids active and playing, they will really enjoy the gift you got them. When choosing a gift for a kid, you don’t need to prioritize anything practical, you should go with something that lets them have fun! 

One of the best gifts that you can get for anyone is a gift card. That way they get to choose exactly what they want and shop for their gift themselves. Shopping can be a fun experience, especially when you’re shopping for your own gift. This is the type of task that most kids will have a blast undertaking. Even if a kid normally hates shopping and often sulks around the store every time they are taken shopping with their parents, when they are given a gift card to shop for themselves, they will have a whole different attitude about it. 

There are many stores that have great things available for kids to enjoy. Most of these stores sell toys and recreational items, which make them the perfect choice. The places that sell clothes sell fun and colorful clothing items that kids will be excited to wear. Some of these shops have stores you can visit in person, but all of them are online. These are the best gift cards you can give to kids!

1. Amazon Gift Card

This kid is really excited to open her packages. Image courtesy of Good Morning America

A gift card from Amazon will let a kid get just about any toy they might want. Amazon is the largest online store and because of that also the largest online toy retailer. All that anyone has to do is look up a department or product, choose the item they want, and it will be sent right to their home, often in two days or less. 

Kids will have so many options to choose from on Amazon. Anything a kid can get from a store in person will likely also be found on Amazon. Amazon has so many brands and products on its site, you can find a huge variety of toys, games, and clothing. Shopping on Amazon gives a pretty much endless options. The only thing they might have a hard time with is choosing what they ultimately want. Choosing a gift can be a really fun experience when you can easily find whatever you look up. 

They have clothing, electronics, books, toys, and much more. It's impossible for anyone not to find something they want on Amazon, so this is the type of gift card that gives a kid a wide selection of choices. They can get hot wheels, barbie dolls, play cooking sets, or balls to keep them active. They can get board games, puzzles, or chalk. Amazon is the best kind of gift card you can give to a kid. 

“I use on a regular basis. The delivery options are fantastic. They give you a choice of days, where to place your deliveries at your home, and where to deliver your packages if you're not going to be home. I can find everything I need on I highly recommend Happy shopping!”–Consumer Affairs Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Amazon here!If you’re craving a steak restaurant that’s more casual than the average steakhouse, Longhorn is the place to go. They serve tender and juicy steaks at amazing prices, and in a casual setting. They have many different cuts of steaks served with the perfect sides. You can get a ribeye, a t-bone, a porterhouse, a New York strip, or a filet. And you can get these steaks alongside shrimp pieces or a lobster tail. Some of their sides include loaded baked potato soup and French onion soup. 

If you’re in the mood for something other than steak, Longhorn still has many options for you. You can have their parmesan crusted chicken, or their salmon, or pork chops, or you can get a sandwich, a burger, or a salad. And if you go during lunch time, you can get these foods at a slightly lower price than you’d get them at dinner time. This is the perfect place to enjoy steakhouse foods at a lower price. 

“This is by far my favorite steakhouse in the area. The food is always fresh and the staff are by far the best, always making sure that all the details of the dining experience are above and beyond expectations. I particularly love their ribeye & salmon putting the rice pilaf, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, & sweet potato as top side dishes - all always cooked to perfection.”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Longhorn Steakhouse here!

2. Target

Target is the next best place for a kid to shop for gifts. It has the next largest selection of toys a kid can choose from. When your kid goes to Target for a gift, they’ll find rows upon rows of cool things they can buy. Just looking at all the rows of toys can be really fun for a kid. There is a great movie section where a kid can choose from several movies to watch, a section where they can choose from several fun books, and rows upon rows of dolls and action figures. 

At Target, all the cool toys are likely to draw a kid’s attention, but they have so much more that can interest a kid. Target has a lot of furniture and decorative house items that can really improve a kid’s bedroom. They have many different decorative items that are fun and unique. A kid might find pillows shaped like animals or picture frames shaped like something cool.

Everything at Target can be found both online or in the stores. When you order at Target online, you have the option to have things delivered that day or you can have them delivered within the next few days. You can also always schedule a pick-up after ordering your things online. Target does their best to make shopping convenient. It will be both convenient and fun for a kid to shop when you get them a Target gift card!

“Target never ceases to amaze me! This particular East Side store is always well stocked and inviting. By using the Target app I am also able to see availability of items in store, which saves me an unnecessary trip most times. Overall, I LOVE THIS STORE.”–Yelp Review 

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Target here!

3. Overstock

This kid is sure having a good time. Image courtesy of Via Trading

At Overstock, there are many great items that kids will love to have as a gift. This store is known for its furniture and house supplies, but it also has a substantial kid’s section. There is kids furniture and kids bedding on their website, and best of all, they have kids toys and outdoor play sets for children of all ages. 

This store is great for kids who like to be active. They can get supplies for lawn games, sports play, and swimming. In the lawn game section, kids can find a football tossing game that comes with several balls, a golfing putting mat, and multicolored bowling pins. They have monkey bars, volleyball supplies, and giant versions of tabletop games. There are pages upon pages of toys and gadgets that active kids will have a great time with. 

Overstock is filled with ways for kids to have lots of energetic fun. If you give a kid a gift card from Overstock, they might even discover many games and activities that they had never thought to do before. They could find out that they could have a sandbox in their yard, or see the possibility of their very own club house complete with a tunnel. With this gift card, you could be introducing a child to a whole new game or a brand new way to enjoy their time outdoors! 

“Their website is simple, easy to use and fast to load. They got good selection and good prices on different home goods. Plus, they got sales all the time and have easy return policies. They offer free shipping on everything you buy and no limits. You can buy anything and have them delivered to your door. It has been a good experience so far.”–Consumer Affairs Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Overstock here!

4. Time 4 Toys

Time 4 Toys is a toy retailer that sells a ton of things that kids love. They sell several different categories of toys that can fit for kids with all types of personalities and interests. On their website, they have a section for imaginative play, active play, building blocks, and educational play. They also have a section meant for calm and focused play. 

This toy store has toys from smaller brands and also toys from bigger brands. A kid can find Legos as well as other unique toys. The active toy section includes playground balls, tennis sets, scooters, and dart boards. They have things like goggles, trampolines, and even a family obstacle course. Any active kid can easily find something there!

In the imaginative play section, you’ll find a collection of dolls and dinosaurs, tea sets and stuffed animals, and so many more things that kids love. They have a cook and serve kitchen, different kinds of faux foods, and full-length princess dresses. In building blocks you will find toy sets that take some building. There are puzzles to build, henhouses, fashion boutiques, and storybook adventures. This store has so much to offer kids, they are bound to love it!

“I visited this store yesterday for the first time. I absolutely loved everything about it! The owner even helped me pick out the perfect gifts for my 2, 6, and 8 year old boys. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open their gifts on Christmas morning! Thank you!”–Facebook Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for Time 4 Toys here!

5. The Children’s Place

These are probably going to go fast. Image courtesy of The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place is an awesome place for any kid who loves great clothing. This store has clothes for kids of all ages. It has casual clothes and even sells school uniforms. So whatever your kid likes to wear from day to day can certainly be found at this store. A kid can have a really fun time picking out the types of clothes that they want to wear, even if they are picking out uniforms. 

The Children’s Place’s options make picking out clothing fun. They have graphic tees that have all kinds of fun images on them. A kid can buy a t-shirt with a fashionable unicorn on it, one with a jack-o-lantern’s face on it, or one of the many t-shirts with fun sayings on them. And if the kid that gets this gift card is a fan of holidays, they will be in luck because this store sells lots of clothing that celebrates different holidays. If a kid wants to represent the pumpkin patch or Thanksgiving turkeys, they can easily do that with a Children’s Place gift card. 

Aside from fun t-shirts and uniforms, The Children’s Place sells tops, bottoms, jackets, pajamas, and activewear. All of their pajamas are fun and cute and will be really comfortable for kids to sleep in. Giving a child a gift of clothes that make them feel happy and comfortable is always a good choice. 

“This place has been a virtual Mecca for our family - it is a great place for good deals on kids' clothing! The stuff we've bought really lasted quite a while and was a good value for the price we paid. Hell, we got some corduroy pants that lasted well over a year - for an 18 month old!”–Yelp Review

You can purchase a GiftYa card for The Children’s Place here! 

When getting a gift card for a kid, you have to make sure to get them one that they can have fun with. If you give them a gift card that allows them to shop for something they can have fun with, they will really appreciate your gift!


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