8 Perfume Fragrances That Will Elevate Your Summer

With summer just around the corner, finding your new favorite fragrance to welcome in the warmer months is time.

With summer just around the corner, finding your new favorite fragrance to welcome in the warmer months is time. But what are the best scents for summer? Don’t fret, we’ve got your back (and nose). We’ll be breaking down all the best summer fragrances: from sweet perfumes that stand out at any backyard barbecue to floral scents that will be the star of any summer wedding you attend. So without further ado, let’s dive into the fragrances that will take your summer to the next level. 


While you might associate vanilla with the winter scents of sugar cookies and other holiday treats, vanilla is a beautiful base note that helps to enrich sweet perfumes. Base notes are deep, complex scents that serve to elevate the other fragrance notes in a perfume. For summer, vanilla mixes well with notes of juniper, bergamot, tonka bean, and patchouli, to name a few. Try a fragrance incorporating vanilla to class up a night of marshmallow roasting and telling ghost stories around the campfire, or make yourself smell as sweet as a sunset summer birthday party on the beach.


Try a fragrance that incorporates sandalwood, a musky, woody scent for a smoky scent. Sandalwood fragrances are perfect for wearing when trying to beat the heat at a local dive bar. Order your favorite drink and find your seat right under the air conditioning to cool off.


Citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit, and orange zest are perfect for livening up your fragrance rotation with a fruity fragrance. They’re ideal for living it up on a tropical vacation. Bergamot, jasmine, Rose, and sandalwood are some good scents with citrus notes. Whatever citrus blend you choose, you’ll smell as great as it feels. 


Rose scents are a must for outdoor summer brunches. Rose pairs well with citrus scents, making them an excellent fragrance combo to start your day off with a zing! Additionally, you can try a rose water-based fragrance for a cooler, more muted Rose scent perfect for lounging in the shade with a good book. 


No, not the kind that goes in your grandma’s fantastic summer cobbler, the kind that’s another perfect summer scent! Peach is one of the most popular scents in the world, and it’s especially great to throw on in summer. Find a peach fragrance incorporating various spice notes like cinnamon and black walnut for a complex, fruity aroma with a kick. 


While some might consider cinnamon another more holiday-themed scent, it’s also a great heart note scent for summer fragrances. Heart notes are scent notes that make up the base of a fragrance’s smell. For example, find a perfume that blends cinnamon scents with fruity flavors like crisp pear and plum for a spicy summer scent. 

Sea Spray

Seaspray fragrances are a longtime summer standby as they capture the scent of being at the beach. Seaspray perfumes are great to toss on for your upcoming beach house getaway or if you want to feel like the lead of a Nancy Meyers movie while working your summer office job. The best of both worlds – and the beach – are possible with sea spray scents!


This citrusy, floral scent is perfect for summer as it blends well with many different scents. Find a fabulous floral fragrance that mixes notes of geranium and rose and pairs it with a floral summer dress to look and smell like a true midsummer queen. 

Picking out the perfect scent for summer is experimenting with bright new scents you may not have tried before. With summer, we welcome an influx of floral and citrus scent notes, which blend well. But that doesn’t mean musky scents don’t get their due in summer, too: more woodsy scents like sandalwood are fantastic fragrances to wear out on hot summer nights. If you’re still unsure what summer fragrance might be right for you, feel free to try out a variety of samples of fragrances. Or, if you feel torn between sweet perfumes and smokier scents, there’s nothing wrong with getting one kind of each fragrance, so you can alternate them throughout the summer to suit whatever you might be doing while soaking up the sun’s rays. So, what summer scents are you looking forward to trying this season? 

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