7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

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Description: College is a common place for young people to face various health issues. The range includes mental and physical health issues young people should be aware of before going.

7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

College is the time for adventures, meeting new people, learning new things, and entering your adult years while gaining knowledge and skills. However, it can also be the time of various health threats that await young people around each corner. Campus life, school pressure, and lack of time can provoke numerous health issues. Here are seven common health issues faced by students in college.

1. Cold

The most widespread health issue among college students is a cold. This illness usually happens to people once or twice a year. Many things can be the start of a cold, such as spending too much time in the cold, having too many ice drinks, being sleep deprived, and not eating a whole range of nutrients. Unfortunately, students are often guilty of all those things.

A cold usually comes with a mild rise in body temperature, a sore throat, lack of energy, and a stuffy nose. Usually, cold treatment requires drinking lots of liquid, bed rest, and sleep. Medications can be an extra step. However, a young body can overcome colds within several days if only students take time to stay at home. Fortunately, young people can always go to www.writingpapersucks.com and order paper whenever they need extra rest.

2. Flu

Flu is the second most common health issue among students. At first, it is easy to confuse it with cold. The early symptoms are rather similar. You’ll have a sore throat, low energy, rising temperature, etc. However, the flu doesn’t take long to reveal itself fully. Within a day or two, a person will start experiencing body aches, high temperature, chills, headaches, and maybe a cough or runny nose.

Overall, the flu is a very unpleasant disease that should always be taken seriously. Flu can last up to two weeks with relevant treatment. It’s important to maintain self-isolation during this period. Young people in college spend most of their days indoors with each other. Unfortunately, it's a perfect platform for spreading the virus. Commonly, the flu comes in waves, often provoked by a change of season. So, it is easy to predict and be extra cautious during such times.

3. Anxiety & Stress

Unfortunately, young people in college are rather prone to developing various mental health disorders, like anxiety and chronic stress. Anxiety is followed by such symptoms as chest pressure, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, feeling of panic and fear, having a hard time focusing, etc.

School pressure, academic overload, poor diet, and lack of sleep make them easy targets for stress and anxiety. Hardly any young person in college can claim never experienced those negative states, especially around exams. Yet, students should not accept those states as a norm and find coping mechanisms for fighting them.

4. WEepression

Depression is widely spread among young people. Students start to experience depression as early as middle school. It is a mental health crisis, and young people are right in the middle of it. Students may develop depression over feeling homesick, being overburdened with homework, having an unbalanced diet, having a genetic tendency to it, and suffering from insomnia, among other causes.

At first, symptoms or suspicions of depression, one should seek help and better care of their mental health. Having more rest can also be helpful. Hence, if you recognize the need for self-care, read a review on scamfighter.net and order assignments there to clear your schedule.

5. Food Poisoning

Students are notoriously bad eaters. Most of them either don’t know how to cook, don’t have time to cook at home or prefer eating on the go and having snacks instead of maintaining a balanced diet. As a result, many young people suffer from digestion issues, including stomach flu and food poisoning. These health issues are common among students during their first years of college. Life at school can be overwhelming, and their cooking and budgeting skills may cause a sufficient decrease in healthy eating habits.

6. Substance abuse

Unfortunately, substance abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, is a top health issue of concern among students worldwide. Such a threat is common due to several reasons. Some students tend to seek entertainment and relief from substance use after long weeks in school. Others use substances to stay awake longer for studying. In other cases, students get addicted to prescribed medications. Overall, it is a major concern among schools and parents. Young people should enter college knowing of the dangers of substance abuse.

7. Springs

Muscle springs are very typical among college students. For the most part, this health issue is common among college athletes. Not being careful during training sessions can lead to traumas such as springs. In other cases, students can just not pay attention around the campus and spring ankles or wrists in a bad fall.

The common symptoms of spring are swelling, pain, and limited movement. Overall, a spring can take a few weeks to heal without any medical intervention. It just takes rest and cautious treatment.

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