6 Great Gifts for People Who Love Entertaining

Buying gifts for someone who loves hosting parties and events can feel overwhelming.

Buying gifts for someone who loves hosting parties and events can feel overwhelming. How do you find a gift they likely don't have that's both functional and speaks to their personality? Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or you want to bring a gift to their next party, read on for six gift ideas your loved one will be thrilled to receive, from a custom wooden serving board to a must-have hangover drink.

1. Unique Coaster Set

Throwing parties can be a ton of fun but the one aspect that is less than exciting is cleaning up after an event. Traditionally, a person who loves hosting also loves decorating their home. They likely have stunning furniture adorning their home which can take a bit of a beating when hosting. Help the entertainer in your life reduce their cleaning load while keeping their furniture pristine with coasters.

A coaster set is a great way to incorporate the receiver's personal style as there are tons of options available you can choose from. Opt for a monogram set in a color scheme that matches their home decor. Find coasters that serve as a conversation piece that's an interest or hobby of the receiver from geography to wine. A coaster set is a good opportunity to add a personal touch to your gift.

2. Custom Wooden Board

Food at a party is often served on a platter to allow guests to pick through a variety of foods while they mingle. Charcuterie boards—which feature a spread of cured meats, cheeses, and crackers or bread—are a very popular appetizer plate to serve at parties. Display of food is a big part of the appeal at parties so help your loved one make a splash at their events with a custom wooden serving board.

Wooden cutting boards are often personalized with names or monograms, which can be a great option for your host. You can also choose to add a bit more personalization and include a quote, which could be the host's favorite quote, a quote by someone they admire, or a quote about hosting in general. Plus, it makes for a great conversation piece.

3. Cocktail Set

Aside from the food being a central part of an event, the beverages served also make a statement. For a host who loves to serve cocktails and may even feature a signature cocktail at their events, a cocktail set makes a wonderful gift. A cocktail set will include all the necessary tools to blend exquisite drinks for guests. You can even include a recipe book to help inspire the receiver to try new cocktail creations.

4. Alcohol Subscription

There's a subscription service for almost anything, including alcohol. If your loved one is a fan of serving unique wines or beer at their parties, an alcohol subscription makes a great gift idea. Through the subscription, they will be able to customize their selections based on their preferences and get the opportunity to try new beverages. Serving these drinks at events is an excellent way to get the conversation going and could end up being the talk of the party. You could even turn it into a game with a tasting event.

5. Hangover Drink

Enjoying drinks at a party can be fun, but no one likes waking up the next day with a hangover; it ends up putting a damper on an otherwise thrilling event. To help the host in your life leave a long-lasting, positive impression on their guests, stock them up with a hangover drink.

Typically consumed before the first alcoholic beverage of the night, a hangover drink fuels the body with electrolytes to keep you hydrated to lessen the effects of morning hangovers. Hosts can serve a hangover drink at the start of the party to get everyone off on the right foot so they can enjoy the night without risking headaches, nausea, and more the next day.

6. Party Games

No party is complete without games. If your loved one enjoys hosting parties with plenty of games to go around, consider adding a new option to incorporate. Consider the types of parties the receiver most frequently hosts to determine the best types of games for them. If they love throwing outdoor parties, you can find super-sized outdoor versions of classic games such as Connect 4 and Jenga. For lovers of mystery, an adult version of Clue makes a great party game. If your loved one is obsessed with trivia or mind games, consider a game that incorporates that interest.


Gifts that show you've put a lot of thought into them tend to be the most memorable. With these gift ideas, you'll be sure to impress the receiver and they will be so grateful to you for finding a gift that perfectly exemplifies their interest in entertaining.

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