10 Things to Gift Any Jewelry-Lover In Your Life

Jewelry lovers generally know what they like, having developed a distinctive taste over many years of building a personal collection.

Jewelry lovers generally know what they like, having developed a distinctive taste over many years of building a personal collection. This makes gift-giving a daunting task for those who want to give jewelry for a birthday, a holiday, or just because.

Before you close a deal with credit jewelers, how can you be sure that the person on the receiving end is going to enjoy the gift and not just leave it to collect dust? It takes a mix of research, intuition, and inspiration to give the perfect gift to jewelry lovers, and that’s exactly what we set out to do here.

1. Jewelry Organizers

If they’ve already got a lot of jewely in their life, they may struggle to keep it all organized and in one place. This is your opportunity to give a great gift with an organizing drawer or case that will fit all their favorite pieces with ease. 

Look for a case or rack stand that fits the personality of the person you’re giving to, accounting for materials, colors, and more. This is a sure way to make any jewelry lover happy.

2. Jewelry Cleaning Gear

The best credit jewelers know the power of caring for your collection, and you can transform this concept into a great gift for anyone in your life by giving jewelry cleaning gear. 

Depending on the the type of jewelry they wear daily, you can present different tools and supplies that meet their specific needs. Everything from polishes to brushes and unique treatments can help them keep jewelry looking great for years to come. 

3. Jewelry Making Kit

Does the person you know have a creative streak that needs a new outlet? You can introduce them to a new hobby that they will naturally enjoy, allowing them to make hand-made jewelry with just a few simple supplies.

You can put together a beginner kit including raw materials, pliers, some basic beads and gems, along with some printed instructions or a book to guide them on course.

4. Unique Custom Jewelry

Not all jewelry requires you to take out a loan from credit jewelers. Some of the most memorable gifts are those that have a unique or custom appearance. This can even be a real feng shui bracelet or a sparkly silver choker, what matters most is that it's beautifully unique..

To find these types of goods, check out local art fairs and galleries, plus websites like Etsy to see what creators are putting out there. This will save you some cash and definitely put a smile on their face.

5. Personalized Jewelry

A personal touch always makes a gift more special, whether it’s a basic gold-plated bracelet or something far more luxurious. See if you can get jewelry engraved or include a custom pendant that reflects their personality or faith.

Thoughtfulness is the most important factor when giving a gift of any kind, especially jewelry.

6. Jewelry Inspired Art

Some people love jewelry so much that they want to see it on their walls. See if you can find a framed print or poster that features jewelry from famous designers or map out the tradition of a certain style. 

These are elegant, thoughtful pieces that look better than most generic home artwork.

7. Books About Jewelry

Want to learn about the history of gold jewelry or the greatest designers of the 20th century? Books are your portal to knowledge and make for excellect gifts. Find jewelry-themed books in the non-fiction section or give a coffee table book if they’re more interested in photos.

8. Visiting Jewelry Destinations

Local museums often have jewelry exhibitions, while pop-up artisan events are found all over the country on weekends during spring and summer. Take your loved one to any of these jewelry destinations and they will surely have a day to remember.

After all, time spent together is one of the best gifts you can give.

9. Jewel-Infused Goodies

Many everyday items like phone cases and accessories can be given the bejeweled treatment and take on a dazzling new identity. Find these items at stores or do the handiwork yourself to really provide a personal flair to the gift. 

Keep on the lookout for gifts that seem to be inspired by elegant jewelry but don’t necessarily come with the prohibitive price tag. It’s a perfect alternative to using credit jewelers or other expensive methods.

10. Complementary Clothing

Some clothing is simply meant to put jewelry on full display. These are neutral tones, greys and blacks, without logos or prints that distract you from the main event. Ideally, clothing will make jewelry look better rather than take away from the visual impact. 

Find clothes the fit their personality and jewelry collection, and you’ll always have a solid backup gift plan.

Memorable Gifts for Jewelry Lovers

When it comes time to give a gift to the jewelry lover in your life, start with credit jewelers and find a winning deal. In the meantime, these secondary gift options will never steer you wrong.

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