10 Best Garden Restaurants in New York

10 Best Garden Restaurants in New York

Usually, you want to spend more time outdoors than ever on summer days. But we don't get to do that very often in the cold season. Lunches and dinners in restaurants are no exception. After all, what could be better than seafood pasta and a glass of dry white in the shade of a cool garden restaurant? Ten small "oases" in New York City where you can be outdoors and in a restaurant at the same time.

  1. Maison Premiere

This restaurant, also called the Williamsburg Oyster House, is situated at 298 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. It is renowned for having the greatest collection of absinthe in New York City, 30 different varieties of oysters, and a vibrant atmosphere.

  1. Palo Santo

Located close to Prospect Park in Brooklyn at 652 Union St. This is unquestionably the spot if you want to enjoy a bottle of full-bodied Argentine Malbec in a calm, pleasant outdoor setting. The restaurant offers pan-Latin and Caribbean food, and the menu is constantly changing.

  1. Acqua Santa

There is another Brooklyn location at 556 Driggs Avenue in the Williamsburg district. This low-key, unassuming Italian eatery is well-known for its appetizers, gnocchi, and a broad variety of red wine. Additionally, the grape leaves in the sky just encourage you to order another bottle of Cabernet.

  1. Narcissa

The address of this restaurant is 25 Cooper Sq in the East Village of Manhattan. You can sample New American cuisine prepared here using cutting-edge technologies. Despite being a hotel restaurant, despite the white tablecloths and buffets, the atmosphere and interior are very different.

  1. Gallow Green

The Chelsea section of Manhattan is home to this retro rooftop bar with a train station theme at 542 W 27th St. Punch is one of the most well-liked cocktails on the menu, and the décor of the rooftop bar is suggestive of an ancient deserted garden. After shows at the adjacent McKittrick Hotel's immersive theater, Sleep No More, the bar becomes exceptionally well-liked.

  1. Lobby Lounge & Garden

180 Ludlow St. in the Lower East Side is where you'll find this hidden garden at the Ludlow Hotel. The location is ideal for both a lunch meeting and a cocktail party in the evening. Since the garden restaurant is open all year round, you know where to go if you crave some greenery throughout the winter.

  1. La Latterna di Vittorio

La Latterna di Vittorio is the ideal location for a romantic date if you're seeking one, as it stands out for its romantic ambiance. 129 Macdougal St. in Greenwich Village is where you may find the restaurant. Pizza, a variety of wines, and small snacks are all available on the menu. So, if you got acquainted with someone special on chatroulette chat, don’t hesitate to ask your partner on a date to La Latterna di Vittorio.

  1. Frankies Spuntino, Carrell Gardens

The following Italian restaurant is located at 457 Court St. in Brooklyn. It offers a wide variety of salads, cheese, prosciutto, and fresh Italian bistro-style appetizers. Also impressive is the wine list here. Weddings and other events that take place during the day are particularly well-liked at the restaurant.

  1. Marché Maman

This cafe is wonderfully warm no matter the weather because to its wooden floors, floral borders, and several inside plants. It can be found at 237 Centre St. in Little Italy. This cafe stands out since it also has a store selling home goods and a market selling garments made by new designers. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Marché Maman is the ideal place for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

  1. Milk and Roses

The cafe, which is the last on our list but not in New York City, is situated at 1110 Manhattan Ave in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. It's a highly popular place for breakfast and brunch, which are served every day because of the warm and laid-back ambiance. Additionally, a variety of Italian wines, unique cocktails, and mimosas are available on the menu.

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