Top Must-Try Eateries at Vegas for a Gluten-free Menu

When you hear about going on a fun-filled holiday in the US, Las Vegas must come to mind. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions for good reasons! From scoring thousands of dollars in a casino to taking a stroll in the neon-lit Sin City, Las Vegas has it all, including good food too! However, it can be quite problematic for people allergic to gluten. But in Vegas, you leave your worries! Here are some eateries that not only serve amazing food but will take care of your gluten worries!

  1. El Segundo Sol

If you are allergic to gluten, you must be tired of searching for a good eatery that serves gluten-free food items. If you want to cook yourself, look at limitless cooking for amazing cooking tips and many appetizing recipes.

Celiacs can rely on and adore El Segundo Sol, an authentic Mexican eatery. The staff fills gluten-free orders on pink slips to alert the kitchen that it is an allergy-sensitive meal. They have a special fryer, gluten-free tortillas, gluten-free dishes with allergy stickers, unlimited salsa and chips, and more! Happy hour offers $5 margaritas.

You'll always win at El Segundo! Guaranteed! Start your meal with endless chips, salsa, and guacamole just cooked that day while you make your way through the exclusive gluten-free menu. Then choose between the tantalizing Mahi-Mahi tacos or the mouthwatering slow-braised pork. Not in the mood for tacos? Indulge in the gooey, flawlessly prepared carne asada enchiladas ready to transport your taste senses to Mexico! You won't find a more wonderful Mexican gluten-free restaurant on the Strip than El Segundo, located directly across from the Wynn.

  1. Cucina by Wolfgang Puck

The Italian Cucina, situated in the posh retail center Crystals, knows how to care for celiacs properly. The advantages of this establishment for gluten-free diners include homemade gluten-free pizza and pasta and waiters and employees knowledgeable about cross-contamination. Although there isn't a separate menu for people with gluten allergies, the waiter will be happy to show you which dishes on the regular menu can be modified to be gluten-free and to meet other sensitivities. Ravioli, rigatoni with Pomodoro sauce, flourless cake, and some of the most incredible gluten-free pizza in Las Vegas are popular options. If you are on the Las Vegas Strip and want a delicious gluten-free pizza with a taste of home, you must visit Cucina.

  1. FireFly Tapas Kitchen 

The little shared plates at Firefly will be a hit if you're with a group and in search of a pleasant dining experience  in Vegas. If you're someone who loves to try different food items, this place is perfect for you. They have numerous options to try from. The best thing about tapas is that they come in small servings, allowing you to sample a variety of foods while dining with others. Traditional Spanish meals, including tortillas, patatas bravas, paella, and grilled octopus, are available on the special gluten-free menu. Did I mention that you can also get sangria? There are many dessert options available. So don't forget to get a taste of them too, if you aren't full already!

A word of caution: Because this location is always busy, make a reservation as soon as possible.

  1. Sushi Roku

The creative sushi restaurant Sushi Roku is highly recognized in Las Vegas for offering an incredibly distinctive sushi experience that can't be found anyplace else in Nevada. Fortunately, people who are celiac can also take pleasure in this. Traditional Japanese fare from Sushi Roku's gluten-free menu includes sashimi, yakitori, miso soup, and sushi. Since they use real crab meat in all of their sashimi and sushi, including the baked crab rolls, it is possible to make it gluten-free. They make their own ponzu and gluten-free soy sauce to make it even better.  No gluten-free traveler to Vegas should skip Sushi Roku's unique sushi experience, which is made with fresh, seasonal, international ingredients.

  1. Senator Gluten-free Bakery

One of the top gluten-free bakeries in Las Vegas is Senza Gluten-Free Bakery, and with good reason. It is completely gluten-free, the treats are excellent, the pricing is much more affordable than other bakeries, and they understand other allergies, particularly dairy. The menu offers both traditional gluten-free delicacies like cupcakes, donuts, tiramisu and even cream puffs and pretzels, as well as some inventive and must-try daring foods like cheddar jalapeno donuts and grapefruit sandwich cookies. Not to be missed are their Brazilian cheese puffs and cinnamon buns. Visiting Senza Bakery is a must for anyone traveling gluten-free to Las Vegas; it might even be the highlight.

  1. Fruits and Roots Wellness Kitchen

Many places provide unhealthy cuisine in Las Vegas, but at Fruits and Roots, you'll find the wholesome, organic meals that your body and mind require. The menu, which is 98 percent gluten-free, concentrates on cold-pressed acai bowls, juices, smoothies, wellness bowls that you can customize, and wraps, many of which are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Because the wraps, granola, dressings, wellness bowls, and acai bowls are all gluten-free, the few options that aren't can't potentially contaminate those who are gluten-free. They also offer a drive-through, which is an added perk. I consider a drive-through menu that is 98 percent gluten-free to be winning in Vegas. On Blue Diamond Rd. is a second location for Fruits and Roots.

  1. Wicked Spoon

Buffets are among the first things a celiac learns to avoid because of the high risk of cross-contamination. However, there are a few eateries that can accommodate you that are gluten-free friendly in the world's capital of buffets.

Wicked Spoon is one of the top-rated gluten-friendly buffets in the celiac community, situated at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. The buffet reportedly has a selection of gluten-free dishes. Each item is marked gluten-free or not. French breakfast, pizza, and pasta are a few examples of made-to-order foods.


In Vegas, where it's all about winning big, you can win in the gluten-free game too! The city is home to various celiac-friendly restaurants, from specialized gluten-free seafood to pizza to full-fledged buffets, indulgent brunch haunts, and fine dining. So if your gluten tension has kept you from eating in Vegas, now is the time to check out the eateries mentioned to have an experience of a lifetime!

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