34 Fun and Unique $50 Gift Ideas

No need to worry about going over budget, all these gift ideas are under $50 and under!

Gift shopping nowadays can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to find the perfect gift that won’t break the bank. With so many different kinds of products out there and so many choices to make, it’s safe to say that juggling all of those decisions along with keeping in your budget can lead you to look for a little help. Luckily you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to be detailing 32 gift ideas for $50 and under. Perfect for your friends, family members, or even a coworker, these gifts cover a variety of different categories so sit back and relax- we’ve got the shopping covered. Here are some of the best $50 gift ideas out right now.

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A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Book lovers unite! Leave with new additions to put on your overflowing shelves!

Buy A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

There’s so many genres and types of books out there to explore, from fantasy and sci-fi, to history, autobiographies, how-tos, non-fiction, YA guilty pleasures, old classics, and new releases await to be held in a reader's hand. Reading gives us a little break from the real world, you get to jump into new stories and explore worlds beyond your imagination, and every book reader knows: you can never have too many books. 

That’s why a Barnes & Noble gift card is the gift to get any book worm.

Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller that has hundreds of books stacked on all of their shelves. Pick and choose from your favorite genres or go a bit out of your comfort zone, they’ve got a little something for everyone. There’s also box sets of your favorite TV shows, movies, toys, and board games in case you want to get something else fun to go along with your book.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

And here’s another 33 gift ideas that’ll cover your whole gift list

No need to go out and waste time shopping, stay here and order online!

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Nothing better than getting all your shopping done from the comfort of your couch.

Mini Waffle Maker

  • Waffles are a super fun way to start the day, especially if you add chocolate chips in them. The Dash Multi Mini Heart Nonstick Waffle Maker (Red) for $34.98 at Sam’s Club makes six mini heart shaped waffles. There’s even a recipe guide included!
  • Don’t need one that big? Don’t worry you can get the Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker on sale for $9.99 at Dash. This makes one little waffle that’s great for a speedy morning meal. 


  • You’ve probably heard about the YETI hype train. Everyone loves their mugs and thermoses and this YETI Rambler 14 oz Stackable Mug for $30.00 on YETI is a great travel mug as you head into the office.

Coffee Sampler Pack

  • Know a coffee fiend that is always looking for new flavors to try? Try out the 5 Bag Sample Pack from Bones Coffee Company for $33.00. It has some unique flavor blends they will definitely love. (And hey they can use their new YETI Mug if you decide to double up on gifts).

Tea Collection

  • Can’t have coffee without tea! The Tea Spot has their Pyramid Sachet Collection for $19.95 and it comes with “16 top selections from their signature blends, functional botanicals, and rare connoisseur teas.” A perfect gift for a tea lover!

French Press

  • In keeping with the drink theme, the Bodum Chambord French Press from Williams Sonoma for $29.95 makes for a great kitchen addition. Make 3 cups of coffee in this french press and enjoy a delightful start to the day.

Hand Blender

  • Cooks and bakers will know all about how well KitchenAid products are made and it’s no coincidence we’re putting their 2-Speed Hand Blender for $49.99 on the list. Easy to use and powerful, make your next meal or drink with a bit of a fun spin.


Travel Pillow

Satin Pillowcase

  • If you haven’t figured out that silk pillow cases are better for your sleep and skin let the Satin Pillowcase by kit●sch be your introduction. It’s $19.00 and comes in a variety of cool colors to choose from.

Silk Sleep Mask

  • Can’t go wrong with another silk item on your gift list. The Blissy Silk Sleep Mask for $37.95 is sure to keep your skin healthy and your sleep well regulated as you block out the morning sun.

Face Sunscreen

  • You should always wear sunscreen when you go outside and as warmer weather approaches the need for sunscreen increases. The Banana Boat Light As Air Sunscreen (2 Pack) for $14.99 on Amazon is an amazing overall pick for your face sunscreen this year.

Cozy Socks

  • Socks may be a cliche gift, but they’re cliche for a reason. Keeping our feet nice and warm, The Plush Modern Crew Sock from Cozy Earth is made with Viscose from Bamboo and they are currently on sale for $36.

Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Essential oils have been known to help calm people down and as they grow popular essential oil diffusers like the ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser on sale for $25.99 on Amazon is a great addition for your living room.

Spa Kit

  • Keep the relaxation train going and add the Eucalyptus Spearmint Gift Bag Set from Bath & Body Works for $38.95 to your gift list. It comes with essential oil mist, ultimate hydration body cream, gentle foaming hand soap, and hand cream.

Massage Gun

  • Whether you’re on your feet all day or sitting slouched over at a desk, your muscles are gonna ache after a day on the job. The Dartwood Deep Tissue Massage Gun for $44.99 at Macy’s is portable and perfect to release some of that tension in your muscles. 
a person using a massage gun


Wireless Charger

  • No need to worry about fumbling in the dark for your charger, the Belkin Quick Charger Wireless Charging Pad for $29.99 at Best Buy is the new way to charge your phone in the middle of the night or when you’re in a hurry. Just set your phone down on the pad and get going!

Solar Charger

  • A fan of camping, the great outdoors, and/or traveling? A solar charger is a must for those always on the go who might not have access to an outlet. Get this Solar Charger Power Bank on sale for $19.99 on Amazon to make the adventurers in your life smile.

Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bring the party with you with the JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker on sale for $39.99 at Best Buy. Clip it on your pack as you hike up the mountain or on your chair as you swim in the pool.

Apple Airtag

  • If you’re an Apple user and are prone to losing things then an Apple AirTag for only $29.99 at Apple is going to become your new best friend. Keep it in your backpack, clip it onto your keys, or keep it on your person as a safety measure. It’s a great gift to give to anyone.

Disposable Camera

  • Disposable cameras are back, baby! And the classic Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera for $19.99 is here to bring your memories to life. Travel around with friends and snap 27 photos to keep forever. 

Fanny Pack

Weighted Blanket

  • Feel the weight as you sleep with the 48"x72" Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket by Tranquility for $49.00 at Target. Proven to help ease anxiety and promote easier sleep, feet the warm hug of a weighted blanket with this gift.


  • Legos are a great gift for any age, build models of your favorite TV show and movie characters or realistic plants. Here’s a few sets we like:

Rubik’s Cube

  • Ever wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube as fast as those world record holders? Well maybe you won’t get that good but you could impress your friends by solving a Rubik’s Cube which you can get for $9.99 online at Target.

Board Games

  • Board Game Nights are nights full of fun, laughter, and a bit of competitive banter. There’s plenty of board games to choose from, here’s a few we like:
  • Herd Mentality by Big Potato Games for $25.00. Fun for family and friends who know how the other thinks.
  • Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 is a classic strategy game good for two players. Get it for $12.98 at Amazon.
  • Stonemaier Wingspan for $46.99 online at Target is one for the bird enthusiasts and competitive spirits. 

Coloring Books

  • And finally we have a selection of coloring books good for kids, teens, and adults!

And there you have it! Those are $50 gift ideas that’ll make anyone smile. Get a useful kitchen tool or spend hours building LEGOs, whatever you pick- it’s sure to be great.

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