5 Anniversary Gifts to Get This Winter

September 10, 2022
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When you get married during the winter, it is easy to get swept up into the beautiful snow that decorates the outdoor scenery and the holidays that populate the winter months, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Valentine's Day. 

But one way for an anniversary gift to instantly feel less-than-special is to tie it into any one of these holidays as if your anniversary isn't its own special event on the calendar. 

Yes, it is true that themes can be associated with the celebration of anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. But do your best to find a theme that isn't overflowing with symbols of winter holidays other than this special one you are focusing on. 

Your spouse doesn't want your wedding anniversary gift to seem like it was meant for Christmas, so avoid having it overshadowed by the holiday season by considering these six anniversary gifts to get your significant other this winter. 

1. Tasty Teas 

Set off your anniversary this winter with warm and tasty tea gifts with a top-tier tea personalized subscription service. If your spouse is a super tea lover, treat them to a curated experience of steamy, premium flavors from all over the world that they can't readily find in their local supermarket. 

2. Pampering at the Spa 

There are plenty of health benefits for pampering at the spa as a winter anniversary gift. Both husbands and wives live busy lives and can use a retreat from their overwhelming streams of regular routines. 

This means what better way to get out of the cold winter weather and into some warm, indoor pampering at a spa for facials; body wraps, deep tissue massages, or pedicures to feel rejuvenated? 

Neck pain or back pain can receive some relief from massage therapy as a natural remedy for alleviating numbness, tingling, and muscle pain using a mixture of light, moderate, and deep pressures.

This trip to the spa can revitalize some of your lover's appearance to regain some of its youthful vigors with the help of a facial for some anti-aging action. 

Among the popular treatments are an ageless mani-pedi and even a cut and color salon service to leave the establishment with a haircut. 

Remember, this is a wedding anniversary gift. Therefore, make sure you book the spa day for two and not just for one. Spend that time together bonding, unwinding, reminiscing, and reminding each other of all of the reasons you got married in the first place. 

Release stress and anxiety in this setting that was designed for comfort, where you can get assistance with improving your sleeping and your cardiovascular health.

3. Jewelry Bracelet 

Warm up your husband or wife's heat during this cold winter season with a gold bracelet as a marriage anniversary gift. 

Make this elegant gift extra special by getting your partner's name engraved along with a personal message. You can also engrave the date that you both got married to each other on or your shared last name. 

You can find some pretty strong high-quality bracelets that come in several materials, such as solid 14k gold, rose gold, or sterling silver in hammered or smooth finishes.  

4. Dance Classes 

There are many healthy reasons for dance classes as a winter anniversary gift to your beloved spouse. Aside from being a wonderful form of exercise that is also sexy, studies have shown that there may be benefits to the brain by dancing as a preventative measure to ward off the onset of dementia.

Taking dance classes with your wedding partner is an ideal way to bring your bodies close together in a rhythmic fashion without being scared off with anxiety because you are in a class. No one is expecting either of you to know how to dance well yet, so you can enjoy the moment without being petrified or embarrassed. 

5. Outdoor Anniversary Ideas

As we all know, winter weather can be a brutal experience that can keep people steering clear of snow storms and couped up in their homes with the heat on at a healthy level. But for those that have gotten married during the winter season and are looking to break out of the norm and actually enjoy this chance of weather, there is a vast array of outdoor anniversary gift ideas to choose from.

Put on your puffer coats and parkas and spend your anniversary together at a fancy ski resort. If keeping your balance on the icy slopes is not your thing, take your cherished loved one on the weekend at a national park such as Yellowstone National Park to experience a breathtaking tour of the great outdoors. 

If you aren't open to traveling far away, you can build a day together that includes winter fun such as ice skating, going sledding, or simply booking a modernized cabin to make romantic memories by the fireplace.


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