10 Unique Puerto Rican Souvenirs That Your Cruise Shipmates Will Be Jealous Of

When it comes to food, Puerto Ricans like it hot! The island is full of hot sauces and spices that make great souvenirs and can help you add a touch of Caribbean flavor to even the blandest of dishes.

There’s something inexplicably lovely about picking up souvenirs from your travels around the world. While photos are a great way to remember your most exciting trips and most enjoyable moments, there is something special about a souvenir that conjures up feelings and emotions that photos simply can’t. 

Whether it is local ingredients that bring back taste memories of a particularly excellent meal or beautiful artisan crafts from a market, shopping for souvenirs helps make your vacations live longer in the memory. Plus they are always a charming and attractive way to decorate your space back home!

Taking an amazing cruise to Puerto Rico offers some of the best souvenir shopping experiences around. This wonderful island offers an array of unique souvenirs that will give you joy for years to come and make wonderful gifts for the folks back home. The only problem you’ll encounter is fitting them all in your luggage! Here are some of the best souvenirs you can bring home from a trip to Puerto Rico. 

Hand-Crafted Vejigante Masks

These colorful and iconic masks are a unique and fascinating symbol of traditional Puerto Rican culture and make gorgeous souvenirs. Often carved from coconut shells, they represent mysterious and capricious characters from Puerto Rican folklore and are an integral part of the island's festivals and traditions.

Vibrant Hand-Painted Tiles

The hand-painted tiles of Puerto Rico rival those of Portugal and Mexico in their intricate beauty. These gorgeous decorative pieces might not be the right option for retiling your bathroom but are perfect as souvenirs, or for adding a touch of Caribbean color to your home as a splashback or accent feature. 

Local Artisan Jewelry

The talented variety of Puerto Rican artisans creates a range of beautiful jewelry pieces, most of which are inspired by elements of the island or its culture and traditions. From elegant larimar jewelry to colorful beaded bracelets, you'll find something that suits your style and serves as a lasting memory of your trip.

Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rico is famous for its coffee, and a bag of beans is a great way to keep the flavors of your trip going long after you have returned home. Take a trip to one of the island's cafetales and choose your favorite flavor, and don’t forget to pick some up for friends and family as well. 

Rum and Flavored Spirits

Another delicious souvenir option is a bottle of Puerto Rico’s renowned rum. The island is the birthplace of Bacardi, but given the popularity of the brand it is worth seeking out smaller distilleries and lesser-known local rums that you can’t find back home. 

Taino-Inspired Artifacts

Puerto Rico's indigenous Taino culture was all but wiped out by European colonialization, but their traditions and customs remain intact, preserved by Taino descendant and revivalist communities. Bringing home Taino-inspired art and artifacts is a great way to get a deeper insight into the often tragic history of the island and to pay homage to the island's native heritage.

Unique Hot Sauces and Spices

When it comes to food, Puerto Ricans like it hot! The island is full of hot sauces and spices that make great souvenirs and can help you add a touch of Caribbean flavor to even the blandest of dishes. Adobo seasoning and hot sauces like pique will transport you back to the island's delicious flavors every time you use them. 

When shopping for souvenirs in Puerto Rico, consider visiting local markets, artisan shops, and even the historical districts like Old San Juan for a wide selection of unique items, to ensure that you are benefiting the local economy. Keep in mind that bargaining is not customary in Puerto Rico, so be prepared to pay the marked price.

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