Great Options for Kid Friendly Fun in Pittsburgh

February 12, 2019
jason wolfe
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We all want our kids to follow their dreams and expose them to as many things as possible.

Their interests may vary-- one week they want to do gymnastics, another week they want to learn about robots-- but it’s good to have a wide variety. When they have opportunities to explore what’s out there, they’re much more likely to end up as more well-rounded individuals.

That’s why we’ve made a list of all the cool classes in Pittsburgh for kids. Some you may be aware of, and some you might not. Who knows, maybe your child will discover a hobby or activity they absolutely love!

If you know a parent who would like to get their kids more involved, why not send them an electronic GiftYa card? They are accepted at the places below, and at many other establishments in Pittsburgh. When you purchase your gift through GiftYa, not only will it be much appreciated, but it will also be electronic. That’s right, no physical card. That way all you need is your phone to access it, and any busy parent can appreciate that!

The classes here are broken down into three categories:

1. Technology Workshops at the Carnegie Science Center

Technology Workshops for Kids
The Science Center is a wonderful resource for classes and workshops specifically designed for kids. Image courtesy of Carnegie Science Center
location icon

North Shore
1 Allegheny Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

phone icon


Technology Workshops at the Carnegie Science Center are a first-class way to get your kids interested and involved with science and technology.

Great time with the family...Lots of fun activities not only fun for kids but adults as well. A great learning experience and adventurous activities. - Yelp Review

They are offered year round and you can sign up easily online. There are a lot of topics to choose from, including Beginner Robotics, Exploring Virtual Reality, and Beginner Programming. Classes are separated according to age groups, so you can be sure all the material is at the right level for your child.

2. CMU Summer Classes with iDTech

CMU Summer Classes
Summer classes at CMU are a great way to keep your child’s interest piqued in technology, plus they’ll have a fun time doing it! Image courtesy of iDTech
location icon

5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

phone icon


Another great option for educational opportunities beyond school, are the summer classes offered by iDTech at Carnegie Mellon University.

Both of our children love video games. After taking one summer course, they are also interested in creating apps for iPhones and iPads. More importantly, they had FUN. - Yelp Review

If your kids have an interest in robotics, java coding, game development, or even 3-D printing and modeling, then it would definitely be worth your while to check out this company.

IDTech prides itself on providing top notch learning camps lead by leaders in the technology fields. Your child will be challenged and come away with solid skills they can put to use in the real world!

3. Carnegie Museum Art Classes

Carnegie Museum Art Classes

The Art Connection at the Carnegie Museum of Art is a wonderful way to expose your child to art, or to have them pursue their interests further! Image courtesy of Carnegie Museum of Art

location icon

4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

phone icon


If your child has an interest in art, then the Carnegie Museum of Art has some amazing programs to check out.

...affordable, educational and fun afternoon for everyone! This is a great afternoon any time of the year... - Yelp Review

The Saturday classes run for three months, and children are shown how to create their own art by painting, sculpting, printmaking and even mixed media.

The qualified instructors will show them how to do each of these disciplines, and then give them the space to create on their own. At the end of the classes, your child will have quite a portfolio of achievements. There’s even a student exhibition so everyone can see what they’ve created!

4. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

If you kids want to try out ballet, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is ready to help them discover dance! Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

location icon

2900 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

phone icon


If you’d like your child to try out ballet-- and work with some of the best instructors in Pittsburgh-- then consider signing up for classes with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater.

Fantastic ballet school. We've had one of our kids in here for the past five years, and all I can say is that it is extremely well organized, child-centered, and friendly... - Yelp Review

Their schedule varies depending on the Summer, Fall, or Spring term, but there is definitely something for every age and ability.

Their Pre-Ballet and Ballet Foundations are a great way to expose your kids to this wonderful dance discipline. If they really enjoy it, they can progress into student classes if they’d like.

5. Pittsburgh CLO

Pittsburgh CLO
If your kids want to get involved with dance, voice, or acting, the CLO Academy is an excellent starting point. Image courtesy of Pittsburgh CLO
location icon

CLO Academy
719 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

phone icon


CLO Academy is Pittsburgh’s premier training center for dance, voice, and acting.

Great program, great staff & great kids! My kids love being a part of the CLO Academy. Highly recommend for those with kids that are into the performing arts!!!! - Facebook Review

Their children’s school focuses on the foundational aspects of these disciplines, and encourages confidence. The academy offers everything from ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, and acting instructions, all in half hour class segments, perfect for young beginners.

This would be a great way to see if your child would like any of those classes, as the academy has continuing opportunities for children and young adults of all ages.

6. Kids’ Yoga

Kids yoga at Yoga Innovations

Have your kids try out yoga! They’ll learn it’s a fun way to stay fit! Image courtesy of Yoga Innovation

location icon

Bethel Park
Yoga Innovations
102 Broughton Rd.
Bethel Park, PA 15102

phone icon


Yoga Innovations is one of the best places for your kids to learn how to do yoga.

Their kids’ yoga classes are the perfect introduction to this wonderful exercise routine. You can ease them into it with a Mommy and Me session or even do a drop in at any class listed on the schedule.

One of my favorite yoga studios!...

The instructors teach breathing and body techniques with methods made for kids. They’ll also learn the fundamentals of yoga with games, crafts, and team building strategies. This sounds like a great way to introduce yoga to your child.

Buy a GiftYa To Kids’ Yoga >

...I started off with the mommy and me classes as you're able to squeeze some yoga in AND have your kids in the same room. Somehow it just works out beautifully!” - Yelp Review

7. Steel City ATA

Steel City ATA
Sign your child up for martial arts and see their confidence grow! Image courtesy of Steel City ATA
location icon

1025 Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017

phone icon


Steel City ATA offers martial arts classes for children as young as 3½ years.

Everyone that works here is so nice and so good with the kids...My kids love their class and are always excited to go. - Facebook Review

Through their Tiger Program, they’ll learn the skills of self-discipline and confidence to help them face anything. These are great skills to teach children and will be beneficial later in life.

The kids can grow with the program as well, as Steel City ATA offers teen and adult classes as well.

8. Pittsburgh Gymnastic Club

Pittsburgh Gymnastic Club
Learn some great skills at Pittsburgh’s premier gymnastics club! Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Gymnastic Cub
location icon

609 6th St.
Braddock, PA 15104

phone icon


Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club is the perfect place to start your child in tumbling or gymnastics!

...I can't rave enough about Kim Ransom and her staff. They work hard to ensure that each child grows and develops to their potential...

They offer classes starting with preschool age (3-4 years old) and progressing into school age (5+ years old). Each class is small, ensuring your child has time and motivation from the coach, which is very beneficial to their progression.

There are also events and shows throughout the year that all the children get to take part in.

...It is so much more than gymnastics as the children are learning how to work toward their goals and meet challenges.” - Google Review

9. Gaynor’s School of Cooking

Gaynor's School of Cooking
Expose the world of cooking to your young chef! This Pittsburgh staple offers classes just for them. Image courtesy of Gaynor's School of Cooking
location icon

South Side
309 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

phone icon


Gaynor School of Cooking offers kids classes that teach them some of the basic skills of cooking, and where they are given the opportunity to make a variety of dishes.

Buy a GiftYa To Gaynor’s School of Cooking >

I also really had a lot of fun, mingling with the other students and the instructor and eating delicious food. - Yelp Review

This is a great way to expose your kids to the joy of cooking, a skill that will be very useful down the road.

For children younger than 3 years, the Gaynor School offers a Mommy (or Daddy) and Me cooking opportunity as well.

These classes are sure to get your child interested in cooking!

It can be hard to get kids away from their phones and tablets sometimes, but it is well worth the effort when they find something they really enjoy. Having the opportunity to learn a new skill is exciting, and who knows, they may even develop a life-long love of it!

Do you kids take any classes in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments!


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