10 Truly Unique Valentine Gift Ideas [2024]

January 29, 2024
Gift Ideas
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The Gifts They’ll Never Expect But That Will Make Their Valentine’s Day One to Remember

If you are looking for a unique gift to get for your partner for Valentine’s Day this year then today’s post is going to be just the thing you need. Because today I have a list of 10 unique Valentine gift ideas that you can get for your partner and shake up the routine a little bit this year. There are always the classic gifts you can fall back on like taking them out to dinner, getting them a box of chocolates, or flowers and a bottle of wine. 

But if you are trying to shake up the routine this year then I think these 10 options give you some really out-of-the-box ideas that your partner will be blown away by. And everytime you can use our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards to get one of these unique Valentine’s Day gifts I’ll be sure to throw you a link.

If you are new to GiftYa and have never used them before then I’ll take a second to explain real quick. A GiftYa is essentially a gift card that has been updated for the modern world and exists in an entirely digital format. And there are a whole slew of benefits that come with their modern format. Not only can you instantly buy and send a GiftYa wirelessly, but once the recipient has the card they never have to worry about losing it or losing track of the value on the card. SInce they exist on your phone in a digital format your phone does all the math for you and you never have to worry about not having your card with you when you need it.

But I’ll wrap up the pitch for the “brand” here and get right to that list of unique Valentine gift ideas that brought you here in the first place. And as always thanks for the click, and thank you even more for reading!

1 - Get Them Something One of A Kind From Etsy

You Can Never Go Wrong With Something Custom Made for A Valentine’s Gift

valentine art
Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

Nothing makes for a more unique Valentine’s Day gift than something that is totally one of a kind. And Etsy is the perfect place for you to find all kinds of gifts that you can have individually made. You can get everything from a Pokemeon card featuring you and your partner to custom Lego versions of the two of you to all kinds of prints, crafts, and drawings as well. Just go to Etsy and check out their collection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas and I am sure you will be able to find something your partner will love. And how can you get a present that’s more unique than one that is totally one of a kind. I mean you really can’t can you? So if you want to shake up your routine and get your partner something truly unique this Valentine’s Day this would be my number one recommendation. 

2 - A Night Sky Map

Memorialize A Special Night the Two of You Shared

Night Sky Map on frame
These starry night maps are a really unique gift you could give this Valentine’s Day. Image courtesy of starrymaps.com.

Another really unique gift that you can give your partner this Valentine’s Day is one of these Starry Night maps. What these maps are is essentially a map of the night sky for any given day or location. So you could get your partner one that shows what the night sky looked like on the night you met. Or maybe the night of your very first date. Or maybe the day you first moved in together. You can pick any special event that the two of you share and get a tasteful star map made up. And then they have a constant reminder of one of the most important night’s the two of you shared together. Which makes this one a very unique and sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

3 - Plan A Weekend Away Together

Anybody Would Appreciate A Weekend Away Together With Their Partner

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couple near window

Another unique option for a Valentine’s Day gift is for you to plan a weekend away together for just the two of you. Not only is this one a unique present, it will really show your partner how much the time you spend together means to them. Plus it’ll serve as a mini-vacation which I am sure you are both in need of in the modern world. But overall this gift will show them how much you love spending time with them and instead of just being a gift they can play with, you get a whole weekend of wonderful memories together that will last the two of you a lifetime. And you can’t really do better than that when it comes to Valentine’s Day presents!

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4 - Get Them Tickets to A Live Event They’ll Love

You Can Turn A Gift Into An Experience the Two of You Share Together

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music concert

If a weekend away together is a bit too costly, not too worry. There are plenty of other great ways that you can get them a present that is really more of an experience the two of you can enjoy together. Just check out a website like StubHub or Ticket Master and you can find them tickets to all kinds of great live events. You can get tickets to pro-sports games, live concerts, stand-up comedy, orchestras, ballets, operas and so much more. Just make sure you pick an event the two of you will actually be able to attend together because it will make for a much better present when it results in an amazing night together that the two of you will always cherish

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5 - A Where We Met Map

These Maps Make A Very Thoughtful and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

map on frame
Image courtesy of positiveprints.com.

These maps make for a really unique and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift that will remind your partner how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. THe basic premise is that they provide a skyview map of the area the two of you met and mark off the exact location with a heart marker. There is a little bit of customization and whatnot that you can do to make it the way you like it. And the poster itself will only run you fifty bucks with an additional fifty to frame it. But you can always frame it yourself and save yourself a little bit of scratch if funds are tight.

6 - Barnes & Noble

Perfect Place to Find A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift for Anybody Who Loves to Read

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If your partner loves to read then you are going to be able to find them a really great Valentine’s Day gift at Barnes & Noble. As the largest book retailer in the country Barnes & Noble has an enormous selection to choose from. So no matter if your partner likes to read sci-fi, mysteries, YA fiction, timeless classics, biographies, nonfiction, or smutty romance novels, you’ll be able to find the perfect book for them at Barnes & Noble!

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7 - Guitar Center

The Perfect Place to Find A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift for A Musician

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Although it’s called Guitar Center this chain of music stores really has everything you need no matter what kind of musician you are. I think they just went with the name guitar center because it sounds cool. But they also have plenty of great stuff for keyboard players, drummers, vocalists, DJs, and even classically trained musicians as well. So if your partner is any kind of musician then you will be able to find them a really unique gift for Valentine’s Day at Guitar Center. Just be sure you do a little research into what they like to use because musicians can be pretty picky about the gear they use. 

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8 - A Couple’s Session In An Isolation Tank

A Really Unique Valentine’s Day Gift That’s An Experience You Can Share Together

A couple’s session in an isolation tank makes for a really unique Valentine’s Day gift! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.com.

If you want a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift for your partner this year then you should sign the two of you up for a couple’s session in an isolation tank. I actually did this a few Valentine Days ago and it was a really unique experience. There’s something really profound about having all your senses deprived and the only thing you can feel is your partner's hand while you soak in the isolation tank. It's a whole new way to experience intimacy together and certainly makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift as well!

9 - Calm

A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift That Shows How Much You Care About Your Partner

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A subscription to Calm can make for a really unique Valentine’s Day gift that really shows that you care for your partner's well being. Calm is an app/.service that provides all kinds of tools to help combat mental health issues like anxiety and poor sleep. So if you know your partner is struggling with stress or not sleeping well then hooking them up with a subscription to Calm can be a really great way to help care for them. Calm provides all kinds of white noise, nature sounds, and ambient music to help relax the mind. And on top of that it even features guided meditations and sleep meditations. And if there’s anything we could all use in the modern world it's a way to combat stress and get a better night’s sleep.

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10 - Visa

These Custom Visa Cards Can Make for A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

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Visa gift card

I wouldn’t recommend making these custom Visa gift cards the only thing you get your partner for Valentine’s Day. But if you are looking for something unique to add as a cherry on top of the gifts you are getting for them, then these gift cards can make a great choice. These cards are nice because they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa card. But on top of that, they also let you pick out a custom photo to make the front of the card and let you send along a custom message as well. 

So you can pick out a photo of a great memory you and your partner share together and make that the front of the card. And that combined with a heartfelt message can make these gift cards a really unique and sweet gift to give for Valentine’s Day. And with one of these cards they’ll have a nice reminder of how much you love them every time they open their purse or wallet!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas!

I hope something on the list looked like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. I tried to get a good mix of variety on the list and not fall back on any of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day gifts. I also tried to get a good mix of price ranges on the list so that way there is something affordable for everybody to get for this Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you found a great gift and are looking forward to a magical Valentine’s Day together with your partner.


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