Top 7 Spots to Enjoy Cincinnati’s Vibrant Nightlife

February 27, 2020
Culture & Art
jason wolfe
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Have some fun tonight in one of Cincinnati’s night time venues

Young hipsters gather in a red lit room covered in artistically placed graffiti

When in Cincinnati, experience the nightlife. You’re in the city and you’re in the mood for some partying. You’re in luck, as Cincinnati has more than a few bars for you to order a drink, socialize, and relax after a stressful day. Some places are perfect for socializing, others are great for playing a round of games, while others have a dance floor just waiting for you! Invite some friends out to one or a few of these bars and clubs tonight, and make it a night you won’t forget! 

Going out for the night feels even better when you know that the costs are covered. That’s why gift cards to a favorite bar are by far the best gift ever. GiftYa makes giving this gift (either to a friend or to yourself) simple and easy. And you know with GiftYa your balance is secure, as the eGift connects to the recipient’s Visa or Mastercard. Give the gift card that says the next round is on you! 

1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab

Find a seat and enjoy a fine wine or a hot coffee! 

A bar filled with live music and fun

The sun is going down! Time to change that coffee in your hand to a fine wine. That doesn’t get any easier at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab. Image courtesy of Wine Bar and Coffee Lab’s Facebook | Over the Rhine | 1215 Vine Street

Grab a seat and order a drink at this venue. Everyone loves coffee and wine, so why not combine a cafe and bar into one? That’s exactly what you can expect from 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab. Happy Hour here is a blast, and check online to see what event they’re hosting next. Every Monday is No Corkage Night, which means wine bottles are priced at the state minimum, so you can drink your favorite bottle of wine in store with no corkage fee. Sounds like you have plans for Monday night! 

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“I love this cozy spot. It's a relaxed atmosphere with wonderful staff. I like to come here with a small group of friends for a wine flight or for a pre dinner drink. It's pretty quiet in here- you could read, study or work here.” - Yelp Review

3 Points Urban Brewery

Come for the art, the beer, and the experience!

Exterior of Three Points on a corner

Here you can grab a great beer, get involved with the events the host every few nights, and get connected with the local art scene. Image courtesy of 3 Point Urban Brewery’s Facebook. | Over The Rhine | 331 East 13th Street

3 Points Urban Brewery has got the city hooked on its three main focuses: the art, the experience, and the beer. Get in touch with the art scene and drink up on the beer of your choosing. You’ll see 3 Points Urban Brewery hosts lots of fun events, such as Bachelor viewing parties and Pups and Pints. Find out what events are coming up! You can’t miss out on their Happy Hour Mondays from 4 to 7 PM. And you’ll really enjoy the story behind each beer that shows you the artistry of the brewers! 

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“Honestly, I really liked this space, how they took the name through the theme with the array of beers in the flight, etc. Service was good, beers were tasty, with standard offerings and more creative ones. Overall just a nice experience and I'm glad I finally got to check it out!” - Yelp Review 


A cocktail bar with some style

This bar has an mc escher like #D floor! Classy.

Come to Igby’s for a night of great service, tasty drinks, and enjoy the trendy layout of the place. If it’s all to your taste, you now know where you’re hosting your next birthday party! Image courtesy of Igby’s Facebook. | Downtown | 122 E 6th Street

Igby’s is the perfect spot to host private parties for you and your friends. Whether it’s a birthday party, bachelor party, or reunion, Igby’s has the ideal room for you, as you can choose between their three trendy rooms: the Snug Room, the Mezzanine, and the Parlor Room. If it’s not a private party you’re looking for tonight, Igby’s is also great to stop by for Happy Hour! Every day of the week, specials are offered at Igby’s! 

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“This was our second to last stop in a night of hopping around town. The cocktails were creative and tasty, and our waitress was super-helpful. We only got drinks, but I've heard they have Impossible Sliders on their food menu, and I need to try them!” - Yelp Review

Holiday Spirits

This bar has a patio and skee ball!

Two pool tables tall ceilings, green bar stools and a rustic atmosphere

Holiday Spirits is the place to order a drink and then challenge your friends to a game of pool, or maybe you’re more of a skee ball competitor? Image courtesy of Holiday Spirits’ Facebook | Over The Rhine | 1536 Race Street

Holiday Spirits is a great place to grab a drink with friends and get in the competitive spirit! They have games such as skee ball, video games, and pool tables. Check out what their drink specials are! And if it’s a nice night out, you can feel the cool city breeze on their patio. They’re closed on Monday and Tuesdays, but for the rest of the week they’re open until 2am, so you can stick around for the whole night. 

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“This is one of my favorite bars in the OTR area. it has everything you could want in a bar, drinks, great beer selection, pool tables, video games, a food window, and skee ball! … I recommend coming in here and enjoying one of their specialty cocktails and play some games.” - Yelp Review 

The Birdcage

Drink and dance at Cincinnati’s hottest LGBTQ+ bar and lounge!

The birdcage is a disco style club where  people can gather in a club setting

Come out to The Birdcage tonight for some awesome drinks and a good time on the dance floor! Image courtesy of The Birdcage’s Instagram | Downtown | 927 Race Street

At The Birdcage, everyone is welcome to order a drink and then hit the dance floor! At The Birdcage, you’ll also find entertainment such as drag shows, dance parties with queens, themed nights, and other performances! They support diversity and welcome everyone to come as themselves, ready to mingle and have a good time! Come to support the queens on stage, show off your moves on the dance floor, or admire the cool artwork and style of the place! 

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“The best LGBT bar in the city, hands down. This bar holds so much space for all members of the community, is so inclusive, and they make it a point to take feedback and grow because of it. They host all sorts of parties… ” - Yelp Review 


A wine bar for a quieter night

exterior of corpolis is made of light wood

Stop by Corkopolis to wind down your night with a nice wine in hand and good company. Image courtesy of Corkopolis’ Facebook | Downtown | 640 Main Street

In the heart of downtown Cincinnati is Corkopolis, which is geared to helping you find your next favorite wine. Corkopolis has a selection of handcrafted wines from around the world. You can order at the bar, or they’ll serve you at a table! This venue is for a quieter night out on the city, but still filled with delicious alcohol. Corkopolis also offers a private room for your next event; a perfect fit for parties, tastings, business meetings, and more! 

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“Corkopolis is one of the few places downtown I enjoy going for wine. Most happy hours have it featured, but it isn't up to the quality/variety that they have. It's usually quiet/has seating available and I believe they book large parties.” - Yelp Review 

Low Spark

Sit at the bar and enjoy a drink with a small group of friends

Low spark looks like an old diner, with just a bit of contemporary flare

Well lit, tasty drinks, and a good place to bring good company! Image courtesy of Low Spark’s Facebook | Over The Rhine | 15 W 14th Street

Low Spark is perfect for a small group that’s looking to sit down, have a drink, and maybe be amused by the large fish tank behind the bar. You’ll have no problem finding your favorite drink here, as their menu includes draft beers, craft cocktails, wine, bourbon, whisky, and everything in between. Happy Hour is on weekdays, with marked down prices on drinks! See what events they’re hosting next!

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“This is a nice place to go if you don't have many people. It is very dark and hood vibes and the bartenders are always very friendly! They also have an awesome fish tank to look at while you sip.” - Yelp Review

Cincinnati is full of places to go and see, and you and your friends may have a hard time choosing between so many options! Downtown and Over The Rhine especially are filled with great bars, lounges, restaurants, and clubs to fit the vibe you’re looking for tonight. Whether it’s for celebration or a de-stressor, or a loud night or a quiet one you prefer, you’ll find your perfect night in the city of Cincinnati thanks to their large and varied nightlife. 


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